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  1. That's... Really fucking nuts. Holy shit. That's ridiculously efficient. Asami cheats a 13 and a stone for her model, I cheat a stone and maybe a card to kill it. And without her endless wall of summons to hide behind, she will find herself much more vulnerable. I'd forgotten that the crossbow has its own trigger that's not Execute, and that he doesn't have the option of discarding a card or as to prevent death.
  2. Hey guys, So as this is the most recent Dashel post, I'll ask here: Has anyone tried a full gunline? Just straight up pick a position and hunker down? I realize this isn't exactly advantageous for many strats and schemes but I dunno if we've tried it before or not and how it's gone. In M2E this was fun to do with Lucius but haven't tried w Dashel yet. Maybe something like this: Dashel w/ 7 ss Dispatch Sgt w/ EM Riflemen x3 Guild Patrols x4 Dispatcher and a friendly guard minion is all you need to create enemy scheme markers for summoning, and if kept close together, the Sgt will get plenty of opportunities to fire back at people. Sgt and riflemen all have armor ignoring potential and all ignore cover and friendly fire (concealment as well on Sgt.) Kind of just a fun thematic list, but having not tested it yet, I'm not sure how well it can do. Lemme know!
  3. That's exactly what I did actually. Fast Thunder Archer that ignores concealment, friendly fire, and does irreducable damage made a complete mockery of my hunter, not to mention the samurai. The problem wasn't getting around the table, it was the fact that oncw I did, there's absolutely nothing in Hoffman's crew that can stand against the amount of irreducable damage they bring (unless Hoffman is handing out his Uber armor, which in retrospect, I wish I had on turn 1)
  4. Okay. Ill be honest, I hadn't considered the Warden. Him and a watcher could be good for Hold up their Forces, I dig it! With that in mind, strat was Turf War, and on flank deployment turf war can be a bit of a pain. I sent a Fast watcher turn 1 to claim one flank, but Shen Long managed to catapult all the way to kill him and kill him with one activation . Without Hoffman giving his armor buff, I don't think Shen Long can be tied up by anything. Irreducable damage at stat 8 is just so strong! With that in mind, I love the Pale Rider idea. I thought his heal was living models only but I'm very glad to be mistaken, cuz he'd be a godsend in this crew. Good mobility, can help Hoffman move around and shoot his gun until he's ready to move in and start wrecking things. As a side note, Thunder Archers with fast from Sensei Yu is disgusting. He bonus actions to go himself blasts and then just absolutely goes to town with his 12" attacks that ignore concealment and friendly fire, with access to irreducable. Absolutely annihilates thw Hoffball if we're too grouped up. Which was another issue. We started doing the 40-50% terrain coverage as recommended by GG, and it's ROUGH on Hoffman
  5. Hello again guildmates So, after my recent asswooping at my last tournament, I've been doing my best to just observe how other players at handling current meta. In particular, the abuse of Shen Long in tourney play. He appeared many times at my recent tourney as well as many times in the higher end tournaments such as the UK Nationals. My main opponent happens to be a 10T player who's pretty darned good, so we played a practice game where we randomly generated a scenario and agreed we would play Hoffman vs Shen Long. We figured these to be the 2 biggest masters from their respective faction and they're the ones dominating the meta atm (besides Arcanists in general) So, the scenario was pretty lame from a Hoffman perspective. Flank Deployment with Turf War, with Power Ritual, Outflank, Harness the Ley Line, Hold up their forces, and I can't remember the 5th. I chose Power Ritual and Outflank. Hold up their forces was basically non completable due to the high point cost of our models and Ley Line is very difficult without a dedicated tech piece. To keep it brief, I lost. Sent a hunter to one end and a watcher to another. Shen Long turbo charged and then shot straight at the watcher and killed it turn 1, while a Samurai and a Thunder Archer killed the Hunter by end of turn 2. Shen Long got another Uber charge off and killed Melissa KORE before being taken out by Langston. My Riotbreaker did a good job in killing the 2 peasants turn 3, as well as hurting Sensei Yu w/ blasts. Guardian straight up insta killed a low river monk which was tight. But in the end, I lost due to failing to accomplish my schemes. Takin schemes that require Hoffman to spread out is always a bad idea but in this case I didn't have much of a better one. So with that in mind, ive learned a few lessons about how to play Hoffman better and when it's appropriate to take him (scheme wise) but I'd like some input about what would have been a good play instead of Hoffman. I've got most of Dashel and Lucius, and a decent collection of Lady J as well. So to put this into an actual question (I'm sorry I ramble so much), what crew would you have taken instead of Hoffman and how could I have handled the situation better WITH Hoffman?
