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Malifolk 4 10th Oct Norwich


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Malifolk 4



The Tractor Cup Returns




Will the King of the South Retain the Cup ?



Malifolk4 will have the Last Golden Ticket to the UK Nationals  



Malifolk 4 will be 

Crew Construction: Fixed Masters Fixed Faction ( duel faction masters must choose for the whole day )

Game Size : 50ss games

Tournament Type: M2E

Number of Rounds: 4

Proxy Rules: Proxies allowed with agreement from TO

Strategies: Announced on the day

Scheme : Announced on the day.

Painting Requirements: all models you use must be painted



Location& Cost


Lazar House, Sprowston Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR3 4HX

Tickets Are £15 


Tickets can only be purchased on the aftermath web site Here  where you can download the rules pack (ps the new rules pack has been given to the web monkey and will be ready soon)


  1. Aaron Bailey

  2. Andy Winton

  3. Ben Harris

  4. Ben Sime

  5. Cathy Winton

  6. Chris Tomlin

  7. Conrad E J Gonsalves

  8. Conrad E J Gonsalves (Nick Roberts )

  9. Conrad E J Gonsalves (Nigel Doherty)

  10. David Wigley

  11. Dominic Westerland

  12. Haydn Smith

  13. Haydn Smith (Ross Mason) 

  14. James Doxey 

  15. James Doxey (Ant Holt)

  16. Jan Proudley

  17. Joel Henry

  18. Luke Cocksedge

  19. Maria Wieland

  20. Mark Elwood

  21. Mark Sheppard

  22. Martin Wodehouse

  23. Matt Spooner  (Mr Guild2015)

  24. Matthew  Cole

  25. Paul Hansell

  26. Rory Carter

  27. Scott Porter
  28. .


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