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The Welsh GT 2018 - 7 & 8 April 2018


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Welsh GT 2018 – 7TH & 8tH April 2018

50SS fixed faction, ranked event following gaining grounds 2018, 2-day event with trophies, best in faction, spot prizes, held at Firestorm Games in Cardiff.

The Welsh GT was the smallest but also one of the friendliest UK GT’s this year, we want to change this in 2018 and with your help try to make this the largest UK GT but keep that welcoming friendly feel.

Firestorm is one of the largest dedicated gaming centers in the UK, with on site café, bar, well stocked game store. It also has plenty of dedicated gaming space with room to spread out and grow the event.

Payment (£35) including lunch both days. Tickets available from Firestorm games


Event located at:
South West Gaming Centre (Fire Storm Games), Trade Street, Penarth Road, Cardiff, CF10 5DT

Confirmed Attendees

1. Richard Walters

2. Liam Coupland

3. Adam Perry

4. Brian Schoner

5. Bert Diamond

6. Bert Diamond + 1

7. Bert Diamond + 2

8. Bert Diamond + 3

9. Alex Ferron

10. Bert Diamond + 4

11. William Jacob-Crankshaw

12. Henchman Lee

13. Connor Truby

14. Joel Henry 

15. Mike Marshall 

16. Matt Spooner

17. Ben Sime

18. George Hollingdale

19. Chris Draper

20. Nick Featherstone

21. A J Barr

22. Tobias Dracup

23. David Brown 

24. Tim Brown

25. Jamie Varney

26. Steve Johnston

27. Matt Lewin 

28. Michael Asquith 

29. James Henley 

30. Richard Brandweiner

31. Keron Tucker

32. Lucas Rozanski

33. Waiting for Firestorm to confirm 

34. Mark Elwood

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21 hours ago, OneLittleThunder said:

I'm planning to attend from distant 'Murica! Any recommendations for a nearby hotel?

The centre of Cardiff is walkable, so it depends very much on your budget. Chains such as Travelodge, premier Inn and Holiday Inn Express are usually good quality and affordable, but there are certainly some very budget places nearby.

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Sorry for the late reply..

The Holiday Inn is a good 10 minute walk but an easy one on the flat with a nice view of the river. To be honest most of the central Cardiff hotels are a 5 - 10 minute walk from the venue so its probably as good as any.

You can always put your figures in my car Saturday night so you don't have to carry them back and forth.

Will be great to see you and welcome on board.



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56 minutes ago, Clousseau said:

@shakes1066 can you fix the font colour on the first post as its almost unreadable! 

Not yet negotiated to come, but its on the list of possible events.

Not even sure how to change font colour. It is clear on my phone, iPad and laptop but I’ll have a look into it.

Would be great if you could come, it would nice to return the favour and let you get a weekends gaming for once.

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