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  1. Have the results been uploaded to the rankings yet?
  2. Thanks for running the event Neil, I enjoyed it very much (especially lunch!). any chance of a breakdown of who played which faction?
  3. Graham - Are we still fully painted for this? I should be all painted up but thought I'd check.
  4. Definitely interest, need to check the calendar. Suspect YorkFaux crew will be up for it.
  5. Lost property: I have the sleeves from a twisted fate deck, and also (and more importantly) the Black Joker from a black Arcane Fate Deck. If you were using one of those can you check it and let me know and we'll work out a way to re-unite you.
  6. Oh and to add, we raised a massive £261 which went to Help for Heroes (Vapnartak's chosen charity). That's a huge number so a big thank you from me.
  7. Here's the full results: Position Player Name Faction TP VP Diff VP 1 Joe Taylor Arcanists 9 20 29 2 Ant Hoult Outcasts 9 16 17 3 Ollie Hedges Arcanists 9 14 30 4 Paul Butler Ten Thunders 7 9 23 5 Nathan Chenery O
  8. Thanks everyone for coming, I hope everyone enjoyed it. Initial results: 1st - Joe Taylor 2nd - Ant Hoult 3rd - Ollie Hedges Spoon - Tom Benstead Best painted - Nate Zettle 2nd Best Painted - Dan Wartnaby Full results breakdown tomorrow.
  9. So we are setup for tomorrow. We are in the same area as last year, 2nd floor in the lift and turn left (or left at the top of the stairs).
  10. Already sorted mate. Semi-random pairing (local groups split where possible) in round 1, Swiss thereafter.
  11. Schemes have now been added to the first post (all using GG2017). Looks like we are on the same floor as previous years looking at the floor plan (2nd floor I think), but I'm not sure which side we will be on yet. Remember, no lunch provided so make plans to either bring or buy your own. I will have provided the guys on the door a list of all your names, so when you arrive you will be able to get in (your tournament ticket includes the entry costs).
  12. Back to sold out again now. Prizes nearly all arrived, trophies and certificates are here. Schemes are flipped, they will be posted here on Friday morning. Just a reminder, there's no lunch this year so you might want to plan on either bringing some lunch or buying some at the venue.
  13. What's the strategy for round 2? Rulespack has an extra scheme but no strategy.
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