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  1. I had zero idea what to expect from the new Transmortis model and kind of confused at first why Stargazer got paired with Wong. But in terms of his rules, I quite like him. Not like "omg, he changes everything" but more like "for a low cost I get multiple abilities to help me along". I'm especially happy not to pay 8SS and a high card anymore for retrieval tech for my expensive models.
  2. Yeah, he's obviously designed for and stronger with her. Luckily Tormented isn't hurting in good Henchman/Enforcer. But what I see atm: - potentially a good target for Daw2's Stagger canon (if you can collect Distracted stacks quick enough) - additional card draw - solid ranged (!) single-target debuff - Exclusive Interview can deny scoring I get the feeling Daw2 generally will work a lot with score denial. Auguste seems to me like an additional angle for that. If you can utilize that with your strategy, Auguste could shift the diff at least a point in your favour? *cough* Unquiet Soul *cough* And let's be honest, our condition heal options (which Daw2 still needs) all have an additional heal available.
  3. [quote] This seems to be the least broken way to play it. The Aura still exits, but cannot affect any model that is within Alone in the Dark range. I feel like they forgot an 'other' in action. "Ignore and ignored by 'other' enemy auras". Maybe I'm wrong though. [/quote] Not necessary. "Other" would mean "other than AitD" in their usual rules lingo, and AitD is already not included due to 'enemy aura'. Generally speaking: I see why they've wrote the aura as they did, but it's very confusing to read for sure.
  4. Yes, the enemy aura still exists and isn't "shut down". Seamus just stops any interplay between enemy auras and models within Alone in the Dark range. That's where you are wrong imho. "When taking non- Actions, this model may draw LOS and range from Ice Pillar Markers [...]" is part of the effect and therefore ignored. You don't get to pick and choose and ignore only the range restriction of the aura when Raspy is within AitD range.
  5. I don't know where you read that in Seamus' ability. When I look at Seamus ability in the context of e.g. Rasputina being in range, it would say: "Until the End Pase, Rasputina ignores Ice Mirror". Ergo: No Ice Mirror for her.
  6. If they are within Seamus' aura, I agree they won't be able to make use of their own aura.
  7. First: It must be an enemy aura Second: you mast have a (or multiple) model within range (which excludes Ice Mirror, as it deals with markers not models, same with Ivan) Third: all affected enemy models don't gain any benefit from enemy auras (no matter if the origin is within Seamus' range) and are ignored for any other effects the aura might have. Imagine sth. like "heal X where X is the number of models in aura range", it would still work but you wouldn't count models in Seamus aura.
  8. Fixed list can be tricky with Tormented,but if you want to start learning the crew with that, 2 Hanged, 1-2 Guilty and 1-2 Outlaws aren't a bad basis. What you absolutly need for this is versatile/ook healing and condition removal, so either Bone Piles or Nurse. So you probably will need to skip one Guilty/Outlaw and shift Upgrades (those are quite up to personal style).
  9. Yeah, On your Heels is Hanged main mode of movement. Compared to other models of my own crew, Guilty get the Horrifying Whispers treatment more often. But if you want to triple jump (e.g. Guilty, enemy 1, enemy 2), you need to safe the bonus action for jumping out of enemy engagement range. So, both option are valid, depending on the gamestate. Curses on my own models aren't a big issue. First, you sometimes actually want them turn 1 to kick of your carddraw from Jack asap. Second, Jack's upgrade is the easiest to handle once your Guilties already moved in position. Third, if I want to get rid of it, Ligeia pokes them to remove it.
  10. Tbh, other than "move Guilty before Hanged, etc." and "move Daw late" there isn't much of a fixed t1 activation order for me. It depends a lot on how my opponents act and how aggressive they are. For example, if they move up a lot, they will catch Curses early. If they don't, my turn looks different. In terms of Dead Outlaws, I rarely run into this situation, since they move out of the bubble most of the time in the early game, so Too Greedy to Die won't matter anyway. In case they stay with the group you can do what PiersonsMuppeter said and force Guilty to drop a marker, assuming you have a low tomes. If not, I prefer to hand out Fast late during t1 anyway, to carry it over to t2.
  11. No it is not. There is no "per model" passage in the ability. The ability just happens to be on each Transmortis model and therefore (assuming you take Transmortis-only models) works like it were, but those are still two different instances of the ability, not one. For example, if a model would cause two separate duels with Transmortis models A and B, you could use Studied Opponent A and Studied Opponent B. But this still means you trigger two separate abilities from two models. If the same model would cause two separate duels for Transmortis model A and one Versatile model, you could draw cards only from Studied Opponent A, because B never got triggered and you can't just cause a Versatile model to draw cards out of thin air. That's clear cut. Molly only has max. one instance of her ability though. Therefore, no matter how many duels the opponent's model might cause in a single activation, she can cause another of her models to flip to cheat only once. Nothing in the last quote disagress with this. The first two line very clearly not. "a given model could, for example, take multiple once per Activation effects so long as they were on different Actions or Abilities" doesn't apply for Molly, since it's all the same ability. "Additionally, multiple models that have the same Action [...]" applies to the Studied Opponent example and is the difference to Molly, since the ability exists only on her, a single model. I can only guess some people think she adds an ability to her models (like McM2 somewhat can), but she doesn't. She just allows them to do a specific game effect.
  12. How is that FAQ worthy? You can do it once in a single activation. Done. Where is that unclear? The Transmortis card draw ability works with the same wording and nobody raised questions there.
  13. I hoped for a sucessful game for you, but you already had a good roll, so don't worry too much. Testing out the new stuff might not be an equally interesting challenge, but I'm positive it will be fun! The game will change a lot with the new wave imho.
  14. I wonder about that. They look solid in terms of their power level and it's nice to have a versatile anti-schemer. It will happen, but how often will it be necessary to hire them? Adversary is helpful, but also not absolutly lynchpin and surviving is only the first step towards leaving impact in games. I think that's a great place to be for versatile models though, good design imho. Personally, I'm still much more excited for Enslaved Spirits.
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