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  1. You're welcome for the game it really helped me figure out misaki.
  2. Too Much Infaux vs Mali-Hosers Rich (Tara 5 - 5) Freeman AJ (Mah 6-5 Mah) Angel Reice (McCabe 8-0 Luscius) Ray 2-1-0 win for TMI Massive thanks to our opponents for 3 great games. 😁
  3. Tmi (1 - 2) Team Russia Two Reice (yan lo 6-3 zoraida) Domin Rich (Tara 4-6 Zoraida) Scoffer AJ (Zipp 3-5 Shen Long) Alexander Thanks for 3 great games guys.
  4. It could work if they joined the chat as well so they could record the audio as vassal games without sounds are pretty hard to follow.
  5. Considering it crashes if I run vassal and discord at the same time I doubt it could run both of them and bandicam.
  6. My computer wouldn't be able to run recording software at the same time as vassal 😂
  7. No, the lodestone is placed after deployment and specifically says it cannot be given to models which are not in play, models with From the shadows are deployed at the start of the game.
  8. Severe terrain rules are you move at half speed as long as any part of your base is in severe terrain
  9. Thanks been a long day 😅
  10. Added to my groups results post
  11. Just wanna say thank you to Dan for running this and our opponents from this round 3 great games
  12. Too Much Infaux v American Tyrants AJ (mah 3 vs 2 nekima) Nathan Rich (Parker 1 vs 5 yanlo) Landon Reice (mccabe 8 v 4 Hoffman) Taylor
  13. The results of any action/ability or trigger count as an effect. if it is a friendly models effect than it is prohibited by staggered, If it is an enemy effect than it is prohibited by planted roots.
  14. No he is not the one choosing or controlling the action but he is still the one performing the action which they can only do once per turn, the ruling above is that an action chosen and controlled by a friendly model is a friendly effect.
  15. Not quite the what the ruling is saying, the above ruling is saying that a model obeying a friendly model is counted as a friendly effect which is explicitly ruled out by the staggered condition, as for once per turn abilities the model with that action would still count as having performed that action. Chosen and controlled by this model does not equate to performed/taken by this model.
  16. Too Much Infaux England Reice Ten Thunders Rich Outcasts AJ Bayou
  17. This event has been postponed until further notice
  18. Hey guys, This is our next event at Wayland Games Hockley. It will be a 3 round tournament, Fixed faction 50SS. Restrictions: - No hiring out of keyword masters - No DMH - Unreleased models will be allowed as long as you have suitable proxies. And a printed copy of the card (Please check with me beforehand) You can either prepay on PayPal by 10pm 23/04/20 (reicevapes@gmail.com) F&F or pay on the day The first 8 players to play will receive additional swag. Prepay £10 or Pay on the day £15 Strategies and schemes to follow. Registration 10.00 - 10
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