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  1. Hi folks, many impressive models! 3th is finally near and I think I will come back to the game. I have some MLX abandoned projects to finish then I'll post something new this year. cheers!
  2. Sensei Yu w Promising Disciple can pick up Styles discarded by shenlong, so next time you can save the 2SS spent for the low river style.
  3. Hi there. My painting room is still occupied since half June cos I'm hosting my aunt in holiday. So I think I'm out of the challenge I hope I restart painting something in august or september.
  4. @Franchute3 yokai are my bid for this month.
  5. a lot of interesting models! my compliments to all of you! @Franchute I confirm my stop for this month
  6. Maybe 3 Yokai Maybe mulligan, I've many miniatures to basing.
  7. Uhm I think Torakage is still ok with McCabe, but also the 5pt high river can benefit from his sword and now is cheaper. 6 to every stats and free desingaging is nice but now there are many models with ml6/7. Many 5-6SS minions now suffer the competition of the cheapest enchmen/enforcers, chiaki's ranged removal condition is really usefull with gg2018, yamaziko now is really cheap, with a bit more points we have graves, boss and sunquiang... due the emissary and 0ss upgrades models who can take upgrades are generally a bit better. Terracotta are a bit overpriced for 4wounds and wp4. I take one of them only if I plan to switch upgrades more than 1 time or if I suppose I can suffer eavy alfa who can kill my key model in just one activation.
  8. need to fix eyes but the face and hair are done
  9. another painting rush this month, my Asami is still black... fortunately on April 30 I will not at work
  10. -) anything to cheat initiative as someone already wrote I think it's still the main lack of the faction.
  11. I had the opportunity to shake your hand in Daventry during UK National a couple of years ago. Good luck for your next path, or in other words "In bocca al lupo".
  12. played two times inside a Colette crew recently (symbol of authority, public executions) after SS cut. In the first game (neverborn) was totally unusefull, in the second one (vs archanist) was the mvp due the slow and armor ignoring. sh6, horror immunity, slow, armor ignoring and 18''(36'') range is fair for his cost if he can stay safe over a building. With the right combo of board, opponent, strategy I think he can be useful, maybe more as mercenary for factions with a lack of shooting. He helped me to score vendetta, denying show of force, slowing something who necessary need 2 ap to charge or interact to score points.
  13. In my head I had Tannen and Graves but there's another Graves project this month. So I choose Asami.
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