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are beckoners more than just "eye candy"?


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31 minutes ago, daniello_s said:

Depends on strategy/schemes. There is nothing more annoying than seeing my model being lured away from the Stash Marker which denies me a VP that turn ;)

Lilitu does the same trick with a higher stat for the same points and offers some other cool stuff like an engagement range of 3" instead of not having a :melee attack at all so the enemy can walk away without even needing to disengage (if the beckoner is trying to hold them).

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I generally take Beckoners over Lilitu in most cases.  It is one part being a Minion, one part the trigger on her Lure, and one part I like her attack better than Lilitu's whip.  The gravy would be that I generally take an Illuminated as well so just having the combo present makes my opponent leery.

That being said I believe plenty of people would prefer the Lilitu for the Ca7 on Lure over Ca6.  The one point difference makes a big deal if your plans are to lure enemy models *I often instead use them to lure Friendly models and then use the push trigger*.  So a big part of it is what people are planning to take away from it.

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5 hours ago, chryspainthemum said:

Lilitu also has 4" engagement range, which turns out to be around a 9 inch bubble of 'no interacts'... it's kinda nice. But comes down to pool/other models. I also never take Illuminated, I guess I should do that.

Which is normally great for Lilitu though as one of my opponents found out it also meant I could easily keep Lilitu from being able to do any interact actions.  Because of where I had my models it could not move close enough to drop a scheme marker for plant explosives and get enough models.  Most of the time it is an advantage but sometimes it can be a disadvantage.

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