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  1. @Maniacal_cackle This post is for you! 😁👍
  2. I listened to every Breachside Broadcast episode and Molly had a bunch of episodes. First as journalist, then under Seamus, later with Kirai. But there is no list of episode content afaik. You'll have to check each episode to find them.
  3. Yeah, in Transmortis I heavily relied on Undergrads to get the steel student anywhere. If I couldn't spare their activations, he just shambled around, hardly doing anything. You'll need to utilize Dead Rider for him.
  4. Yeah, I never "just spread out". The most I do is a 2/1/1 split (2center, 1 at opposing table sides), when I know my opponent has light scheme runners and I a hard hitting flanker. My main crew defends 2 tokens and my flanker picks to attack the weaker side, 1 token is sacrificed to the opponent. What should be noted is: don't put your center to far back. Put it where you want to end turn #2. It won't help much to defend your tokens on your backfield, where you have no chance to score yourself. It might seem obvious, but I've seen people make this mistake.
  5. Well, we still have to cover a few factions. I would like one with the *new* schemes, but am unsure how much input it will get. The amount of people playing on Vassal the last few months is limited. We might have enough here, but not all of them post regularly.
  6. I guess something like that could be done, as long as one is aware it has limited value. That mindset is what I wanted to transfer with my previous post. Usually it helps much more to be given a specific situation and provide ideas for this one, instead of rating all possible combinations. You can find something along those lines in the Ressers community threads. Look in the pinned thread, there's a list of links. It's mostly GG1, but much of it can be taken into GG2 as well. There also are some more generic ones there. If you have trouble with something specific, @Maniacal_cackle was always happy to include topics other community members asked for.
  7. First: It might look like that on the forum sometimes (otherwise we could talk about hardly anything), but imho there are no universal openings in Malifaux. This is not chess. Second: It's rare to find very concrete openings (pre-nerf Yan Lo was one). While, in theory, it's possible to create a giant list of moves/openings, there are SO many factors at play, it gets impractical to analyse too much. The necessary data for something like that would be staggering. The most you'll get in this direction is VERY general advice, that can be called "rough guidelines" at best, and sometimes crew-specific turn #1 openings, but even those aren't universal, not even with the intended crew. I think it's much more helpful to know a.) what's required to score points, b.) how do my list elements achieve that , c.) how do my opponent's list elements achieve that, d.) how can my opponent disrupt me and how can I disrupt him. From those elements you create a fitting tactic on the fly. Third: As already mentioned, crews usually have a very general strategy they bring to the game. Setting them up for turn#2 is what usually happens, but that's not difficult to see most of the time and (productivly) breaking these obvious approaches is what often gives you an edge. But that can't be put into a rigid opening. Therefore guides are most helpful, when you only start with a crew and still need to nail down the basics. The more experienced you get, the more you'll ignore the "how to play" rules. If you decided which master you want to start with, and I highly recommend picking one and sticking with the choice for at least a dozen games, we could give you better and specific advice on the crew's basic strategy.
  8. Molly is our best scheming master imho. Schtook came shortly behind, thanks to his crew's bonkers mobility and ability to drop schemes when they kill. Their mobility and the scheme dropping is reigned in post-nerf (also Necropunks, who were Ressers best scheme runners before), but I guess it's still above average. Tormented (Daw) is a killer crew, not a scheming crew. But if you pick models with mobility tricks (Hanged, Outlaws) he can do most schemes, except those that require A LOT of scheme tokens, imho. He will struggle a bit against strong anti-scheming when picking token schemes though, assuming he can't kill those models quickly. Lacking post-errata games, I can't say for sure. Speaking carefully, I can say the limit to focus stacking doesn't bother me. I hardly ever stacked above focused 2, I either actually used my focus or had other things to do, like positioning or scheming. I think summoned models not being allowed to interact with strategy markers is a bigger deal, as most Ressers crews have some ability to summon. I guess it's better for the game's health overall, but I'll withold a more detailed opinion until I've gained more experience under GG2.
  9. Random game theory info: Rats need to win ~1/3 of play fights or they will stop playing with an overpowering rat. Humans have a few more factors to consider (group pressure for example) but at its core is seems (data isn't solid enough yet to make sure statements) to be roughly the same. @Tristen Maetzold You propably already know this, but if your gaming group is more of a RPG group, they might (also) be interested in the Malifaux RPG. I haven't tried it myself (I'm more of a pbta guy in the RPG genre), but skimmed the rulebook. I think it could work as an alternative system for DnD players and maybe it helps to make them more interested in the setting and TT wargame as well. I certainly enjoyed listening to the (free) podcast stories, when I started to play Malifaux. Edit: Looking at your list... You also already can play Jack Daw. Drowned from the Undertow box are good additions, but since I prefer a bit more mobility anyway, I hardly ever play them, despite owning them. I started with his core box + 2 Hanged, which you already own, and was happy with it for a while. My most worthwhile additions were the Dead Outlaws and Bone Piles, but even they weren't necessary at the beginning. He can be a bit complex and oppressive for opponents, so for new players it may be good that he's not a master you want to play in every game/scheme pool.
  10. Since Transmortis catched your eye, I might be able to add to this topic. I wasn't able to play games with him since the last errata, which changed his crew a lot. I wrote a guide pre-nerf and a lot isn't viable anymore (Undergrads, Valedictorian and Necropunks changed the most). You can find a link in the pinned threads. I might update it shortly so far to at least delete everything that not in the game anymore. Therefore I'm careful with statements regarding tournament level play, but for casual... You can definitly start to play the crew with what you have. In my (theoretical) opinion Students of Viscera are much more important than before, but I assume your gaming group won't play with finely tuned crews for a while, so it shouldn't be an issue. Might even be better not to steamroll them early on xD.
  11. Everyone hates denial in every game. And their tears are delicious.
  12. Sadly, no. My local meta largely rests while we still have lockdown and I didn't get the chance for private games/ Vassal games since the errata until now. Likely will take a while until I can update here.
  13. I would say (even more so with the latest errata) he's much stronger during late game. He can outlast many other crews, so maybe something very aggressive would be a nice complentary. Maybe Seamus? But he requires a good deal of $$ investement though. Or, as already mentioned, Molly as a master who heavily relies on her scheme game and is (also) much more mobile.
  14. We once had a thread here where we calculated exactly the most efficient way to get Mourning's summoning running. You might want to search for it. It's also of note that in GG2 summoned models cannot interact with 3 out of 4 strategies. This weakens the whole plan, as you put a lot of SS points into support models.
  15. I'm not sure if Mourning instead of Molly cames much sense. His leader-only ability won't be very relevant, definitly less then Molly's. Other than that, it's just a question of OOK cost. Even with double nurse you're saving only 1SS.
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