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  1. I was thinking mostly about Dead Rider and Bone Piles, yes. The later also because of Numbskull, but that we cannot simulate. Might make condition removal more important and directly eat into your 15pt pool (->Nurses), not allowing you take take any expensive versatiles/OOKs. I've recently played a lot against Pandora and limited my versatile/OOK pool voluntarily since my opponent has a limited collection atm. I think this explain where I'm coming from. Edit: Man, I really should get back tk Vassal for Malifaux. I seem to miss a lot of chances to play the game witho
  2. Yeah, only Seamus and Reva care about that. Every other master works well under these restrictions. There is a big difference between "only crew models" and "limited non-crew models". I recommend thinking about our upgrades more. Killer Instince e.g. becomes more interesting when you don't have full access to all of our Ruthless models.
  3. Personally, I only played against Hoffman once. I remember a discussion exactly about this topic here in some thread... Analyze Weakness still is a valid choice. It's not as strong as against other armour lists, but it forces your opponent to spend their master's action to counter it, which still is a benefit for you.
  4. von Schtook will remember this!
  5. Did not sound to me like that, but you know what? That's perfectly fine. I knew I could count on you shining a light from a different point of view and I didn't have to do that.
  6. Yes, Hard to Wound, my bad. Better to be precise, the argument still stands though. tbh, I expected at least Manical to raise his voice in favour of Belles ;-). I mean "catching up to Seamus" more in a sense, that they reached the middle of the board, where they project over the largest part of the board and Seamus jumps around somewhere relativly close and around them. It goes back to my point that it often isn't wise to use Seamus as a glasscannon and instead keep him longer on the board, which means pulling him back when necessary. That's usually in the direction of the re
  7. Same with the Dead Rider btw. He is quick without any additional support, wrecks faces and offers utility for the rest of the crew. In hos case due to Ride with me, he can mitigate the crew's otherwise slow(er) approach.
  8. Seamus is fast. Extremely fast. Hardly any crew. can keep up with him if you make full use of his mobility. So instead of crashing into enemy lines asap with him alone, play him safe round 1-2, use his mobility for hit and run tactics. Then his crew can catch up to him. Dandies are good because they have one job, do it well and are VERY cheap. This job is scheming and counter-scheming. This means you don't take him in every game/schemepool, but if you take them, they are great bang for their bucks. While Doxies aren't fast, they are quite resilient for their point cost. This i
  9. I'm sure I would pick Schtook into this pool, even if I owned Reva. But man, I don't even know where to begin giving tipps here... Symbols depends on so many factors, which we can't know beforehand, even more so than the already high baseline present in Malifaux generally... As a new player... I would say don't worry to much about optimization. Put one or two dedicated choices in and experiment. Early on, the practical experience is much more valuable than minmaxing your list beforehand.
  10. True, didn't think about this, wrath last was online in August. Guess that's the issue with User generated content - the community needs to switch out pinned threads from time to time :/.
  11. I dislike self-promoting but since nobody else did it until now... I think my Transmortis guide is worth putting on the list.
  12. I very much recommend only looking for one, at most two, crews for quite a while. Starting with the crew, which "speaks" to you is always a good way to start the game and we don't have any crews which are totally unusable. At most it might be more or less difficult. If you have experience with other tabletop games, or related games, you might want to look for the playstiles you prefer and which crews offers those. Especially for casual games I quite like the Kirai and Molly combo, as their backgrounds are quite interwoven in Malifaux's story.
  13. Tormented already has a bunch of ways to debuff and attack Mv. I don't see much reason to include OOK models in a highly synergistic crew, unless I have a really good reason. Which can happen with Manos, but not Rogue Necromancy. But for those who (can) take Necromancy anyway, Manos becomes even more interesting than he is anyway.
  14. Yeah, this is what experienced Seamus players already said more than a year ago. Even on the well known podcasts. So not really a secret? If nothing else, it at least shows, you're on a good track. I'm always happy, if less experienced players don't use his scheming options. Gives me much less of a headache.
  15. Personally I wouldn't object to set-up that aren't perfect. Shows the limits of a crew better. Sometimes even leads to some unusual but interesting moves ingame. But disregarding this, I say: Do what YOU enjoy. If you want to create content for the community and I could wish for something, it would be commentary during the game. Like a post-match discussion while the audience sees the game for the first time. Speed up footage to skip boring parts. Ideally with you and your opponent. But I know this is a lot of work... I did sth like that for Warmachine/Hordes and the editing necessar
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