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  1. haychdee

    Round Four Voting - Information

    Purpose sure but I don’t think this breached any clear rules which is part of the problem. I understand Iron Painter isn’t exactly Golden Demon and you don’t need to reach a “point of stupidity” clarifying the T&C’s but a brief line in next year’s description will avoid any similar instances cropping up. All of the wording is geared around painting and the painters so I think it’s understandably a grey area when it comes to construction. Opinions are obviously divided and though I don’t agree with it entirely I do understand your reasoning, it’s just a shame that the outcome was so severe. And there lies the grey area. I would assume that Wyrd would intend you only to use bought goods from regular stores. But does that rule out marketplaces like Etsy where more custom items are available or 1 off bits of laser cut terrain from eBay. Who knows. I get why they did what they did, I just don’t think it was handled all too well. Even a score of zero for the round and a community announcement would have perhaps been a more suitable penalty. Removing a Gold tier painter that late in the competition when no clear rules have been broken seems overly severe. I know Stark intends to have no further interaction with Wyrd events which is just a shame as he’s a talented guy and a credit to the hobby but I’d most likely take the same stance in his position. I think you’re maybe right here. Had it been just the base then maybe this would have been a different story as there are plenty of custom base venders out there. Perhaps the ‘friend’ may had been less inclined to squeal as well. All in all Bad Things Happen I guess...
  2. haychdee

    Round Four Voting - Information

    Stark was removed by the Wyrd guys over an issue with his entry. He was struggling to get a certain shaped display base and some bits of scenery he wanted for his entry so a friend of his offered to make them for him. The friend built Stark the main shell to the display base and 2 little tables for decoration. Stark then continued on to build the remaining majority before going on to paint it all up. Another participant (who will remain nameless) in the comp who knows Stark in person messaged him to ask if said friend had helped him with some of the build. Believing he was talking with a friend his told him honestly that yes he’d had a few of the elements made for him. The nameless friend then decided to screen cap the message thread and submit it to Wyrd highlighting that Stark had received assistance. Wyrd emailed Stark and told him they decided to pull his entry. Stark offered an argument in defence but received no reply from Wyrd, game over! Now at this point I’m sure opinions will be divided. The fact that a Gold tier participant received assistance with his entry instantly raises questions. But IMHO I don’t see the issue with Stark receiving help with his base building. I don’t see the difference between using purchased pre-made scenery or having it built by a friend. If I buy set of resin crates to use in the diorama I wouldn’t be penalised, but by this ruling if a friend made me a some crates I’d be out of the comp. He built the diorama just like any other participant, using whatever materials available to get it looking how he wanted. He then went on to paint it 100% himself. Being a painting competition and all I would have thought that was the main criteria for being judged on. Sure, the diorama may score you points for theme and ascetic but I’m pretty certain 99% of the entrants have used 3rd party materials. I just don’t see what the difference is between your 3rd party materials being commercially manufactured or custom made. And as far as I can tell there’s nothing in rules regarding the source of building materials. I think it’s a given that you’re expected to paint it all by yourself but perhaps Wyrd need to clearly state the T&C’s to what parts you can use. Great painter, disappointing ruling.
  3. haychdee

    Guild commission blog

    These are beautiful, such a nice clean paint style. Look forward to seeing more.
  4. haychdee

    Iron Painter 2017 - Round One

    Boom, we're on! Good luck everyone, happy modelling! Edit: Thinking about it on the drive home this is a hard theme for round 1, certainly not a basic one to help place painters into their categories. I'd class myself as an experienced painter but I've only dabbled with OSL a handful of times in the 15 years I've been painting. This is definitely more skill based over theme. Painter's who have practiced this over the years will have a clear advantage here. Knowing how to paint OSL and incorporating it into your final piece, cool. Having to solely rely on it to score your theme points, not so much. Personally I'm excited for the challenge, I've got a project in mind straight away but I think this is going to skew the true placement right from the get go. Please just don't make round 2 NMM.
  5. haychdee

    Iron Painter 2017

    It's normally announced mid/late afternoon GMT as the Americans are several hours behind.
  6. haychdee

    Iron Painter 2017

    I'm In (Though I'm disappointed to see it's still the head to head format)
  7. haychdee

    Painting Contest Changes

    @Kai Is Iron Painter beginning on Sep 1st? It says that sign ups close on Sep 1st on your website
  8. haychdee

    Saturday 13th May 2017 - Heartfaux 4 - YORK

    Paid up - Haydn Smith
  9. haychdee

    Dia de los Muertos - The Ortegas & Co.

    Hey all, So this update is very long overdue (as always). I never really got around to tying this project up properly so I figured now is the time to do it. For people following this thread I did finish my crew and the new display board in time for the UK Nationals last year. The display board took me pretty much 5 weeks on the run up and though I was happy with the end product it wasn't worth the stress. I walked away with 2nd place for painting (players vote) missing out on 1st by 1 vote. I was beaten by a rather nice 10T crew in the end for the painting and a fantastic Dark Carnival piece for the display board category. Then once all that was over it was Christmas and then real life stuff got in the way and I never got around to updating this thread. Then being the mastermind I am I tidied up my photobucket the other month and broke all my links (go me!). So today I re-linked all my work and grabbed some finished pictures of the individual crew members. I had to pinch them from my Instagram so they're not the best quality but it's all I have I'm afraid. Perdita Enslaved Nephelim Santiago Francisco Nino Papa Loco Abuela & Senor Hodor Executioner A WIP of their display board And the finished article with all the family And that is the Ortega family all done and dusted for now. Sadly I never did finish the Peacekeeper though I will get around to that at some point. I really enjoyed this project and I learnt a load of stuff in the process. Massive thanks to those that have followed this project and provided your suggestions and comments. And now currently I am on to my new project, Marcus! I have started not only a new crew but a website/blog as well. So if you'd like to follow my progress you can find my website at www.haychdee.com And if you're on Instagram or Twitter you can also find me at @haychdee So that's it for now. I will hopefully be back with some updates in the future. hd
  10. Not sure about a limit, I normally upload to my Photobucket account and then just link the pictures in. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your work
  11. haychdee

    Dia de los Muertos - The Ortegas & Co.

    Thanks! I did white first then added the black and then the other colours on top. I did Perdita last and I think it turned out the best. I airbrushed the white on for good coverage first, then took my super super fine bristle brush and carefully added everything else on.
  12. haychdee

    Dia de los Muertos - The Ortegas & Co.

    I've fallen way behind with updates for this blog and due to a photobucket re-shuffle the links are broken. I will fix the links soon. @iamfanboy all my pics are also on my instagram here https://www.instagram.com/haychdee/
  13. haychdee

    UK Nationals 2017

    I'm red and number 18 on reserves Haydn Smith
  14. haychdee

    Scottish GT 2017 - 22nd/23rd July

    I've double posted like a melon so I may as well edit to ask: Will CGG be open on the Friday evening like last year for pre games or an enforcer brawl?
  15. haychdee

    Scottish GT 2017 - 22nd/23rd July

    Can we put forward Team Beefeater as well please, should be the 6 of us booked on now.