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  1. Hi all, A few of my Malifaux bits and pieces for sale including the entirety of my Guild. Title says it all. Link to a popular auction site beginning with "e" below. Linky
  2. Hi there I'm selling off my painted Dark Debts. It the full crew box, plus 2 beckoners and 3 depleted. Cards for all except the depleted. eBay Linky
  3. Hi, I've had a bit of a clear out and have a few bits on eBay. Marcus, Miss Ery and some metal puppets. There are also some Warhammer 40K bits and other things I had around the house. Linky
  4. Hi, I've already tweeted you but I'd be interested in the Gaki...
  5. Apparently it "should be ok" for me to come. I count this as a yes and I've paid up!
  6. Harsh... they are very friendly. Its more punctuality that's the problem.
  7. Hi there, Here is a UK whiskey golem for sale on eBay, UK. Also a Bloodbowl team and some GW merchandise. Oh and some nice shots of my carpet.
  8. I've paid up so best work out what I'm taking.
  9. Hi there, I've the last two GenCon Miss's up for sale along with some bloodbowl on Ebay here I'm only shipping to the UK and Europe thanks to eBay...
  10. Boring! #MakeMikePlayTwoGamesAtOnce Like that octopus off the betting advert playing table tennis.
  11. I read it like the GT rules, I.e. You declare a faction (e.g. Guild) and then play any master Or You declare a Master (e.g. McMouring) and then choose which faction you play them as each game. Oh I'm in by the way as I have found a partner to be mediocre with me. Bring on mid-table!
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