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  1. looking to off load some models. primarily neverborn, includes collodi and pandora. some are dayglow/translucent. https://www.ebay.com/itm/263655182623?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  2. your first statement is correct. collodi cannot hand out fast to all puppets in bubble as it is gained from an ability and not an action.
  3. yes its nice when build-a-bear works, and yes its alot of resources for it to do its thing. but on the other hand, the things that make it go off are also useful for other things. granted its usually a first/last turn thing for either the free teddy or strat/scheme scoring
  4. having your list entirely based around pounce is generally a bad idea as you will need ways to complete schemes/strats. however the core of a pounce based list is usually tooth and lilitu with 1-2 rougarou. lelu is a decent sub for rougarou but takes more set up. this takes up 20-30 stones which doesn't leave much space for other things. i find that going with tooth,lilitu, 2x rougarou can be effective with titania and pandora. with titania i usually add in barbaros and go with the double challenge bubble and use the remaining points for a scheme runner. if i go pandora i toss in 2 wisps to take advantage of the wp duels that everything pumps out.
  5. straight from the box, pandora can be effective and fun with just a teddy and a box of insidious madnesses. which also can work for dreamer while supported by models from the pandora box such as kade (excellent with a teddy) and candy.
  6. the hodgepodge effigy and stitched together gives soft cover for an aura. the waldgeist makes soft terrain markers. then there are things that block los that are generally beast if you can place decently, the cyclops ice pillars come to mind. dont forget there are things like perfect camo that give to if the model has not activated yet this turn. cant forget about the upgrade mimic's blessing which gives this ability. then of course you have things like collodi's personal puppet and dreamer's (forgot what its called) sac a nightmare def trigger. but if your going into a game blind and only know the faction then the best thing to do is just spread out far enough that you are still in the range of your abilities (if necessary) but far enough apart to not worry about the blasts. and finally dont forget the old stand by of getting in range to help prevent blasting.
  7. i will be there if anyone is looking for a league game tomorrow evening.
  8. first paragraph on page 49 of the rulebook. enemy models may choose to make a free attack action that is in melee range of the disengaging model. this triggers psychosis
  9. lazarus is a merc so can be hired regardless of faction with a merc tax.
  10. also your LGS can still hold tournaments and have the prizes be either store credit or other Wyrd items that they have in stock. henchmanship is nice but not really needed. also check to see if there is another hench near by, if so they may be able to help.
  11. summoning pandora is pretty fun and does have some staples to the list. that being iggy and wisps with either doppelganger or the emissary (i usually do both though). madness's are nice if you need a schemer or looking to force discards for wp duel. if your using its only atk action to put out conditions then the wisps are better for that as the madness atk is a SH where the wisp is a CA. while using iggy i find that his upgrade really isnt needed as his other actions are much better even in melee. the emissary is nice in this build, with the wisps you can pump out changelings. also the extra incite and possible martyr is just icing. overall though i have fun with woe pandy, summoning 2-3 sorrows a turn puts alot of pressure on your opponent so they dont take mass dmg from misery. plus its a change of pace from box/voice pandora.
  12. i know that i will most likely have this post ignored, but has anyone tried the crossroad 7 against zipp? having so many auras overlap that do some sort of conditions/dmg/discard could be handy. plus they do pretty well at covering each others weaknesses to a certain degree. the one time i played against zipp, i was playing these guys and zipp wasnt too bad to deal with but this was way back when zipp was first released.
  13. graves and/or barbaros could be decent support due to challenge equivalent abilities to help keep pressure off of dreamer by wasting resources. also the emissary with dreamer conflux is kinda nice with beckon the night if chompy needs to be relocated.
  14. with the growing up upgrade your given +4 wd and a cg of 7 so that you can better make use of the cricket bat to boost your waking so you can pop out chompy. this hopefully is done turn 1 if possible. now on turn 2 (or whatever) you activate chompy and let him do his thing then have him do is 0 action to unbury dreamer. since dreamer has sleep cycles it allows him to chain activate after being unburied by chompy. with dreamer chaining he can do his thing, and hopefully get to waking 4 to summon chompy again in the same turn. so essentially your getting 3 activations in a turn with those upgrades. also with sleep cycles chompy can chain activate as a result of dreamer burying himself from waking.
  15. let us know how your next match goes, along with the list you played and schemes. we should be able to help out more if your looking for some more.
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