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  1. https://www.facebook.com/events/567859807055168/ 3 round fixed master M3E tournament Sunday April 14th 2019 Doors Open: 11AM Registration Closes: 11:45AM Start Time: Noon Entry Fee: $10 16 Player Cap (Pre-Registration will be available) Prizes will be paid out in store credit based on attendance.
  2. McMourning -On the Clock -Test Subjects Sebastian Jury -Numb to the World -Debt to the Guild Austinger Nurse Rogue Nerco Scorpius Rotten Chiuahua Played against Sandeep with the Emissary, a librarian, some Ox. Mages, Student of viscera, and Kandara in extraction paralyzed sandeep 3 out of 5 turns with the nurse won 10-5
  3. Anyone else finding the new Misaki thunder alpha scarier than the viks? Being able to charge in and drop 3 damage blasts that can't be reduced on models 12 inches away from her target on top of the 5 she's doing to the target makes her scary good at removing your key models. Its a heck of a lot easier to control what the viks can kill compared to limiting what Misaki can kill.
  4. Duncan is back in the fold now, he's made at least one list discussion post in AWP.
  5. Does Jury's Honest Trial aura allow you to add a mask to actions that need a mask meet their TN, or just to add a mask to enable a trigger? For example, can Perdita use the aura to discarda a card ro add an mask to her total when trying to use Obey? Is "when declaring triggers" a conditional statement or a timing statement?
  6. Iirc the corpse candle kills itself, not sacrifices itself, so bete can come out and a corpse marker is placed.
  7. Nurse's take your meds cast by a SS user could be nasty.
  8. As of last beta the restriction was only non-leader. Skin graft on plastic surgery makes models within 3" undead, so what ever McMourning is standing next to could be a potential target.
  9. Really looking forward to the Domador with McMourning giving him hime extra (and better) undead to command through test subjects or plastic surgery.
  10. They also have Hard to Kill which synergizes a bit with the heal that the upgrade also hands out.
  11. The Jury, a marshal henchman that makes it easier to get mask triggers and ramps up the fees condition Investigator, a guardsmen minion the a lot of marker manipulation Queller, witchhunter minion that removes suits from enemies and can gives other models a condition that makes their damage dealt unable to be reduced. Monster hunter, a family minion with stalk that excels at taking down higher SS enemies Domador de Cadaveres, a marshal that lets you hire an undead model with some synergies with undead models, and has attack that damages enemies and heal friendlies. Riot breaker, construct that prevents extra AP, and in general limits what enemy models can do.
  12. You can do both just not at the same time. The rule says you MAY reduce wounds suffered my the number of scheme markers instead of the number of enemy models.
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