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  1. Posting a bit late, but here's my effort for January. Starting with Pandora's crew, as I had the clearest ideas on a color scheme for them. 15ss worth of Sorrows. Next up Poltergeist and Baby Kade.
  2. It might be available now, from their store: https://giveusyourmoneypleasethankyou-wyrd.com/collections/m3e-bayou/products/georgy-and-olaf
  3. vairse

    Som'er vs Ulix

    Yeah, Mah probably would've been my best bet for the strategy/scheme. I've been restricting myself to Som'er to try and learn him instead of choosing for the pool though. I've been loving Brin with Som'er to get some more value out of the Bayou Gremlins, as well as hand control, so I'm not surprised he works in Ulix as well.
  4. vairse

    Som'er vs Ulix

    I did notice Som'er's crew feels like it's going for the long game. I played a game vs Perdita in Reckoning the other night, and even though she deleted most of my summons every round, I could just replace them for an action, and could slowly remove her pieces while she dealt with bayou gremlins/good ol' boys. I ended up misplaying Lenny thinking he was tankier than he is, and was probably going to lose from that, but it's a super solid crew that seems like it can handle most situations once I figure them out. And given the above advice, I'll try out Ulix to handle movement specific pools, as
  5. I've been playing Som'er a bit to learn his crew, and I just finished assembling Ulix's core box. At first glance they seem like very similar crews. Both are summoner styled, with a decent amount of bubble effects. When would you take one over the other?
  6. My group is trying to figure out this same thing. We have mostly blocking and concealing terrain, and I'm looking into making some severe, dense, and destructible to spice it up. If I add any more blocking it'll be hard for some teams to navigate I think, even though we're only using like 33%
  7. Looks like the rule that lets this happen is: pg 25, as only models in your crew count toward the model limits.
  8. I'm new both to Malifaux and mini painting, and this seems like a great way to get me motivated to paint my grey minis, and get some terrain done. So far I've just cheated with Plast Craft's ColorED stuff so I didn't have to actually make any terrain... I'm in at Henchman for now.
  9. That was That was the only thing I had used her for before, just put her somewhere where she's a better target than the models I wanted to live. That usually meant she was in the mix though, and not saving Mah or Rooster AP by moving them. I've probably tried to use her spoon way too much.
  10. That makes way more sense than trying to move an enemy model with a stat 4. I think the trigger made me want to use it offensively rather than as a support. so she's just another (free) way Mah's crew can be deceptively fast/cagey. Thanks for the suggestion!
  11. For some reason using her horrible hollerin' on friendlies didn't click with me. I'll have to try that out
  12. I've been enjoying playing Mah's keyword, with her card draw, their mobility and glass cannony power. But I've never managed to activate Little Lass and do something meaningful with her. Is there a trick I'm missing to getting value out of her, or is she just there for theme/padding?
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