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  1. Yeah, I'm for sure no Yan Lo expert, I've only seen him on the field, not played him myself. Despite that I'm sure that crew wouldn't work well. While they are expensive and therefore worth quite some Public Enemies points, I still think this master wants them, even if just to be able to get some VP himself. To balance this out, you employ the crew's resilience. Sun Quiang is a good choice. Izamu imho is a must have. Armour +2, Ruthless, Obey immune, self heal and a 2" min 3 attack with Flurry? Can't pass that up. Manos is great if you take at least one schemy scheme, regenerates and is still decent in a fight. The issue with Toshiro, in my opinion, is more that those other models are more important for the crew than him and you have only so many SS available. But it's true, he isn't as useful as in other Ressers lists, simply because Leadership and Daimyo's Gift do not have the same impact with so many Henchmen/Enforcers to invest in. What I'm not sure about is if I would take Gokudo or Komainu as Retainers. Their Armor +2 and Take the Hit seem quite nice for Public Enemies, but Gokudo still look good. I guess while I would always take the ninjas otherwise, in this case it might be more like a 50/50?
  2. True, that's me! 😄 Let me elaborate. First: Yes, there are some killy crews against which even I wouldn't take this approach. Nekima is the prime example. Way to much hitting power and mobility everywhere and you don't have enough points for Anna, even though I would really like to have her available. Second: I'm not 100% sure about the 2nd Necropunk, I would prefer to get away with a single one and instead put another Undergraduate (or Student if necessary, but they give extra bounty 😕) into the list. I didn't do that in the previous post for emphasis. Another model to deal damage or eat attacks couldn't hurt with this pool. It just depends on what I expect my opponent to bring to the table. Third: As mentioned, Transmortis can create scheme markers more like a byproduct. Schtook blasts with Gruesome Lecture and switches corpses into schemes. Assistant can change a shockwave into a scheme marker. The Undergraduates' only ability is to change corpses into schemes. Kills mean not only VP from Public Enemy but also VP from Leave your Mark. Basically, the concept is "Why kill 2 models, if I can generate the same amount of VP by killing only one?". Especially for Schtook and his Totem it's actually very handy to pull the enemy into a bubble. It increases their blast damage potential and Schtook's corpse conversion is an AOE. You can convert more corpses at once, if they're close enough to each other. Also you can body block charge lanes easier, which is important to protect Schtook from Assassinate. Undergraduates fulfill this role. For their 6 cost they are not "I scrub the floor with everything" but still the crew's backbone. As soon as the Sinew doesn't have anything better to do (e.g. you lost Vale), he can either charge into the pit as well or switch to offensive obeying. Fourth: Vale has a huge target on her head, I agree. Schtook works well while keeping his distance (still the best way to keep a model safe), but Vale can't. That's why I added the Sinew but left out any additional speed bumps like the Emissary. She can be obeyed into safety but it's important not to send her to far out. Keeping her alive long enough still will be tricky, I can't say this doesn't worry me. Fifth: Breakthrough is a fixed choice. Like I said, the 2nd one is more flexible and it's certainly possible to take Vendetta or Assassinate. I would definitly telegraph the killy schemes, even if I didn't take them. You know... often measuring distances to the enemy's master, asking for HP, stuff like that. Keep the opponent guessing while I'm possibly safer in my assumptions about their schemes.
  3. Pool 2: Flank Public Enemies Public Enemies - Flank Deployment 1 Breakthrough 3 Vendetta 4 Assassinate 10 Leave your Mark 13 Runic Binding Theorycraft: While this pools calls for Yan Lo or Jack Daw, I'll ponder what to bring with my main: von Schtook. We had a few posts for him last time, but I'll take a different route here. Other than the into-your-face crews, Transmortis is good at dropping schemes along the way or as an additional benefit while hurting your opponent's crew. This means they can add token heavy schemes to a killy strategy. Size: 50 - Pool: 3 Prof. Von Schtook The Whisper Research Assistant The Valedictorian Killer Instinct Undergraduate Undergraduate 2 Necropunk Grave Spirit's Touch Necropunk 2 Grave Spirit's Touch Student of Sinew The only models high in bounty tokens are Schtook and Valedictorian, but those are mandatory for Transmortis. Killer Instinct is optional on Vale. I would be more comfortable with 5 free SS, but if you expect Terrifying, it's good to have and possibly you gain your investment back. This is made possible by Sinew, who can Obey her back into safety after she picked off a target. Do not succumb to the tempation to use it to throw her forward, unless you're VERY sure what you do. Necropunks are already quite tough for their points, but Terrifying and Regen forces the opponent to invest resources to get rid of them, but without much gain. For schemes I would pick Breakthrough + Leave your Mark, but the 2nd one is flexible. Not a fan of Runic Binding though, as it requires the opponent to play along.
  4. As always with such topics, I say: Do it, don't talk about it. 😉
  5. I started with von Schtook and imho he rivals Molly as the jack of all traits. His only problem: not all of his models (especially the Valedictorian) are readily available. To be honest, I even don't really know which master would be necessary to complement him. At the moment, I mostly look at versatile/OOK models to fit him to specific games. Eternal Servitude is an awesome box for ANY Ressers player. Toshiro is great for some (summoning) defensive tec and delivers additional benefits. Manos is always an option. Yin can help with specific schemes. Overall, I think everyone can benefit from this box. Dead Rider is a beatstick you can field if you need some bashing power. Some players swear on his recycling power e.g. with Asura. No practical experience myself with that, maybe someone else can elaborate on it. I really wasn't sure if I should go with Emissary or Asura first. As an experienced wargamer I had enough enough proxies for Mindless Zombies, but completly new players might prefer to go with Asura and the Zombies first. I for my part have found great use for the Emissary, as it is flexible enough to yield profits in nearly every situation. Only exception is pure smashing power, for that the Rider is better. But in every other case I prefer the Emissary's mixture of decent firepower and diverse support options. I wish to have a single Nurse, they are awesome even OOK, but they are the only model of their box I'm interested in (I don't play Mourning yet), which makes me a little bit sad. I assume Bone Piles work as a decent replacement, but they're less specialized imho. But that's probably the reason why I'll go for their new box first. I look towards Anna + Vincent to have summoners have a *really* bad day, as expensive as it might be. To have at least one of them ready to play is. already a big benefit to counter those lists.
