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  1. More dispatcher fun - use a Sergeant's bonus action to place him elsewhere for Dashel to summon off of him. If you have the 5 of masks you could consolidate power to move another minion and get an enemy scheme marker in a better position
  2. Great point! I didn’t have him available but might consider getting more arcanist models for him in the future. I currently have his M2e box, Alt-Joss, and a single Riotbreaker (naturally, a great anti-Zoraida tech piece)
  3. Oh hey, look at that. Both crews I played against didn't have much armor so it never factored in, I mostly used it to further pick apart groups of enemies.
  4. @Sweet Tooth let me borrow a model from TOS who has a minigun. It’s a male so we can just call him Mel for now 😉 Im not sure of the name off hand. Tbh I couldn't answer that other question effectively - these two games were my second and third with Hoff, and the first game I played with him was practice for round 3. I ran both henchmen and a peacekeeper in both lists. I also like putting Fast on both of them and using Joss to command Melissa to charge and shoot with more blasts. If you can get all of those off, anyway. That being said, Joss' attack doesn't just bypass armor, it's completely irreducible.
  5. Hoffman is great and really flexible, I enjoy the ways you can reposition both your own and enemy models. If you can proxy Melissa, even better. We had Turf War on Flank round 1 and I ended up playing against Nekima. She threatened me pretty rough early on but was over extended and I was able to take her out right after that. We didn't finish all 5 turns, I think we ran out of time after turn 3 and ended 2-1 as neither of us had much luck scoring our schemes (he had Breakthrough which I denied, along with something else that he may not have even told me). Round 3 was reckoning corner against Misaki. That particular player is fun to play with but mostly plays for fun - by the end of my first two activations on turn 2 I'd killed Ototo, a Crime Boss, a Sniper, and almost killed a charm warden. When she stepped Misaki up into my crew it was super easy to deliver a message. We didn't play much further past that because we were both in brain mush mode. I was very surprised to have placed at all. I'm a big fan of Melissa KORE, especially combined with the Steward for heals and focus. Between focus and a power token you can get positives to attacks and damage and guarantee a ram on her minigun, which gives her a blast on it. It's fucking awesome. Oh, I also think Wardens are low key some really amazing minions at 5 stones. Pursue is quietly very strong, and their restraint claw shenanigans make them awesome for Hold up Their Forces.
  6. I got third place at Octoberfaux tournament at The Battle Standard this weekend. Went 2-1 with 2 Hoffman wins and a Dashel loss.
  7. I'm about to hit my local guild ball players up and see if they have any traps I can borrow. I'll stay up all night building Basse if I have to!*
  8. I'm running this list into Reckoning Corner with Breakthrough, Take Prisoner, Assassinate, Deliver a Message, and Vendetta... Hoffman (5 ss) Mech Attendant Joss Melissa KORE Peacekeeper Pale Rider Guild Steward I hear a lot lately that Henchmen aren't great takes for Reckoning, but I feel like this crew will make for a pretty fun game. Depending on the matchup (against Zoraida or another obey master, for instance) I'll probably make a swap for a Riotbreaker, but otherwise I feel pretty comfortable with this setup. The healing will be extra outrageous and the Focus from foul mouthed motivation will be really nasty on Melissa, so she can take a charge and spend the focus for her gatling gun and use power tokens for blast damage. And the steward himself can threaten Take Prisoner or Deliver a Message, and makes for a painful target to remove.
  9. I’m not going to lie @4thstringer I kind of want to run that trap list in this weekends tournament in East Windsor, CT. Round 1 - turf war flank with breakthrough, harness, hold up, outflank and claimjump. All the location denial!
  10. Alloy from Guild Ball?
  11. There's other fun but situational things that a Guard crew could use those for - Queeg can flip them friendly if you have a reason to (say, Dig their Graves. Shoot someone to wound them and they drop the marker, convert their marker into yours, then kill them next to it). Sergeants can move them around with New Horizon as well, which can again screw with further enemy marker placement, or even giving Dashel a better position to summon on. Agree with the Guild Steward above. I've been using him in my Dashel crews lately and it's been great to help with card draw.
  12. Great, that makes a lot of sense. I've got very little experience with any sort of tactical games outside of tabletop RPGs, which are... not quite the same This also makes a lot of sense as I've spent a lot of time keeping Dashel in perhaps too-safe spots, and as a result he doesn't do much outside of passing out focus and summon. Thanks!
  13. @Qracy would you say that the LLC on Dashel is really worth it? Two stones for one extra armor seems like a lot. Then again I've gone against armor heavy crews so I can appreciate having +2 armor on models.
  14. I'll give this a go in an appropriate pool in the future for sure.
  15. Since I lack(ed) MG when I was originally picking up the keyword I was using them as extra scheme runners with sergeants and Queeg increasing their mobility. I think I'll try to return to the good commander this week and see what I can do
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