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  1. Somehow missed this. I was able to finish my model with its instructions. Thanks!
  2. Love the idea of a Darkhold. I've used your instructions to get to where you are. I'd really love to know where all those other pieces go.
  3. That's awesome. Helps me justify my new Hannah a little. XD
  4. A player of mine was a sinister ghoul and necromancer, but he became down right paternal to a ten year old ghost. She’d occasion look on the other side of a door for him or nudge him towards a piece of treasure.
  5. I prefer heists myself, but I’m a rogue at heart. The planning on both sides of the table feeds the creative needs of everyone involved. Then you get to run the execution and watch it all devolve into entropy. I find those cooperative moments of chaos can lead to new and entertaining story directions.
  6. This is really timely for me. Two of my players are starting college after adulting for many years. I want to be really supportive of their “pursuits” while preserving their immersion in the game when they do get to come. I appreciate people sharing.
  7. If you look at the Bandit in the Core Book 2 ed., it has a trigger for causing a target to drop a held item.
  8. Just curious if an update could be done for Into the Steam and Under Quarantine Pdfs. The bookmarks for Into the Steam go to random places and don't correspond with the sections referenced. Under Quarantine doesn't have any at all. I tried to do it myself, but it requested a password. ^^;
  9. I like to plug and play Penny Dreadfuls into my larger campaign when I need a break. I’ll substitute a character here and there with an established NPC to provide continuity. I’ve also recycled Penny Dreadful NPCs into regular NPCs. Ichiro from Honor Among Thieves became a regular source of jobs for the Fated in my first campaign.
  10. Outside of augments I know my players and I would love some more detailed maps. I'd like to see maps that combine all the previously published elements.
  11. Vampire Level Talent Requirement for Advancement Description 1 Blood Scent Being exposed to black blood. As the hunger spreads through the character's body, the scent of blood begins to have a more stimulating effect on her. Even the smallest wound will cause her heart rate to quicken and her mouth to salivate, and her reflexes go into overdrive whenever a living creature is killed near her. If a Living character is killed within 1 yard of this character, he may gain the Fast Condition until the end of dramatic time. When active, character has fangs. The character can make a grapple attack. Gain life equal to damage done. 2 Spiritual Sensitivity The character must have failed an Unconsciousness Challenge while at negative Wounds. Perhaps it was a near-death experience or just a bump on the head; whatever the reason, this character is now able to sense the presence of spirits around her. This character gains the following Tactical Action: (0) Sense Spirits: This character becomes aware of the presence of any characters with the Spirit Characteristic within 10 yards (even if they are invisible or hidden). Ignore penalties for darkness. 3 Sanctified Weapon Receive training from a holy man. This character may conduct a one-hour ritual to sanctify a weapon and give it the Sanctified special rule. This character may only have one weapon affected by this ritual at a time; if she sanctifies a new weapon, the old weapon ceases to be Sanctified. Sanctified: This weapon ignores Incorporeal and Hard to Wound. 4 Regeneration 2+ Character must have the bleeding out condition. Character benefits from regeneration 2. 5 Resurrection Death When this character is killed they wake up the following dawn with all damage and conditions removed. TN 10 Centering+Tenacity
  12. Wendigo Level Talent Requirement for Advancement Description 1 Shapechange Eat your first person. During times of stress or hunger the character becomes the Wendigo. The character gains the following Tactical Action: (1) Shapechange: This character may discard a Twist Card to take on the form of the Wendigo. The character gains the Beast Characteristic while shifted as well as all of the Wendigo's Talents and attacks. The character replaces her Physical Aspects with the Wendigo's, which may affect her Derived Aspects. As a Wendigo the character may not speak, use manufactured weapons, or cast spells. The character remains in this form until she takes this Action again or loses consciousness. The character does not have to discard a Twist Card when using this Action to return to her natural form. 2 Rejuvenation Whenever the character uses the Shapechange Action during Dramatic Time, she heals 1 damage. If knocked unconscious, the character may discard a Twist Card to immediately perform a 1/2/3 Healing flip and remove one Critical Effect of her choice. 3 Eat Your Fill The Wendigo's hunger knows no bounds. People are food just like any other animal. After killing a Living creature with a Close Combat attack, the character may immediately end her turn to heal all damage she has suffered by gorging herself on her enemy’s flesh. 4 Smell Weakness The Wendigo hunts its prey across vast distances. This character gains the following Tactical Action: (1) Smell Weakness: This character may make a Wilderness Challenge against a TN of 8. On a success this character ignores Armor or Hard to Wound for the rest of the round, plus one round per Margin of Success for enemy characters within 6 yards of this character. 5 Perfect Shift There is no longer any difference between the Shapeshifter's "birth" form and the curse of the Wendigo. The character's Shapechange Action becomes a (0) Action and no longer requires a discarded Twist Card to function.
  13. I... uh... named this one Burning Man. Seems slightly embarrassing now. Level Talent Requirement for Advancement Description 1 Burning Man This character must have had the Burning +5 or greater Condition resolve against her. This character has been engulfed in flames but has come through on the other side all the stronger for it. Something happened deep inside her, something magical, and now the flames that would have killed her leap up in her defense, burning those who would harm her. This character gains the following: Reduce any damage from the burning condition to 0. Defensive Trigger: Df/Wp (t) Smoldering Heart: After this character succeeds, the attacker gains the Burning +1 Condition. 2 Elemental Specialization: Fire Grant the burning condition to one opponent. Elemental Specialization: Add Fire to all possible spells or manifested powers without increasing TN. 3 Spell Affinity: Fire Immuto Apply 5 ranks of burning in a single combat. Add card flip on any spells with flame immuto. Gain the talent Final Repose. 4 Pyromaniac The character must have applied 10 or more ranks of the Burning Condition to her enemies during a single combat. This character is a fan of flame (and enjoys fanning flames, too). When this character gives the Burning Condition to another character, that character gains an additional Burning +1. 5 Flames of the Pit Complete a flame related destiny step. This character's head and flesh teams with phantom flame, and his head fades away to reveal his skull. Living and Undead must succeed on a Horror Duel to attack this character or end a movement within 2 yards of this character. The character can also use this ability to intimidate victims into confession.
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