  6. That sounds like an epic game! Lady J vs Vic's is always a fun time A work of caution - Domador can only heal living models, which the peacekeeper is not... So be careful of that next game.
  7. Looks like thats the broad agreement, and as long as discussed with opponent beforehand, shouldn't present an issue. So that's nice. Makes fighting Shen a bit easier for guild / arcanist players.
  8. Switching topics slightly, did we ever come to a decision on the Shen Long vs Hoffman issue? (Shen Long doing irreducable damage, but Hoffman not allowing armor to be ignored) and if so, do we have a quick link to the discussion?
  9. The list lacks both Doppleganger and Agent 46, which is why I was somewhat taken aback. It means this guy is being used to probably go sit on an objective, summon traps to protect himself and take the occasional shot at something if possible (I think.)
  10. Hey guys, I'm a bit late to the party, I want to start playing wong and the pig a pult as well. I follow and agree with the consensus thus far. However, I have a question. If rhe stuffed pig is launched via the pigapult, and fails the test, thus doing the 2 damage, will it still gain a glowy token from "Hard knock life"? Which would then in turn proc "Hoof hearted" to make the demise ability have +1 difficulty?
  11. VERY interesting. So Dashel AND Pathfinder are summoning (theoretically.) I'm intrigued about the rest of your list though. Pale Rider is for obvious reasons. No mimic to copy it though. Can be obeyed via lawyer. Truth be told, it seems like Pathfinder is solely good for his bonus actions? His rifle being stat 5 is a bit of a turn off for me. I haven't used him much though so I definitely wanna hear about better experiences with him. I guess the dispatcher makes sense for provide enemy scheme markers for Dashel. The Lawyer is the lawyer, self explanatory. Has this list done well for you before?
  12. Recently played a game against my 10T opponent, learned a few things id like to share with y'all. We played Mono-Lucius vs Mono-Asami. So, to begin with, I took in all keyword list. Lucius, Scribe, A46, Alan, Doppleganger, 2 lawyers, and a false witness. Asami had totem, Ama No Zaku, 2 Tengu, Jurogumo, Huckster, and a Samurai w/ stealth upgrade. So this is an interesting matchup. Lucius puts out a fuckload of negative flips throughout his crew. However, Asami can keep up with ease. Flicker basically counteracts that AND gives plus flips on damage. Combined w/ focus, they tend to overcome our defensive abilities. High willpower is a bit of a rough fight. My theme with my list was to hand out massive quantities of Slow, to prevent focusing and make surviving a lot easier, but both Ama No Zaku and Jurogumo are willpower 7, so that when off like once. Agent 46 and Doppleganger thrived. Agent 46 being able to lure an opponent without them being able to cheat is a godsend (less so with Asami) and then Doppleganger being able to copy the Samurai gun, or Jurogumo sword, is awesome. 10/10 recommend the combination of the 2. Cards were huge this game. My card draw was pretty damn good, especially since I get a pass tokens every time Asami summons. In addition, I was able to keep my opponents hand depleted, even with Asami having Arcane Reservoir. That said, summoning hurt a lot. I killed the samurai, ama no Zaku, and 3ish Jurogumo over the course of the game but those Jurogumo really keep the crew pinned in place, and I definitely closed ranks in order to keep all auras going. This meant that the Tengu and Huckster went unopposed through my backline accomplishing schemes while Asami hid behind her wall of angry spider centaur, slowly killing me off. All in all, Asami feels like a very hard counter to Lucius, because she's got lots of high stat, high damage attacks that can get plus flips out the ass, and she can just keep bringing more, without the limitations of having to summon near scheme marker or corpse markers or having obscene target numbers to hit. (looking at you Dashel) Anyways. I lost terribly. But I love this list, it's got lots of potential and I want to see it against someone not Asami or Shen Long. It lacks any decent mobile models though, so maybe fitting in an investigator would be wise.
  13. Interested in Lucius list with little to no keyword
  14. @4thstringer I'm kind of on the fence wuth her. She seems lackluster. The whole "stat 6 vs stat 7" thing back in beta seemed like a solid debate, but seems like a pretty stupid debate now with the atrocity that is Shen Long running around. However, that aside, she's still pretty darned good at killing things in places all over the board. Hard to give her a lot of conditions to stop her, tough to get her out of position due to high WP. If I was to state the one weakness I have with Lady J, it's my target priority. I get distracted easily, and my bloodlust takes over with her. Keeping her on track to kill the correct models is hard for me and as such, she doesn't always do what I need her to do during a game.
  15. @Myyrä i havent bought the family stuff yet cuz I was always salty about a Perdita player who used to always kick my ass in M2E, but I've looked through em lately. What don't you like about em?
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