  6. Well, I've forgotten that. Thanks for the correction. Tormented are quite the bubbly crew themselves, not sure if switching JD for Reva is really worth it. Her attack radius is certainly bigger, but she also has to stay further back. I guess testing instead of theorycrafting is in order now?
  7. I remember posts about Hanged, stating they would be still worth it costing 9pts in JD. Not so sure about OOK, as Reva can't benefit from their card draw. If she could, I'd say go for it. So.... while they're for sure good models, I still have to ask: why not a Dead Rider? Cut the 2nd Shieldbearer (less pts in support) and a Hanged for it. Also frees a few SS, sadly Reva doesn't have low cost runners 😕. That's where I would start testing, at least against an unknown opponent. If I know the enemy master summons with a lot of upgrades or hands them out otherwise, I might reconsider.
  8. Here you go: upcoming releases 🙂👍 Delays are common everywhere atm, so naturally for Wyrd as well. Looking what is available atm, assuming you want to start asap, can be a deciding factor as well.
  9. Generally you want to start with a core box, then add the expansion boxes for the specific crew. While there are versatile models and you could take other models of the faction, I think it is better to focus at the beginning or at least limit the amount of models not withing keyword (notable exceptions exist though). My personal recommendation is choosing a crew which has a third edition core box and 1-2 additional boxes atm or soon available. Those are Molly, Kirai, Seamus, Reva, Jack Daw, von Schtook. Other than this, just take what speaks to you, be it the models, themes or playstiles. Molly is a great master, with a good crew but her lists can still be tweaked a lot. Not much to add here from my side, she's a good choice. Seamus excells when he has access to non-crew models. That's why he needs a bit of financial investment to shine. If you are willing to get the necessary models, he's a master you can play for a looong time. Kirai I actually like as a starter master. While you need the whole crew to fully benefit from her summoning capabilities, I think it's okay to build up her crew step by step. Just don't buy in bulk and instead take the time to regularly play while building up the crew. Otherwise you'll likely be overwhelmed as Maniacal_cackle said. I've listed Schtook as one of the available masters but that's only partially true. He has his core box and another one, but he misses a core model of his crew: the Valedictorian. I started with him and I can handle his complexity (though I like such stuff...), but unless you're okay with a proxy for Valedictorian, I can't recommend him atm. Jack Daw is a highly complex crew. Punishing if you know what you do with it, but he has a steep learning curve. On the plus side, he doesn't need many boxes, core box plus two hanged already give you a very playable list. I have nothing new to add to Reva. While I personally like her style, she's the only Ressers master who has a hard time seeing the board at all. Not suitable for beginners atm in my opinion. Both McMourning and Yan Lo are missing their M3E core boxes, so unless you want to buy unnecessary doubles of some of their models or buy 2nd hand, I can't recommend those. But if you do, McMourning has the benefit of a very self-sufficient crew with a nice array of capabilities. Yan Lo has a unique playstile, because he starts games weaker than most but grows to be a wreaking ball during late game. So... Think the feedback through and use it to decide for yourself what sounds good to you. €: The release date for the Molly core box is this month, so you'll have to wait a little bit for it.
  10. I agree and disagree at the same time. A master from a faction with good versatile models can't be balanced only by a weaker crew *fully*. But it still is an important factor. Being forced to use only versatile models is a limiting factor. Other masters have more potential picks for their list and therefore can be stronger overall, so they can be played into more strats, schemes and/or match-ups. First off, I've never piloted him myself, only seen him on the table. I think he falls into the high skill cap design. Not only for the one piloting him but also for those playing against him. A skilled Seamus player will grind an unexperienced one into dust. His efficiency will drop noticeable if the pilot makes mistakes and/or especially the opponent knows what to do against him. While this is true in general, it's even more pronounced for Seamus. Big part of that is imho: while he has a great toolkit, you have to choose a single option each turn. The right one at the right time. If you don't, it can go downhill very quickly. If both player's skill is what is being tested the most, I think it's good game design. Maybe the issue lies for the biggest part of your first impression within one word: "feels"?
  11. If you buy the Emissary or the Dead Rider first doesn't matter that much, both are fantastic models. At least with Seamus I would prioritise Emissary though (personally did the same with von Schtook).
  12. Yeah, I think so as well. You could play the Emissary, it's still a good model, but it hardly does anything unique in Experimental. The big thing is the terrain creation but I would think twice if that's enough.
  13. Yeah, but we were talking about the Carrion Emissary... which is a Versatile models and doesn't have Perverse Metabolism.
  14. Wait... what? You mean specifically with McM? That's maybe because McM generally does not have much discussion around here atm. Otherwise the Emissary is played *a lot*. Imho it's one of our most prolific models. You can expect the Emissary to always do at least a decent, probably good job. How well he performs with McM specifically I can only theorize. McM has enough Undead, so The Flesh Crawls can make an impact. It puts out poison. Injured and no heal/reduce damage always are handy to have access to. More zombies and/or terrain creation never hurt as long as you've got enough corpse supply. So to me he looks like a good fit, just be careful with your poison AOEs.
  15. I would play him, if his M3E boxes were available...
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