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  1. Was a great day. Fantastic to see money going to the BHF
  2. Scott Parkin - the other Honest Joe
  3. Here's hoping I can actually get a ticket after last year's timing & Internet connection problems..
  4. As the Lucius player, I felt very much on the back foot. It was my 1st event with guild (I normally play 10T or dabble in Gremlins) and it was only the 2nd time Lucius had hit the table. the fact that I was utterly exhausted (had like 10 mins sleep the night before) really didn't help neither. I can see he has some real potential but really should have left him home until I'd had some more practice with him. My model pool for him was also pretty limited - I'm looking into the new Hoffman set since it's got some nice, hard minions which will also do some good with McCabe (my current go-to master when not playing 10T). I also should admit, the next day i had another proper look at the cards and realised in my stupor I'd completely misread 'Watch My Back' - it doesn't give the equipped model (in this case Lucius) Accomplice but all friendly guardsmen in play. Although it wouldn't really have affected the result that much since I was thoroughly decimated I have to admit it was a rookie mistake, my bad & I apology . With that in hindsight, i probably should have saved the stones. If i had I could have prevented last turn and the Bossman may have survived long enough to steal your territory makers as he was just in range with Legalese while claiming my own. As for the game itself, I still had fun & Im lucking forward to a rematch once I've properly learned how the bugger works! Or just drop McCabe on the board, he seems to like me more
  5. Seems strange to what's been said here but I've been using him as a target for Bodyguard. He's fast enough to avoid most situations, can push out of combat and still take a potshot & is squishy enough that if you have another big target (like Sidir in most of my cases) people overlook him as a valid bodyguard choice. Was at an event yesterday where bodyguard came up 3 times & 3 times he nabbed me 3VP at the end of the game completely unhurt while picking off targets of opportunity & dropping the odd scheme. He can also be an utterly ludicrous tank if you run McCabe and/or Francisco - Df8, Wp7, Bulletproof +2, Armour +1, Regen +2 & Hard to Wound if he's completely stacked with buffs. Plus half of these buffs will also have gotten use or will get used elsewhere that turn too so you're not really spending to many more SS on him.
  6. In no particular order: Ol Cranky, Gracie, Slop Hauler, Francois & the humble Bayou Gremlin. Reasons? Pretty much everything has been said above somewhere.
  7. I thought this too although he seems more similar to Lei Kung given he's all powerful but chooses to stay at a lower political position to teach & influence. Lazarus fits Lazarus since he's (technically) reborn in his current robotic form.
  8. McCabe - Thunders player for the most part so no real surprise there, but he's the only master I actually prefer playing in their 'other' faction. Plus I love the Horsie brigade His fluff is a little thin I admit but its not really bad.
  9. I actually found the gremlins easier to glue together. Getting one of the ronin's arms to line up properly caused me more grief than the swing on the whiskey golem...
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