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Vapnartak 2016, February 7th 2016, York, UK


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Malifaux returns to Vapnartak once again for 2016! I'll be running the tournament again next year which will take place on Sunday 7th February 2016 in York.


Vapnartak (aka Vappa, Varpatnik, Vappa Dappa Ding Dong or however you prefer to pronounce it) is an annual gaming show held each year at York and features lots of traders, demo games, a tabletop sale and a ton of other stuff. The event takes place in the Knavesmire stand at York race course which is a really nice venue for a tournament.


The format will be fixed faction, 3 rounds, 45SS per round. That gave us a good long lunch break last year to allow us to have a look round the event, it'll be about 5 minutes shorter this year to accommodate the slight longer round times. The rules pack can be found at:



Tickets are £15 each, with the payment details in the rulespack. Please ensure you send the cash as a GIFT. Lunch is not included this year, or more specifically sandwiches are not included. You will stick get a can of pop, crisps etc but no sandwich. There are several food outlets onsite or bring your own.


More details on the show:





1 - Stephen Baird

2 - Martin Jones

3 - Peter Sidaway

4 - Nathan Chenery

5 - Graham Allington

6 - Joel Henry

7 - Nate Zettle

8 - Connor Barker

9 - James Doxey

10 - Ant Hoult

11 - Kai Young

12 - Graham Bursnell

13 - Paul Butler

14 - Ross Hill

15 - Scott Parkin

16 - John Donaldson

17 - Maria Wieland

18 - Philip Sanderson

19 - David Barnfather

20 - Gareth Wilson

21 - Daniel Haslam

22 - Dan Johnston

23 - 

24 - Paul Campbell

25 - Gareth Henry

26 - John Wharton

27 - Joe Taylor

28 - Mark Shepherd

29 - Dave Laing

30 - David Garrard

31 - Lewis Phillips

32 - Huw Jenkins

33 - Oliver Hedges

34 - Kieran Bradwell

35 - Gareth Anderson

36 - Haydn Smith







ROUND ONE (Standard Deployment)






Convict Labour




Leave Your Mark




A Quick Murder




Hunting Party




Covert Breakthrough




ROUND TWO (Corner Deployment)


Head Hunter




Convict Labour




Hunting Party




Catch and Release




Show of Force




Occupy Their Turf




ROUND THREE (Flank Deployment)


Collect the Bounty




Convict Labour




Exhaust Their Forces




Leave Your Mark




Search the Ruins




Mark for Death


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Ok, my thoughts are starting to turn to Vappa now the GT is in sight.

26 places sold now, so still loads of places yet.  If people are planning on coming then I'd very much appreciate you buying your tickets for the event sooner rather than later so I can let the Vappa show orgainzers know how much space I'm going to need.

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As we get closer to the event, I need to confirm final number with the show organisers in the next couple of weeks, so if you would like to play then please buy a ticket.

Obviously with the numbers at the moment it doesn't make sense to split the tournament into two divisions, so if it remains at these numbers I will revise the rules pack into a more conventional tournament format.



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