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Guild guard McCabe in thunders


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So I was theory crafting and had a new list I wanted to try out.  Likely it suffers from having too many moving parts but I thought it was cool so I am posting it

McCabe w/ promises, saber, badge of speed 5ss

Kamatachi  4ss

Terra cotta warrior 6ss

Guild guard x2 6ss

Dashel w/arrest him 8ss

Emissary w/ conflux 10ss likely taking Strange metal shirt but other upgrades availible

total of 39ss which leaves room for izamu or bettari.  probably needs to be a beater in that position.  

The idea is that your guild guard are scheme runners getting replaced by dashel.  kamatachi helps with pushes and card draw, maybe healing, everything else is pretty standard.  also having free scheme runners that can focus as a 0 action with the saber seems good.  if you wanted your beater to be yasunori you could drop one or both guild guard and try to just summon all of them in but I like the idea of two together, one with strange metal shirt getting them armor 2 and the other with the saber charging things.  

Feel free to tear this apart in the comments. I am hoping to try this tuesday evening.   


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Just a small remark: the emissary gets the upgrade for free and McCabe is payingnfor it so it's really not a goos idea to give McCabe the 2ss ones and the emissary the 1ss one. I would switch the badge to the emissary and give McCabe loot bag instead of the saber which saves you 2ss right away for exactly the same upgrades. The emissary can then (0) to give the badge to something else after using nimble itself and McCane gets it back when he activates, giving you two "free" nimbles turn one.

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11 hours ago, LordZombie said:

What is everyone thinking about the 3ss guild guard? Four of them for 12ss is not really too bad, but I have not tried McCabe yet. 

If you've to stand your ground, Guards are good. Def 6, +1 Arm, 5 WD. If you've to spread, 10T have better scheme runners (Hounds + Luna above all).

Their Sh attack is nothing to sneeze at.

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yep with loot bag and emissary there's no sense to waste SS taking saber.

I think I just select guards+kamaitachi or hounds+luna concerning schemes and crew stragegy.  Kamaitachi help McCabe survability and pushes, guards are quite tanky, but hounds are really fast schemers/beater. 

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7 minutes ago, DonCheadle said:

Are we using Wastrels as stand-in for Guild Guard btw? 

Seems like a good way to get those nice models to see some play time. 

What you and your play group do is obviously up to you, but I would be careful showing up to unknown opponents and expecting to use models from the Masters Crew box as different models. That's a fairly confusing proxy. 

Other possible options could include Plastic Wendigo (it looks like its a guardsman its attacking to me), Metal male desperate merc, metal Guard Captain./sergeant  (its never been clear what they ought to be in M2E anyway), male multipart kit, Guild Autopsies. 

Personally I've my 5 different sculpts (3 metal), and when  I get my Kings Empire Kickstarter through I'm  expecting that the Infiltrators may well stand in if I go beyond 5 guards. 

(I also occasionally use wastrels so its not a good option for me. Although now that guard are cheaper, its less likely). 


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