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  1. Artiee

    login? did i miss smth?

    I find this funny. They have time to put a login button on, but not a Cancel button on the rename or copy windows.
  2. Artiee

    Iconic Fate Deck?

    The text since there was already a Mask of the same number.
  3. Artiee

    Malifaux App Launched!

    Submit this via https://www.wyrd-games.net/contact App Support
  4. Artiee

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I personally hope not. There is only 1 BJ in the deck. My players seem to be fine with it. They laugh when they flip a BJ and then a RJ. If they are getting it to show multiplie times in a game, it may be the way that are shuffling their cards.
  5. Artiee

    Zipp unbury without a bayou?

    It doesn't say if the location is invalid then set up in deployment zone. It says if models do not physically fit in the specified location, then unbury in deployment zone.
  6. Artiee

    Zipp unbury without a bayou?

    I don't know, All the examples you give are prerequisites. Sion of blood action requires you to select a friendly henchman or minion. If there are no henchman or minion then He will not unbury. Kill joy blood sacrifice “when a model in this crew is killed or sacrificed" If none of your models are killed or sacrificed then he will not unbury. Zipp dread pirate zipp I also read that the bayou gremlin is required for him to unbury. You have to try to place him first. If there is not room for him to unbury then use the unbury fall back rule. If there is no Bayou germlin then he does not get unbury. This is different than Levis unbury. The rule for his unbury is on his Waif.
  7. Artiee

    Unofficial M3E FAQ

    All the Answers that was posted here are linked to the posts that answered them.
  8. Artiee

    Take or Gained

    For the record it was Lucky Poncho on Mad Dog Brackett, "You Ruined It..." ability.
  9. Artiee

    App Update Notes?

    Is there a App Update notes? And current bug roadmap?
  10. Artiee

    Summoning and LOS

    Didn't see the named attacked model. Which is ht 3. Then take my post as Informational Note that a ht 2 wall will block the Arua LOS to attacked model that is ht 2 or less.
  11. Artiee

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Walk: This model moves up to its Mv in inches. This movement cannot be used to leave an enemy model's engagement range. Charge: Once per Activation. Cannot be declared while engaged. Push this model up to its Mv in inches and then take a action. Interact: Cannot be declared while enagaged or if this model took the Disengaged Action this activation. Do one of the following: 1) Place a Scheme Marker in base contact with this model and not within 4" of another friendly Scheme Marker. 2) remove all Scheme Markers in base contact with this model, or 3) resolve a specific rule that refers to an Interact Action. Disengage: Can only be declared while engaged. One enemy model engaging this model may make a Attack targeting thise model. After resovling the Attack (if Any), this model pushes up to its Mv in inches. If the attack was successful, it may not declare triggers and instead of its normal effects, reducts this models's push distance by 2/4/6 inches. This "damage" flip can be Cheated and receives a for every other enemy model engaging this model.
  12. Artiee

    Summoning and LOS

    My statement wasn't about Ikiryo being summoned in LOS. In your example, the model being attacked wasn't in LOS of Kirai aura so the effect to summon Ikiryo would not happen.
  13. Artiee

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Action card shows. Red Joker is severe dmg + 1
  14. Artiee

    Summoning and LOS

    Since the only post that are getting upvoted is only stating the Summoning in LOS. Just want to post. SRB page 58. Call out box. Auras Blast & Pulse LoS. "A model cannot be affected by a an aura or pulse that emanates for a location out of LoS. [...]".
  15. Artiee

    Summoning and LOS

    I think you are talking about Malevolence Ability on Kirai? That is "After friendly Living or Undead model within 6 suffers damage for enemy attack. [...]". Under this example. The Wall is Ht2, and if the friendly model is also ht2 and lower. Then the ability does not happen because the wall is blocking the aura. If it was a ht3 model that suffered the damage. The summon model must be placed in LOS. Since the Ikiryo is Ht 3. You can summon her on the other side of a ht2 wall.
  16. Artiee

    App Update Notes?

    FYI: The App was just updated to 4.2.
  17. Artiee

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Thematic hiring will not be a really big deal at my LGC. Most of us already hire based on themes. Only one really goes out of themes and he plays net lists. The biggest thing on this edition change for me. Am I able to get the Miss Cards for the my Miss models? I.E. Miss Ery, etc. Some of the old M1E Miss models do not have a M2E card (Miss Pack.)
  18. Artiee

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    Entry cost and competitive cost are 2 different things. I see Entry cost is usually how much to start playing at the normal game level. Faux :Normal games are 50ss. A crew box and a few extra models will get you that around $100. That will get you enough to play. If you look at the other game systems. 40k Normal games are between 1800 to 2000 pts. That is about $800.
  19. Artiee

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    I hope there is enough upgrades where they are not a auto take upgrade.
  20. Artiee

    Gen Con 2018 Newsletter

    If the Alts are general release, then I'm waiting for the general release so I can support my store.
  21. Artiee

    Gen Con 2018 Newsletter

    Are the T-shirts on the store quality going to increase?
  22. Artiee

    Pushing out of Hazardous Terrain

    Two start of activations effects happen at the same time. The models controller chooses the effect order. SRB pg 33. So I’m going to say #3
  23. It is always best to create a new post than to necro a old post especially one that is over 2 years old. This is a major sin on some forums btw. But to answer your question. Nether Fluctuations would ignore the on his Df stat. He would still be able to use his adaptive during this activation. And if he does happen to get attacked during his activation, he will get to include a if he chose the at the start of he activate for his Df trigger.
  24. Artiee

    July 2018 Errata

    You want to start rolling wound counters?