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  1. Ahhh yeah of course she does! Brain fart moment, thanks all!
  2. So LJ and the judges Final Repose abilities don't stop models dropping head markers? Just scrap or corpse?
  3. I used the following McMourning Beast crew in a game of extraction against Outcasts (jack daw) Im newly returned to the game and The Guild are a new faction having played Arcanists (mainly Marcus) previously, so his wave 5 upgrade really lets me use some of my old models! I think it worked really well, ended up with a 10-3 victory. It was my first time McMourning and although we don't have all the poison tricks Ressers do I like the Doug/Seb combo for chipping away 3 dmg every activation. I didn't go full out poison beast but more an all rounder due to scheme pool (I took covert breakthrough and quick murder on Montressor). Myranda and wrath or guild is great and reminds me of the Myrand-Imbued energies combo from arcanists. She turned into a Cerberus but I wanted to start with a blessed due to the filthy full heal combo with the nurse! I'm thinking of ways to get the Jury in the list as there are a few mask triggers this crew likes (Dougs push on scalpel fling, leap on Cerberus, Myranda making beasts take an extra attack). Could drop Seb and not play the poison game at all, it's certainly something I'm going to try.
  4. Until the Def trigger stops her in her tracks after 1 attack!
  5. That should be me paid up Kev, wonder if we will be out of the relegation zone by then?! 😥 Mark Shepherd
  6. Another great read and fantastic insight to your decision making at these events Paul, and i'm finally famous! Thanks again for the great game and for being a gent throughout. one of the closest i've ever had with critical red/black jokers for each of us which could have swung the game either way. I feel like my play is finally improving this year where i've been able to grab some wins against the top players so hopefully it's the first of many top table clashes between us!
  7. I'd be interested as I've got that Saturday off and it's the only slightly northern tourney on the calendar. only issue is its almost a 3 hour drive so will probably wait for a few more sign ups before committing, still plenty of time for that though!
  8. Sounds like a fun experiment to try. Not randomising and ignoring armour could be potent with spiders to lower enemy DF. Also maybe worth considering trying to get the most out of his melee while you're at it with its severe damage of 7. I'm at work so don't have my cards but does his 2ss upgrade that gives m&su within 8" a +ive to melee include himself? And Johans ability to hand out +Ives to friendly m&su doesn't exclude leader does it? If not he could be swinging (only ml5 but still) on a double positive to try get a straight damage flip to have a better chance of flipping that severe of 7 or even cheating it in if necessary.
  9. Do 15 points of damage via Black Blood in a game. Do 5 points of damage of black blood in one turn. Summon a Teddy in a game. Kill two models in a single game using shooting attacks. Grow a terror tot into a Mature Nephilim in a single game. Just a few off the top of my head, will maybe post more once I get back to a book and see the cards again.
  10. Agreed. I can only assume willies controller decides who is effected in what order as they are the one placing them.
  11. Indeed. But he's awesome in a Ramos crew. Pair him up with Ramos and the brass arachnid and you can reactivate him with any 10 giving him up to 8 shots a turn if you copy electrical fire (which doesn't randomise and ignores armour!) And unlike a reactivating Howard he sits back near the arachnid and can get the buff every turn. And if he gets charged he obviously has a half decent melee attack, armour 2 and a (0) heal, with the ability to copy joss' attack assuming he's witching range and Ramos if not with a chance of getting a lucky severe of 8 though. (Slightly more likely to happen with Ramos +ives to friendly ms&u melee attacks. At least I think laz is ms&u though I'm at work so can't see his card)
  12. As far as I can tell (and have always played it as such) : If you are on a vantage point and within your models height from the edge you can see down. You draw a diagonal line between the lip of the vantage point and your targets base (or vice versa), if it passes through terrain which you have defined as blocking you have to check the height of it and compare it to the Ht of the model on the ground. If the Ht of the terrain is equal to or smaller than the target on the ground you ignore it for LoS but can still gain cover if within 1". If the Ht of the terrain in greater than the model on the ground you don't have LoS and cannot target them. So presumably if you were shooting UP at the model on the vantage point you would do the same check for LoS (as if the model on the vantage point can see the model on the ground the same much be true looking from the opposite side. And then presumably as long as there is no scatter terrain up on the vantage point to hide behind the model up there would get no cover if they were the target.
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