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  1. Changelings can't copy attack actions, only non-bonus tactical actions. Doppleganger and Agent 46 on the other hand... I suprised my opponent a bit with a Neverborn gunline that way pairing those two with Angel Eyes.
  2. You can also use Lucius to Issue Command to a Lawyer to Obey a Mature, this will yield a card from the lawyer if you have less than your hand size or card cycle if at max hand size.
  3. Everyone see that the Nekima box is on the Upcoming page now? Nekima, totem, 2 Matures and 2 Young with another box of 3 Tots and 2 Young
  4. I really wish WargameVault would offer a bundle price for each of the faction packs. Getting the whole box a la carte is kind of expensive.
  5. maybe an Alt sculpt Pandora Box for Halloween? Similar to what they did with Rasputina.
  6. Terror Tots are pretty useless. So much so that Nephilim players don't hire them. They used to be good scheme runners in M2E, but the took sprint away from them so they don't even do that anymore. Attack is pretty weak and you are lucky if they can stick around long enough to grow.
  7. Autumn Knights can't on their own. Another model might be able to give them a suite (Pandora comes to mind). As part of the conversion from M2E to M3E, Wyrd standardized a lot of the triggers. The same trigger will have the same wording no matter which model it is on. So, there are other models in the game that have the puncture trigger that can used soulstones or get extra suits.
  8. To be fair, I think it is a dumb restriction. Makes Marcus weaker in Neverborn. Why would she not be able to shift into a Sabretooth logically?
  9. I don't think Myranda can shapechange into a Sabretooth when in Neverborn. It says a Minion from the declared faction on the Beast Shape action.
  10. The Blood Hunter is likely going to be a special order item, so it likely won't matter for players that already have nephilim.
  11. M2e, I had a changeling Red Joker a damage flip against the Lucky Emmisary and kill it with it's own attack.
  12. Seattle-Tacoma area of Washington State.
  13. Does anyone know where i could find one? Is Wyrd going to reprint these?
  14. Ended up taking the Lucius list, adding Doppleganger and AP on the Changeling. Setup Dopple, Agent 46, and Angel Eyes in a central position with some firing lanes. Worked very well, using Lucius to reposition/focus them/use Agent's Analyze Weakess on the Whiskey Golem. I took Hold Up Their Forces and Vendetta(Agent vs Whiskey Golem). Agent 46 is kind of nuts, with his no cheating ability.
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