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Fatemaster Friday - "Life is a progress, and not a station"


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‘Fauxtastic Friday Breachers!

With the addition of Wyrd’s newest Game Designer, Fatemasters have been treated to a brand spanking new concept to add to their games. The past two Waldo’s Weekly have included Augments in addition to showing off amazing models for the upcoming Black Friday Sale, but let’s take a more in depth look at Augments and their place in Through the Breach!

While Emeline Bellerose has done a fabulous job cataloging the various creatures of Malifaux, the recent Augments show that there are more than just the beasties that the former Agent Bellerose has observed. Both the Salty Seadevil and the Silent Knight are creatures never before seen, and they can easily been dropped into a game to menace some poor Contract Town or homestead.

Creatures aren’t the only form Augments will come in; the recently released Silent Knight Augment with the Silent Thorn Grimoire. Future Augments may encompass more than a creature or item, but they will always something that is not tied to a particular Penny Dreadful or campaign. Augments are designed to enhance a current campaign with additional lore, world building, and goodies for Fatemasters and players alike.

Another wonderful utility of Augments are their scalability! Both of the recent Augments have the option to make the encounter more difficult, to present a challenge for more experienced Fated or, as in the poetic words of @MattM, “maybe you just want more ways to unleash horror and pain on your Fated…we don’t judge.”

Ultimately, Augments are a new and refreshing approach to fleshing out both the ‘Fauxverse and your games in little snapshots of lore and mechanics. This week’s question is courtesy of Matt2.0 (nickname still in test phase): “We’re super excited about Augments and their future place in Through The Breach. It gives us a great way to introduce content, and that content could focus on anything! While Augments are new, we’re also interested to hear from the community. What would you like to see in an Augment? What are you most excited about?”

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21 hours ago, stump_chunkman said:

Minor players in the breach. Mercenary losers who settle for less, gangs of street thugs, shadowy cabals, forbidden book clubs, accursed knitting circles!

I've really been enjoying the augments. I support stump_chunkman's  suggestion. That sounds pretty awesome. Some of the most memorable characters in a game are the minor players like the tough as nails waitress that even the neverborn avoid in a dark alley.

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On 11/25/2019 at 5:02 AM, MattM said:

I love all of these honestly. I didn't even think about putting a focus on smaller-scale characters and organizations, but that's a fantastic thing. 


Outside of augments I know my players and I would love some more detailed maps. I'd like to see maps that combine all the previously published elements. 

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Subordinate characters. Unique ones, customizable ones, hireable ones. There are plenty of options for taking subordinates in TTB, but outside of customized constructs, most are just faceless stat blocks. I think it would make for some fun scenarios if each player was building a Malifaux mini-Crew with unique characters they've had a hand in creating themselves. 

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