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  1. Despair's influence to hand out a suit (probably giving herself masks for the rest of the turn or giving crows to Kade or Carver). Also, I was including the pulse of WP duels that her bonus action causes. There are some actions to use self loathing on, the Moonshinobi is one. I even used it on Brewmaster since he was in the Poltergeists aura.
  2. I tended to use Pandora's Shockwave actions instead. All those simple duels either damages a bunch of them or cleans out their hand. Bonus if you can have the Poltergeist in range. The damn Moon Shinobi scare me a little since they turn the manipulative defense into a detriment. Hard to wound is the same way. Although Self Loathing might be good against them, you can damage, stagger and if the planets align stun them or push them.
  3. Something I found out when using Titania's crew against Pere Ravage and his demise ability. Her "Into Thorns" trigger happens before the demise happens. So you can kill him and then throw him into the rest of his crew, away from yours and then have him blow up. Use it against them. I don't think my opponent will take him against Titania again, lol
  4. My normal opponent is playing Brewmaster a lot now. What kind of tools do we have as a faction to deal with his shenanigans? I know we have condition removal in the form of Pandora , Serena, Anything with Eldritch Magic. Any tips people have? After playing the last game, I did figure out I should not bunch up much, helps limit his auras and pulses.
  5. Nekima might be good as her crew has regen and healing. Also, being fast does not hurt.
  6. I believe he summoned off enemy models with a specific token at some point in the beta.
  7. I looked at this a little more A when resolving trigger resolves in step 2 of the damage timing. Demise is an after killed ability which seems to resolve in step 6c, after the place happens. If this is true, it makes the fae models very dangerous to take models with explosive demise abilities against as you are likely to have it blow up in your face.
  8. Ended up taking this: Titania Gorar 2 Knights Hooded Rider Effigy w/upgrade Bultungin Aeslin 6 ss Ended up.losing Titania but not before she killed Sammy, Pere, 2 young lacroix, almost killing Rami (held off to kill next turn for Reckoning) and took Ophelia to 4 Hp, would of got her next round due to having Hooded rider in her face with a bunch of tokens. Actually accidentally killed Sammy on turn 1 by getting severe with the crow trigger for 5 dmg. I should not have used the trigger and left her at 1. We called it after turn 3, I likely would have won with 6 or 7 pts to his 3 Couple questions though. When Titania moves the underbrush markers, can she move them so they overlap other underbrush markers? Also does the place on her crow trigger happen before any demise abilities trigger? I moved Pere to be able to hit 2 young, Rami and Ophelia with his demise damage. I am not sure that was correct.
  9. Hi everyone, I have a Reckoning(standard deployment) game tomorrow. Schemes are: Assassinate, Breakthrough, Search the Ruins, Take Prisoner, and Hold up their forces. I am playing against Ophelia. I have two crews picked out: Titania Gorar 2 Knights Killjoy w/Inhuman Reflexes Mysterious Effigy w/Effigy of Fate Bultungin Aeslin or: Same but switch out the Effigy and Bultungin for the Emmissary. Problem is, I don't think I have the schemes covered very well. Search the Ruins is an autotake, but none of the others seem appealing with these crews. Maybe switch out a Knight or the Bultungin for a Waldgeist to enable Hold up their forces? I have never been a fan of Take Prisoner (don't like having to leave something alive), Breakthrough is kind of hard for Titania with her lack of scheme runners.
  10. Just to be clear, Killjoy still counts as killed for schemes and strategies (ie Reckoning) right?
  11. Wyrd has already said models like this will be available for a year after their release by special order through your LGS or the Wyrd Webstore. Models like Agent 46, Blood Hunter (Nekima's Totem), etc that did not have a 2E release, but are in multi model boxes in 3E.
  12. Thanks, I thought we missed something. We did not think to look at the triggers section.
  13. Does butterfly jump resolve before the attack from an onslaught trigger happens? This came up in a game today and we played it as coming after the onslaught. Both are after resolving/succeeding timing, the simultaneous affect section says the active player resolves their effects first. Are we missing something?
  14. My guess is Blood Hunter, Hayreddin, Mature Nephilim, 3 Terror Tots in addition to Nekima. Young and BBS probably in another box together.
  15. Vendetta states: On Reveal: At the end of the friendly model’s Activation, if it successfully dealt damage to the secretly chosen enemy model and the enemy model has half its maximum Health or less (but is still in play), you may reveal this Scheme to gain 1 VP. Does this mean that your chosen model has to damage the model on a turn the enemy model is below half wounds? Or can the enemy model be damaged by your chosen model then when the enemy model drops below half you can reveal the scheme for a point?
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