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  1. Yeah but it's just weird that the recruiter who has the same flaming skull thing going on isn't undead. But I suppose The Judge isn't either, so maybe regular Marshalls are just undead for gameplay reasons?
  2. So I noticed that in ME3 Death Marshalls are undead, but recruiters even though they are death marshalls themselves are living? This seems like a bit of an odd inconsistency.
  3. Meh, sure this might get some models taken more but it doesn't fix more fundamental issues with design of those models. (Also I feel mimicking certain changes in Guild Ball mercenary might be a rule we have to phase out.) Also I'm sad the symmetry between the four riders is now gone, feel that could have been handled more elegantly.
  4. But, that's what people always do about every topic. Like, people communicate likes and dislikes to content creators. If I say "I'd like to see more stories features Von Schill" would you think that's me trying to dictate what the writers write to? Would you be calling me out on it?
  5. Colette is gay? When was that revealed?
  6. The relationships in the game do have impact though. Look at say Kirai / Francis, that has had quite a bit of story impact. People just considering straight relationships to be the default so they don't notice them.
  7. I'm not even seeing the issue really, does this errata prevent you from using the Mechanical Rider? It's still a fine model.
  8. It's definitely not unique to Gremlins, and they are working on it. But it is part of the reason why I'm not super excited about even more new models coming out considering there's still quite a few that are underwhelming. I'd honestly be interested in some actual statistics on how often certain models get taken, and I'm not sure if those are available since most tournaments don't seem to track lists.
  9. Miniature games do balance changes; heck basically every game does. That's a given assumption with a game that's "alive". (Besides, you pay for models, not rules. You still own the exact same thing you purchased, is not like Aaron came up to your house and smashed your mechanical rider, who by the way is still fine power level wise.)
  10. I've always wondered a bit if replacing say stones with scrip and doubling all the costs (and letting you buy soulstones for your pool with 2 scrip then) would solve some of the issues by allowing for more granularity in costs.
  11. Why do you think we wouldn't want LGBT characters to be well written as well? Isn't that like a default assumption for any character? Like, I don't want token characters either. I mostly just got annoyed by the throwback against even the idea of inclusion.
  12. Maybe you can't blame gamers as a whole, but how the community responds is definitely telling. I think as good people we have an obligation to call out harassment whenever we see it; and not just dismiss at a "they're just trolls, etc..." that just makes gaming feel an unsafe space, especially for more vulnerable people.
  13. Nowhere has Dogmantra said anything can't be created, there's a difference between can and should. And I think it's a bit ironic considering LGBT+ media has a wide history of being censored. ---- I did like the Nellie story in Ripples of Fate a lot, with the whole escorting Fiona and such, definitely got a dapper lady-loving vibe from it.
  14. She's been mentioned before; I'd honestly like some more info about her. I hadn't heard of her cause I don't own any of the RPG books.
  15. Oh is Eden the one with the post-apocalyptic Penguins?
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