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A Leap Through the Breach, Wayland games, 29/02/20


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Hey guys,

This is our next event at Wayland Games Hockley. It will be a 3 round tournament, Fixed faction 50SS. 

- No hiring out of keyword masters
- No DMH
- As the books will be released at this point, unreleased models will be allowed as long as you have suitable proxies. And a printed copy of the card (Please check with me beforehand)

You can either prepay on PayPal  by 10pm 27/02/20 (reicevapes@gmail.com) F&F or pay on the day

The first 8 players to play will receive additional swag. 

There will be a skewed raffle on the day including official wyrd prize support, as well as prizes for best in faction. 

Prepay £10 or Pay on the day £15

Registration 10.00 - 10.30

Round One 10.30 - 12.40 

Flank- Corrupted Idols

Hold up their forces 

Take Prisoner




Lunch 12.40 - 13.20

Round Two 13.20 - 15.30

Wedge - Turfwar


Harness the leylines

Search the ruins

Power Ritual

Deliver a message

Round Three 15.40 - 17.50

Standard - Plant Explosives 

Detonate charges

Harness the Leylines

Claim Jump

Dig their graves

Search the ruins 

Prizes & Goodbyes 18.00 - 18.30


1. Reice Chaudhry(paid) 

2. Jake Dollaghan (paid) 

3. Jack Milton (paid) 

4. James Culverhouse (paid) 

5. Dean Booth (paid) 

6. Tobias Dracup (paid) 

7. Steph Williamson (paid) 

8. James Williamson (paid) 

9. David Williamson (paid) 

10. AJ Barr (paid) 

11. Luke Athiko (paid) 

12. Craig Taylor (paid) 

13. Alexander Brown (paid) 

14. Troy Ashdown 

15. Matt Lewin (paid)

16. Chris Draper (paid) 

17. Jamie Varney (paid) 

18. Soner Hassan (ringer) 

Gemma Lever is the TO for this event

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