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Found 5 results

  1. GG1 is here! Let's check the relevant changes for NVB: Errata: Stitched Together Fiendish Gamble is in replace of Cheating Fate instead of flipping a card. Gamble Your Life is now an Attack Action resisted by Wp, with TN increased from 10 to 13. Gamble Your Life stat reduced from 6 to 6. Text of Gamble Your Life changed to: “Enemy only. If this Action fails, this model suffers the effects as though the defending model was taking this Action targeting this model. Target suffers 3/4/5 damage.” Df reduced from 6 to 5. The First Mate Gained Beast Characteristic. Carry the Loot Removed. Anchor stat reduced from 6 to 6. Zoraida Eyes in the Night distance reduced from 12" to a 12. Mv reduced from 5 to 4. Cost increased by 1. Voodoo Effigy Ability Timing changed from Start of Activation to End of Activation. Order Initiate Cost decreased by 1. Agent 46 Inhuman Physiology changed from Ability to a Bonus () Action that lasts until the End Phase. Inhuman reflexes Butterfly Jump replaced with Scamper. Errata Rules: Pg 12. Actions Generated by Triggers Callout – Paragraph 2 Change the text of the paragraph to: “Actions generated by Triggers (and any subsequent Actions generated) cannot declare Triggers, and like other generated Actions, they do not count against a model’s Action limit.” Big hit to Marcus. Pg 34. Damage Timing – Paragraph 1 Change the text of the first paragraph to the following text: “When a model suffers damage, it follows the timing structure below. If any model suffers damage as a result of an effect generated during this timing structure, the damage timing for that model is resolved after completely resolving all (6) steps of the initial damage timing, in the order in which the damage was generated. If multiple models suffer damage at the same time (such as from a Shockwave or B), resolve the damage timing of each model completely one at a time.” This will probably affect more things I don't identify right now, but Nephilims hitted by area damage in range of Hayreddin will have a harder time healing. Pg 32. Replace The Rules and Steps for replacing models were adjusted to the following: If any original model(s) had Activated, all new models are treated as having Activated; otherwise, new models are considered not to have Activated. If this Replace occurred during an original model’s Activation, one new model may instead continue that Activation using any remaining Actions. Coryphee + Vasilisa combo is not legal. Relevant FAQs: 12. Can Once per Activation effects occur outside an Activation, such as during the Start or End Phases? a) No. Effects that are restricted to Once per Activation can only be used during a model’s Activation, i.e. Steps C.1 – C.4 of the Activation phase (pg. 21). Mysery not working with Tangled Threads. 6. Does the Stat of an Action include any Fate modifiers or suits printed next to the numerical value? a) No. The Stat of an Action only ever refers to the numerical value listed in the Stat section. If a model takes a Action and has a specific Stat for that Action, it will still include any modifiers or suits added to that Action’s duel provided by the Action. 1. Stealth – If a model is drawing LoS through another object to target a model with Stealth (via another Ability such as Zoraida’s Eyes in the Night), does the initial model taking the Action need to be within 6" of the target? a) No. Only the object from which LoS is dr awn needs to be within 6" of th e targeted model with Stealth. 4. Cruel Disappointment – If a model would suffer damage from the Red Joker (Severe +1), does it still reduce the damage to Moderate? a) Yes. The model would only suffer Moderate damage. Although the Red Joker deals an amount of damage equal to Severe +1, it counts as dealing Severe damage for the purposes of any rules which reference damage categories. 6. Blade Rush – Is damage from Blade Rush treated as damage from the Charge Action? a) No. The damage from Blade Rush is generated by the Ability as a result of taking the Action, not the Action itself. 1. Nekima – Can Nekima Push and take a y Action as a result of a friendly Nephilim model being killed within range of her Enraged By Insolence Action? a) No. “Another” always refers to “not the model from which this t ext is written” except in those instances where the model in which “Another” is written would not always be a legal subject of the sentence, such as “Another Scrap Marker”, or “Another enemy model”. In such cases, “Another” will never refer to the previous legal subject. Good to know how to read "Another", on the other hand this isn't a good day for Nekima... 