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  1. Well, there you go. Thanks for setting me straight. Yes, only the last three upgrades are generally available.
  2. I have mixed opinions about the lack of 10T upgrades, especially in regards to the Honeypot crew. I used a ton of those in M2E to great effect. The consolation comes in seeing many of those abilities already embedded in the crew cards. Looking at the Artifact upgrades...there are 3 each with a Plentiful (2) limitation, but no other limitation I can see - unless it's a beta error. If this is accurate, is there any reason NOT to load up 6 models with an artifact upgrade each? As long as there's not a better upgrade to attach (since you can only start out with one per model) there's no downside, even if you don't use it it didn't cost you any ss. What am I missing here?
  3. Thanks, folks. I did a CTRL+F search on 'Yin the' but since I didn't include the comma between the words it turned up nothing. Le sigh.
  4. So what happened to Yin? She was dual faction with 10T and Ressers, but now I don't see her in either roster and she's not in Dead Man's Hand.
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