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Spring Showdown - 15th May at WGC


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The next showdown event is going to be on 15th May at the Wayland Games Centre (as usual).

Basic details are:

  • Fixed Faction
  • 3 Games,
  • 50SS
  • No painting requirement.

As well as the usual trophies there will be a lovely set of official Wyrd prizes up for grabs including these little beauties.  

Tickets will be available soon - I will go and poke Dan about it now.  Hope to see plenty of you there.



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8 hours ago, PositronMike said:

Tempted by this, anyone know if there is anywhere nearby to stay that is reasonably cheap?

I'm staying at a Premier Inn for the GT, but your best bet is to PM Snezzley as he's local/

Looking to make it myself, but it'll be a last minute decision.

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Thanks to all of you who came out for this yesterday, was a lot of fun to run and you guys made it a doddle.

Congratulations to all the winners and it was lovely to see the reversal in the usual placings with Eless and Troy smashing open the usual rankings order.

hope I see you all, along with some extras at Summer Showdown in August

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Thanks alot for running the event mike.  Good to see everything running very smoothly and people really enjoying themselves.  One day I'll get to join in :)  maybe even Summer showdown if no-one books the time off before me [although I do control their holiday requests so I could just be evil about it]


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