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  1. The final results are in! If you wondered who got what: 1) Ghosts - Casey - Winner! 2) Pokemon - Matt 3) Card Sleeves - Mack 4) Dice - Jacq 5) Weapons - Redd 6) Poop - David 7) Magazine - Justin 8) Ducks - Eric
  2. Ok, the poll is officially up now, vote away!!
  3. Hi All, So heading to Gen Con this year, each member of the Wyrd Dev office was given $10 dollars, with the goal of finding the best thing at Gen Con they could buy for under $10. Now we're going to let all of YOU vote for the best, and the winner of the challenge will take home ALL of them. (no, I'm not going to tell you who got what). So basically, vote for your favorite!! 1) A set of five hand cut and painted wooden "alternate Pac Man" ghosts, including beaverghost. 2) A set of twelve classic pokemon figures in plastic and painted. Can you name them all? 3) One hundred bruce lee card sleeves. 4) A set of seven miniature metal silver dice, d4, d6, d8, 2d10, d12, d20. 5) Two wooden weapons in black and orange. 6) A "Poop" stop sign. 7) A classic 1984 Dragon magazine. Older than many of the dev team. 8) Seven rubber "ducks" including a set of 4 "crazy cat lady starter kit" cat-ducks. Go vote! Voting ends tomorrow at 5pm (california time)
  4. So, if you haven't heard of them, there is a friendly (unofficial) facebook group called A Wyrd Place which you can find here: A Wyrd Place Anyway, they're doing a September paint challenge (not really a contest per say), where all you have to do is paint some of your Malifaux minis for a chance to win some prizes! I'm personally putting up the stuff, so I'll try to make it good! Enjoy! Paint! Free stuff!
  5. Nice poll! great to see it split like this, makes me glad we did both options. I would have been sad if we included 2 options and 99% of people never planned to use one of them
  6. Basically, the rules are going to be something along these lines: Needs to be made by Wyrd (at least the vast majority, around 2/3+) Needs to clearly represent the character Sounds like you won't run into any issues with these rules
  7. This entire thread is an example of over the line - discussed HERE. If you truly can not enjoy a game because you disagree with the choices made in graphic design, I feel sorry for you, that's sad. The continued harping on minor things, which we in fact heard the first time, tells me that you either: Like hearing yourself talk. Think that because people disagree with you, they somehow don't understand you, because there is no way you could possibly be wrong. Like trying to ruin the game for other people. None of this narcissistic behavior is welcomed in the forums. If you truly need this resolved, send back the book and we'll refund your money. The behavior seen here has resulted in a 1 day ban for the OP. Thanks!
  8. Answers to lots of your questions about tara here. And if you can't piece together process of how she came to be from that, feel free to ask questions. Random accusations based on assumptions are probably discouraged http://www.wyrd-games.net/showthread.php?45839-What-is-a-Nightmare-edition&p=599819#post599819
  9. The artwork used is the Nightmare artwork because the normal version of this crew is so far down the release schedule that we don't actually even have artwork started for that crew yet. I would be very surprised if the non-nightmare version is available before Gen Con next year (may not see her standard box until 2015 with everything else that needs to be released before her)
  10. I've posted my answer to the original question, as well as to the discussions here in a separate thread.
  11. Responding to this thread and discussions therein. Public question to EricJ To answer the original question. I have not, and will not ever discourage someone from playing first edition malifaux. In fact I even added multiple v1.5 tournaments to our Gen Con lineup. (This was a huge mistake in retrospect, as due to the disappointing lack of interest in these tournaments, with barely more than 50% registration, we might end up losing our preferred event organizer status with Gen Con. Only perhaps saved by our completely sold out second edition tournaments). I would also publicly encourage the efforts of v1.5 payers to gather here or on other sites and continue enjoying what they enjoy. I strongly believe second edition is a far superior game for so many reason and it will continue to be my focus going forward. But people should do what they enjoy, and no one should ever tell you otherwise...or that I said otherwise. Regarding Malifaux Classic. Take a look at it from my perspective. 1) No permission was ever asked, and it was progressing without any contact whatsoever. Yes, I can lose the right to all my work if this continues and I don't address it, so it had to be addressed. So I was the one forced to initiate contact. 2) What is essentially being asked for was a open license to every bit of our IP, developed over 7+ years, to be used expressly with no oversight, and to be given away publicly for free. Even if I were to license 1.5, it would be terribly irresponsible of me to do so under these terms. 3) It was being forced on me on an immediate time line, without giving me any chance to develop a licensing policy to ensure I could protect the strength and integrity of this product I've given over half a decade to develop and has a following of tens of thousands. 4) The request was being made by someone who despite past support, has been increasingly disruptive and disrespectful, and, unlike 1000's of other testers, could not put aside his personal feelings for M2E to focus on improving the product before publicly denouncing it (multiple times through multiple outlets). He's asked me to completely trust him with something I've put years of my life into, my livelihood, and the livelihood of dozens of my employees. When I asked him to please wait until I could develop a licensing policy, he took all of 3 hours to publicly post all emails between us and denounce my decision, coming to some outrageous and inflammatory assumptions about my goals and motivations. He's now posting very selected portions of IP law for some reason, seeming to say he could be justified in stealing my work? I don't even know why, and I'm going to choose to not investigate those motivations further. But none of this creates even a fraction of the trust that would be required for me to hand over the rights and give my approval to do what was being planned. I have not yet evaluated the potential value or need of a project along the lines of Malifaux Classic, and as such, my response was given independent of that evaluation. It's a huge question that would require a ton of time and research, and not one I'm going to rush and do irresponsibly. My response was given based solely on the 4 points given above. Please tell me, even if I wanted to license out Malifaux 1.5 (which I honestly haven't looked into due to being so busy trying to make 2E as good as I possibly can), if anyone would actually recommend I do so under the above conditions? Can you honestly disagree with my decision based on those criteria?
  12. I was merely pointing out that the person behind the scenes in development of this book is exactly the same person as who run the previous books, so correcting your perceptions. I'm not one of those owners who just hires designers to make games for me. And I was just using your post as an excuse to reply to something that I hear in many different places.
  13. whoa whoa, slow down, I'm just talking about rules. That other stuff you're talking about is probably Mack or Justin's fault.
  14. I'm still totally confused when people say that the people who created v1 are not the same as the people who created v2. I've lead both efforts. Every single rule in both editions was either written or approved by me. The direction and results of both editions were created by me, and are my responsibility. The people who have assisted me have done tons of work (in some books many more hours than me) and added immensely, but that doesn't change the fact that the regardless of who was working on the book, the results were heading in the same direction. So please stop trying to blame a change in the people working on various books for the changes in the rules. That has nothing to do with it. Blame me.
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