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  1. Artiee

    Gen Con 2018 Newsletter

    If the Alts are general release, then I'm waiting for the general release so I can support my store.
  2. Artiee

    Gen Con 2018 Newsletter

    Are the T-shirts on the store quality going to increase?
  3. Artiee

    Pushing out of Hazardous Terrain

    Two start of activations effects happen at the same time. The models controller chooses the effect order. SRB pg 33. So I’m going to say #3
  4. It is always best to create a new post than to necro a old post especially one that is over 2 years old. This is a major sin on some forums btw. But to answer your question. Nether Fluctuations would ignore the on his Df stat. He would still be able to use his adaptive during this activation. And if he does happen to get attacked during his activation, he will get to include a if he chose the at the start of he activate for his Df trigger.
  5. Artiee

    July 2018 Errata

    You want to start rolling wound counters?
  6. 4). It is still a model flip. It says (SRB pg 53) the "model spends a soulstone to make a damage prevention flip." I know it also says The Player flips a single card but it is using it interchanging. 5) This one I think is not the model flipping. So no
  7. Artiee

    July 2018 Errata

    Board game companies are not releasing new expansions that will effect the base games mechanic's like miniature companies do. Too many different variables. Sometimes even in extensive play testing someone may not even see that variable combo that makes the master over powered until it is released.
  8. Artiee

    App Status?

    What is the Status of this App now. I don't think there as been any improvement in months. I just played a game with the app and don't understand why players are doing app only. - When setting up a Format. You can't view schemes or Strategy that was generated/Chosen. You can only view them if already in the encounter. But we need to be able to view the schemes so we know how to build our crew. (we have to set a format before we can build a crew or a encounter) - When playing in a encounter and you add model, This really needs to have a option of what models the crew is allowed to add. - When playing in a encounter and you add a model, You can't remove the model. also adding the model is not the same for adding during crew build. I added 5 extra models to my opponents crew because I was scrolling down the list. - if you hit Copy icon, It requires you to enter a name. there is no cancel option. Same if you hit the Name icon. This is on all the copy and name icons in the app.
  9. When is this due out?
  10. Artiee

    POSITIVE AND negative modifiers

    Note: that there is no limit of the number of or during a duel. It only matters is the final total when you draw cards. You can only flip 4 cards max. So you can have + = Or a final of but only do
  11. Artiee

    Hazardous Terrain Questions

    You take damage as soon as the model enters it.
  12. As a note. There is no double walks. It’s 2 separate walk actions. So you can take one single walk action and walk right pass a models engagment. But if your single walk ends in a models engagement and you walk again, you have to declare that you was leaving engagment and provoke a disengagement strike.
  13. While the enemy model is in 6 of the Acoylte, when attacked they lose the armor and hard to wound. They only lose it during a attack when they are 6” and Los of the Acoylite. When not being attacked they have armor and hard to wound. So other damage outside the action will be reduced by armor. Example Explosive demise on Ice Golem. The armor will stop some of that damage.
  14. Artiee

    back to basics: a couple more!

    The scheme will tell you when to reveal it. When using the book schemes, some schemes give extra points when they are reveal before the game starts. If you don’t reveal them at that time you don’t get the extra point. Best to give a example. But I think your asking if a trigger had both Then you need both suits to declare that trigger. To get both the suits you will need a built in suit in the action or spend a soulstone to declare a suit. And flip/cheat the other one.
  15. Artiee

    Timing of blast damage

    You flip for the damage. The Damage on the target and blast damage is at the same time. So the The Acting model chooses the order of the damage.
  16. Artiee

    Timing of blast damage

    All damage happens at the same time. The Acting model chooses.
  17. Artiee

    Projectiles and Paralyzed

    You are engaged or not engaged. You could have a 5" and a enemy model at the tip of 5" and you still wouldn't be able to attack. The only way you can attack is with a enemy model next to you is if it is Paralyzed or doesn't have AND yourself does not have a .
  18. On any flip would be a zero. So add that to the duel stat and compare the duels.
  19. Artiee

    Zombie Steed

    I just want to make sure I did this right. I obeyed Kentauroi to do a walk. and this model declared a walk action, I used zombie Steed ability to move a friendly model to Kenta back. He was surprised that I was able to do it, but the model dosen't change sides during the obey.
  20. Before anyone says Carlos already has armor so Streamfitter you can't give it to him. The Streamfitter would have to do a Interact to remove burning before putting armor on him. My read is Dance of flames says model has the following condition (Armor +1) based on its burning condition to maximum of 2 If he has no burning condition, then he has no armor. This will remove any armor given to him. This is because it says he has the condition. Not he gains the condition. If it said gain the condition, then I believe that it will add on to any armor that he has.
  21. Artiee

    Who can take the most beating?

    Dance of flames says model has the following condition (Armor +1) based on its burning condition to maximum of 2 If he has no burning condition, then he has no armor. This will remove any armor given to him. This is because it says he has the condition. Not he gains the condition. If it said gain the condition, then I believe your interpretation is right. I also agree with Fictor, a question should be posted in the Rules forum.
  22. Artiee

    Iconic Fate Deck?

    Not sure who would get confused with a BIG RAM Picture on it.. But if they want to argue that its really a mask. I'm not going to argue, I play Neverborn.
  23. Artiee

    Iconic Fate Deck?

    yep.. and I don't see a issue with it.