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  1. Flippin Wyrds vs Team Poland QF Chris D (Neverborn, Dreamer) vs Eddy (Arcanists, Colette) 6 -3 Matt L (Arcanist, Colette) vs Obi (Ten Thunders, Yan Lo) 6 -5 Jamie V (Guild, Nellie) vs PK (Resserectionists, Prof Von Schtook ) 5-7 What a round, super close, epic games all round. Thanks to our opponents for all round good times.
  2. Round 3 The Flippin Wyrds vs Team Insomnia Chris D (Neverborn, Dreamer) vs Brendan (Ten Thunders, Yan Lo) 0-0 due to power failure Jamie V (Guild, Dashal) vs Stephen M (Ressers, Von Schtook) 3 - 2 Matt L (Arcanists, Collette) vs Hadron P (Outcasts, Levi) 6 - 4 Wyrds win round, 2 wins and 1 draw Thanks for the games and being good sports re. the massive time difference!
  3. Our thanks as well to an excellent team, 3 really awesome games and 3 very friendly opponents. Looking forwards to a re-match!
  4. Money sent, looking forward to seeing you all!
  5. Masters added, I leave lists to the individuals.
  6. Texas Triumvirate vs Flippin Wyrds final scores Andre Demings Neverborn (Zoraida) vs Jame V Guild (Dashal) 6 -1 Bryan Bauer Ressers (Reva) vs Chris D Neverborn (Dreamer) 1-5 Nick Westbrook Ten Thunders (Shenlong) vs Matt L Arcanists (Colette) 3-5
  7. If there is space - The Flippin Wyrds (England Team 3) Chris Draper Neverborn Matt Lewin Arcanists Jamie Varney Gulld
  8. With 2 teams above, is that the spots for the Enfglish teams taken?
  9. Money all sent, let the shananigans begin! Chris D
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