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How would you expand Asylum?

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1 hour ago, Filox said:

What about increasing stat 6 and making the action being only Able to place model Within 3 and add trigger that let's you made an non-charge general or make it an obey that let's you declare with genera action and add push here or there trigger 

I think a good old fashioned 4-5 inch push would be good. With the Stagger in the crew you could really mess up people's day. 

I'd like to see more copies of Nurse Heartsbane's Straightjacket attack on models too.

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I like the idea of expanding the Asylum keyword. Had some spare time, so I decided to write a concept for the master and the totem. I wanted to create deny master, who drains opponent resources, while

I mean we do need a new doctor, since our old one ran away betraying us to the undead menace! I definitely think a support master would be appropriate, and would love to see some abilities that h

WYRD pls copy paste into the game!

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On 3/15/2021 at 5:17 AM, Thatguy said:

I think it is really strong too, but it is on a Master model and Stat 5. Like Leveticus's unit deleting attack it's good but not guarented to get off. 

I was honestly more concerned any summoning a significant model at 10" and being able to place/walk it before it actives. 

I think that's one of the problems with Levi, and why I think this he is often very frustrating to play against (and sometimes to play as). Sure it's only Stat 5, but it's precisely because of its low stat that the action itself and the rest of his card is made incredible to make up for that, so much so that if it does hit a few times on the right target(s) it can just win a game by itself. Some crews just don't have access to high enough stats to overcome powerhouse actions like this.

It reminds me a bit of the old Clockwork Arm action in M2e which iirc was often a Stat 5 1/2/8 damage track or something to that tune.

Most of the time your opponent either dodges it or takes 1-2 damage; even if you have Focus your stat is just so appalling you can't hit relevant targets and be able to cheat damage with it reliably. So, it was frustrating to try and get any value from it. 

But then sometimes you would just randomly flip Severe damage for flat 8 in spite of being on a double :-flip. You can't ever rely on that happening, of course - sometimes your opponent just turns up with Df7 models, or has something with Take The Hit or so on, so you'd just never land a relevant hit on anything that matters - but when it does happen it just feels awful for the opponent. 

I will say that I'm really glad M3e drifted away from that sort of action for the most part.

On 3/15/2021 at 5:17 AM, Thatguy said:

I was honestly more concerned any summoning a significant model at 10" and being able to place/walk it before it actives. 



It's substantially further than 10" if the summoner wants it to be - 10" is merely the range of the Action itself.

Before the Summon occurs, the target gets placed 3", then potentially Walks another 4-7", so it's not impossible that at the end of the action, the Orderly is Summoned over 20" away from the model that Summoned it.

I feel that that level of reach for a Summon action, regardless of whether its from a trigger or not, should not exist in the game.

TLDR: This is an awesome crew concept, and the master is full of flavour. But I think it would feel fairer to both players if you make the Stat 6 and then tune down the overall power of the action to be more reasonable.

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Sorry i missed the thread on one of my favorite keywords for this long, 


One main problem that needs fixed is orderlies have no built in stagger OR a bonus action one or the other would go a long way to make them worth there stones. Id rather have a good unit instead of summoning one in because its bad

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58 minutes ago, Xavian and Deathgrip said:

Found this on the wallpaper section. Correct me if I am misremembering, but wasn't Grimwell unable to hire nurses at this point given 2e dreamer?

Iirc  Grimwell couldn't, but McMourning was duel faction so could hire both of if he had the Moonlighting upgrade.

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I'd love a master that screws with terrain in a reality-horror way. Think the portal tech that the Umbra hench has. 

A keyword ability "Endless Twisting Hallways; At the end of this model's activation place an Unreal token on a piece of terrain within Aura 6"

A trigger on attacks, "This looks familiar... - Enemy only, place the target in a piece of terrain with an Unreal token."

A free action, "Echoing Laughter - place this model in base contact with a piece of terrain with an Unreal token." With the trigger "It's Coming From Inside the Room - immediately make a melee attack against a model drawing range and LOS from a piece of terrain with an Unreal token."

Grimwell is still the hench, the master is Peggy Rauschenberg. Once a promising architect and painter Peggy was committed to the asylum by her family. Unfortunately her the "treatments" she underwent only made her powers grow and now she has turned the very stones of the asylum to her purpose. Peggy is certain that she is the only sane person left and it is the world that must be cured of its madness. 

Her totem is "Patient #5" - a mobile assassin more than a frontline beater. He has Demise (memetic) - attach an Idea upgrade to a model within line of sight before removing this model. The upgrade has two abilities, "Obsession - this model must end its activation in base contact with a piece of terrain with an Unreal token if possible." And, "Ideas Are Bulletproof - when this model is killed summon a Patient #5 model in base contact."

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I just got nice 2 ideas:


- madness tokens, if a model has it it has reduced Df, Wp and Mv by -1. Works only against Asylum models (must be well tested, meaning against Asylum models you have reduced stats) . If your opponent gains another one you instead make him do smth (discard a card, move by 3", etc) OR they stack and various abilities/triggers have effects depending of token value

- madness upgrades, you put mental disorders on your opponents (examples: Schizophrenia: attacking one model with melee action controlled by you

Dementia: gains slow

Dysthymia: make one non-charge general action) 


This would however require to redesign already existing models (Nurse can stay as it is, changing one ability or trigger for another would be a fix IMO). I think using Stagger is nice and very good tool but Lucius already has a tech for it (Nellie also spews out a lot of it). In Guild there is no upgrade/token master so it would be nice. And who knows, maybe he will be able to play Symbols against Zipp or Public vs Levi :P

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