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Dealing with Skeeters?


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There are not much models in Arcanist to attack the Wp.

Use pulse damage if you are playing with ramos, kaeris or raspy. In raspy's case, blast damage is an option too.

In Marcus or Colette crew it shouldn't be a problem, you will have enough movility tricks, and if you want to kill them put some negatives on them.

Mei and Iron don't have that kind of tricks, but Ml 7 against Df 7 won't be a problem for a long.

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Ironsides can taunt them into hitting her with 2 negative twists to damage. Cheat in a low book and you have a decent chance of one shotting them with Good Shot, My Turn.

Ironside's Df trigger only works if she actually takes damage. Skeeters have a track of 0/1/2, with several negative twists on the damage flip it seems unlikely that they'll do any damage.


Also, Willie.

His attack targets Df, are you suggesting attacking your own models? Wheelbarrow of Doom causes a Df 12 duel, easy for a skeeter to pass.


Mannequins, Coryphee, Colette and Kaeris have damaging attacks that target Wp. Mercenary-wise there is always Bishop.

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