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  1. The Fated in our game had discovered the presence of a local Malifaux Critter fighting ring and so the Shape-Shifter though they would get in on that action by turning into a suitable skin. The PC's were not the most inconspicuous of criminal elements (downright notorious by some standards) so the House, suspecting something was afoot, said the only betting they could do was on the absolute worst odds. So she entered the cage-match and fought a pretty nasty Steam-Borged up former Guild Hound and when found they had bitten off more than they could chew, there was no where to run. The rest of the party begged clemency for their "beloved pet/fighting animal" knowing it would be their asses if she changed back to try to get herself out. They incurred a substantial amount of debt to some right nasty underworld criminals that I was able to use to neatly push the plot along if the players got a little too indecisive about what to do next. The 'Shifter had a few shiny new Critical Wounds to show off by the end of that session for their hubris. (my Fatemaster style isn't to try ans screw my players but hey, Bad Things Happen
  2. I like the aspect that in a lot of place in lieu of a normal quarantine 'Wall' there are probably streets of closed buildings or less desirable real estate that shares a common border with the QTZ. These grubby little hovels are probably full of bolt holes, secret passages, and smugglers tunnels just full of interesting characters to help or hinder a group of fated.
  3. I like to use the "X but Y" strategy since there are so many factions and variations in Malifaux. There are tons of mercenary outfits shown in the Outcasts but really you only expect to see the Famous ones in Malifaux games. So I came up with some lesser, less noble, less disciplined mercenaries by the way of Gilded Thorn. So you had a sniper that was "Hans but Guild" with all the things you could expect to find on a Guild Rifleman shooter instead of an Outcast one like Hans. She was missing an arm from a permanent wound, perhaps that is what ended her Guild career and made her join such a band of uncouth thugs as Gilded Thorn? That isn't up to me to have an answer for, unless a player asks (in my particular style of Fatemastering: don't world build every single aspect, you'll just drive yourself crazy). I always felt this was a way to make the world feel well occupied or lived in.
  4. Awww poor gator's all tuckered out. I'm glad he has such a good friend to give him a piggy back ride to somewhere safe.
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