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Data not syncing between devices

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At least as of iOS build 1.0.9 (and possibly earlier), changes to data one one device (game setups, crews. etc.) are not being reflected on other devices using the same account. I've done a force-close and restart, sign out and sign back in, etc. on multiple devices with no joy.  Previously this seemed to happen pretty quickly, but I'm not seeing changes reflected even several hours after making them.

Let me know if I can provide any more information.

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58 minutes ago, Artiee said:

Were you in the beta?

No, I wasn't.

Interestingly, if I make changes to a crew in the new PC/browser version, it creates a new copy of the crew with the same name...and THAT copy propagates to other devices. But deletes don't. It's generally very odd.

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