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  1. Hi Guys has anyone found any good abilities / combos that can be used with Barbaros & Bishop?
  2. I was lucky mine was painted by the Wyrd team
  3. I would be willing to try M3E but my preference would for 2nd edition as i haven't looked over the rules or the cards
  4. I’m playing in the Enforcer Brawl and Lost Love
  5. Thank you very much for the whole event I had 3 great games who would have thought bringing Sue and Pride to a party would have been a bad idea lol
  6. How about a mounted Ronin?
  7. Don't talk to me about Gremlins they already have Rooster Rider and Warpigs Levi used to a Rider in his Avatar form but now we have a donkey
  8. Hi guys just thought I would throw it out there to see if any one else would like to see a mounted outcast minion or enforcer and don't say hodgepodge he doesn't count
  9. Could also look at Ronin expensive but can hold there own kill other scheme runners then when they have finished kill themselves to bring the cost down to 4ss
  10. Sounds interesting now I'm going to beg SWMBO to let me play
  11. Sorry for getting Mike to announce the football results that was my fault I will try to restrain myself if I go next year ?
  12. I had 7 Great games playing against the mighty Joel and Graham where both very good I still feel really bad for the games against Will and Jakab I'm not sure they was fun for my opponent's but apart from that I had no issues everything was run really well food was good I managed to finish all my games so thanks again guys
  13. JazzNazz

    UKGT 2015 Dates

    You are in again sir. Please contact Neil Dee (Wetfishwanted) and sort out the cash please, let me know when its all gone through payment sent just waiting for Neil to confirm payment thanks again guys
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