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Aethervox Schemecaster?

Yore Huckleberry

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This is really a rules question, but I thought I'd ask in-faction first:

Dashel's totem, the Dispatcher, has the Aethervox Broadcaster ability: "Friendly Guard models may treat this model as a friendly Scheme Marker. If an effect would remove the Scheme Marker, this model suffers 1 damage."

Does this ability apply to schemes, or is that not an effect covered by "friendly guard models' treatment" of the unit?

In practice, this seems like things like, run the Dispatcher to the centerline and drop a marker to do Harness the Lay Line, using his marker and himself as two of the needed scheme markers. Or would he count as a marker for "Dig Their Graves," if he's close enough to corpse markers? Etc.


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On 9/30/2019 at 5:32 PM, 4thstringer said:

Now I wanna look at whether breakthrough might be an exception.   Probably not 

Guys, keep in mind that even if he DID count as a scheme marker for the purposes of strats and schemes (which he doesn't) he is insignificant... So he doesn't count for ANYTHING related to strats and schemes

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9 minutes ago, Hagisman said:

My favorite thing to do to this guy is target himself with Consolidate Power to drop an enemy scheme marker with himself? He takes 1 dmg, but it still works, right?

Consolidate power is minion only isn't it? he is an enforcer. You can do it if he is within 2" of the target of Consolidate power, but he can't just do it by himself

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