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  1. This is how I often feel when I'm playing his crew, though all my games I didn't have access to Mounted Guard which feel pretty vital to me. Otherwise it's a bit of a slow roll for Dashel's crew to get going, and more of a grind to get through to objectives later as well. Queeg's initial push is really great, especially when combined with sergeants. Unfortunately he does tend to be pretty flimsy so keeping him safe is important. He makes for a good, easy Vendetta target otherwise. Most of the games I've played with Dashel I haven't really thought to stone for Drop It, trying to force the dispatcher to work instead. I should probably just do this instead, since the dispatcher feels a bit inefficient and doesn't have the ability to stone that mask.
  2. I'm going to play Guild in a tournament next Saturday in Western Massachusetts. It's probably also going to be embarrassing.
  3. Oh yeah, I vaguely recall that now! Thanks
  4. An older, brief episode of TFW references some kind of combo between Queeg and Wardens but I haven't seen anything that stands out. This was also during open beta so perhaps something changed. Anyone have any idea what this might be?
  5. Yep this is a great way to handle it. Activate totem and consolidate power on a patrol to within two inches of her. Easy enough, if you've got the mask.
  6. They're pretty fun! I went Ghoul when I got a terrible stat spread and decided to just lean into it. It really depends on your FM, some will make it much harder to boost yourself up than others. I played in a murder-hobo-y group of Ressers though, and was able to do alright.
  7. Part of that has to do with it continuing the story from where 1.5 left off. I had no idea WTF was happening when I read the 2e book for the first time. I've since gone back to 1.5 and started from there, though this information about the rest of the publications is cool and helpful.
  8. Yeah, a little put-off by the lack of information. My friend has the book and it's pretty good, but I want a copy to read for myself. If you google around for it, some distributors say September 28th was the release date. I've heard that they go on sale outside of stores about a month later on?
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