3. Euripides – Are the Ice Pillar Markers generated by the Frozen Domain Trigger counted as an “Ice Pillar Created this way” for the purposes of the Rune-Etched Ice Action’s effect? a) Yes. This Trigger is being used ot alter the effect of the Action, thus the second Ice Pillar Marker is Created before the p effect of Rune-Etched Ice is resolved. It was implied, but it's good to see it explicit as the timing doesn't match. Some personal notes: Dreamer got Stitcheds nerfed; but at least he get something in return; now they can heal and unbury other nightmares with the Wp duel and can decide to use Fiendish Gamble after flipping; this needs testing to see well the changes but they will be now much worse in a crew without LD for sure. Nekima got a pretty big nerf as she is by far the most reliant master on the defense and mobility of IR and she also loses the extra charges and some healing potential with the damage changes. Zoraida got some minor nerfs herself (but now it's easier summon the Vodoo doll tho), the first mate's damage got hit (but now he may get mutations tho) and stitcheds nerf also hit her closely. Lucius got the Agent nerfed, this affects more his sniper crew build because now IP and Mimic can't be used together; also the IR change also hurts him as now minions will be harder to keep alive; probably it's safer going double BBS than Mature with IR now. Marcus got hit by the charge trigger nerf, which is worse in NVB than in ARC. I don't like these changes as they manage to leave the strongest ARC combo (Attuned cats) more or less the same while weakening the Marcus' NVB strongest points (IR+Hunter's Call and our non-Adaptive evolution beasts; so less oportunities to use Marcus AP to cicle mutations instead of using Hunter's Call). On the bright side, Initiates could be worth a go now... Euripides is also afected by the IR change, as he relies on it to keep his minions beaters alive more than other keywords. Imo the worse change for the faction is the IR one by far, as it affects all masters and weaken the main defensive upgrade in a generally glassy faction without easy access to defensive tech like shielded or take the hit; and this one will affect more to those keywords relying on minions as the Henchmans/Masters can just get a few extra SS and call it a day. I hope this one won't be too much. This is an overall nerf to the faction; but in general the whole Errata is more all about nerfs than buffs and BS like Devastation or Drunken Kung Fu has been also nerfed; so we'll see.
  2. Hey everyone! malifaux tournament at nerd night! Dec 16th! Christ chapel 2288 moody RD, Warner Robins ga 31088 Check in at 6:30pm First round starts at 7pm Rounds are 1 1/2 hours 50ss Single master/ rotating crew allowed Utilizing basic schemes and strategies (to allow new players to participate without fear of not comprehending GG) Round 1 Squatters rights -Breakthrough -Protect territory Round 2 Reckoning -deliver a message -bodyguard Round 3 Stake a claim -plant evidence -take prisoner Food and drinks provided. $5 donation asked for but not required (it's going directly back to nerd night for space and time) Same rules as always Good sportsmanship No swearing Use common sense and manners. Prize support and participation will be provided.
  3. ----- Update 7/20/2014 ----- Pre-registration has closed for all CaptainCon events. There are still slots available so don't dismay. If you are planning on attending and haven't signed up there WILL be enough tables for any extra day-of show ups. I am also placing here the official rules packet since I've been getting a lot of questions about Doppleganger rules and the soulstone side pool. Please feel free to still ask but I hope this will answer most everyones questions on it. CaptainCon Doppelgänger Packet ------------------------------------ See update below for PreReg and schedule info. I am proud to announce that I am involved in a pretty cool event being organized by the guys who run large events (500+ unique players) at Templecon. The New England Privateers have approached me and I have been working closely with them to bring Malifaux to their event July 25 - July 27 in Taunton, MA called CaptainCon. I won't bore you with the details of the con overall as that is what the KS is for. This post is for the Wyrd and Malifaux specific stuff. The link to the KS is here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/neprivateers/captaincon-2014 Joe and I also did a recording with Paul (from NE Privateers) about the event, etc. Go take a listen over here: http://cheatedfatesradio.podbean.com/2014/03/15/cheated-fates-radio-and-the-captain-of-cons-or-polygamers-and-proud-of-it/ This thread is to serve as a place to find out more information on the Malifaux events....yeah that's right events, plural. I won't go into the details on all of them just yet, but just expect the normal good time Malifaux events that we all have come to love! So to the specifics that we know now: When: July 25 - July 27 Where: Taunton, MA (Holiday Inn) ** Don't book rooms yet ** - Reduced Con rates WILL be available soon What: Malifaux (and other games) for 3 days straight, halls and gaming areas will be open 24 hours straight! Who: NE Privateers are organizing, myself and other NE Henchman will be doing all Wyrd events. For now, all Wyrd event Q&A can be sent directly to me via PM or Twitter (@PFalcon83) Registration: While possible you will be able to buy "at the door", we don't expect that to be the norm. If you wish to attend you'll want to pledge for the KS. The organizers are using the survey as a key indicator to help them plan once funded. Please find a pledge level that fits for you if you plan on attending. There are great options, and if you don't see one I may be able to see about opening other options. Stay Tuned for more information posted here. Also, support the KS please Let me know if you have questions here, or post over on the KS comments area. Looking forward to showing a large presence of Wyrd gaming fun at this event, so your support. Even if you can't attend, pledging $5 shows you want to see things like this more often. Major Update PreReg info below....PLEASE PREREG Friday Malifaux Hardcore 8pm - PreReg(Rules) Saturday Malifaux Doppelganger 9:30am - PreReg(Rules) Sunday Malifaux Gaining Grounds 9:30am - PreReg (Rules) Other events and info here: Schedule Other Events PreReg
  4. Pre-registration REQUIRED: PURCHASE here: $24.32 via EventBrite (EARLY BIRD UNTIL APRIL 7th), then ~$3 price increase Date: May 2nd, 2015 Time: 9am (Cards Flip 9:30) Format: 50ss Fixed faction Gaining Grounds 2015 Address: 500 Commercial St. Manchester, NH 03101 NOTE: Food will be catered as part of your registration fee (If you have dietary restrictions please let me know) PRE-REGISTER HERE Tournament Organizer (TO) will be myself, any questions should be asked here or day of event. NOTE: The most important thing about this event is that it requires that we sell all 32 tickets before the event in order to fund the downpayment of the venue. If we do not reach the number of players necessary, we will have the event at a different venue. With that said, this is going to be a great event where we get to socialize for a longer amount of time, and is meant to not only be a tourney but a way for all New England Malifaux players to get together. So share, share share share this event with your local area and come have a great time and meet new and old friends!!! ------------ FINAL STANDINGS, BLOG, and PHOTOS -------------- Final Standings and Blog Post Link -------------UPDATE 04/22/2015-------------- Rules Packet, stayed tuned for 1st round pairings. Some things to note: There is no painting requirement, but there is a painting competition and a raffle. If you play with fully painted crews you'll get more raffle tickets! ----++++++UPDATE 04/16/2015++++++---- Attendee list as of date in this update (will update as more come in). If you want to share the faction you plan to play feel free (trolls allowed ) Last Name First Name Wyrd Name # Tickets Afghahi Arash 1 Almeida Manuel mjungledog 1 Bogert Corbin Hagisman 1 Carr Edward 1 cassidy matthew 1 Cenkus Alan 1 Chambers John 3 Clapp Drew 2 Dalzell Fred 1 Feinman Alexander AFEINMAN 1 Gagne Jeremy 1 McCreary Jonah Jonasty 1 Michaud Marc MICHAUD 1 Nelson Ian Drool_Bucket 1 Perry Matthew ZOMBIE1701 1 Sirokman Gregory 1 Sloan Brad 1 Smith Micheal Truaskew 1 Talbot Adam 1 Weakland Andrew Guy In Suit 1 Yohe James ROLLRAIDERZ 1 TOTAL 24 22 ------++++++++UPDATE+++++++------- Deposit placed for Milly's Tavern, this event IS happening regardless of number of players Pricing for tickets for EARLY Bird still available see here for more info Strategies and Schemes have been announced: Round 1 - Interference, Flank Deployment (Schemes: Line in the Sand, Distract, Cursed Object, Assassinate, Protect Territory) Round 2 - Collect the Bounty, Standard Deployment (Schemes: Line in the Sand, Take Prisoner, Spring the Trap, Bodyguard, Assassinate) Round 3 - Guard the Stash, Close Deployment (Schemes: Line in the Sand, Entourage, Outflank, Bodyguard, Protect Territory) (IF NECESSARY) Round 4 - Squatter's Rights, Corner Deployment (Schemes: Line in the Sand, Breakthrough, Bodyguard, Vendetta, Power Ritual) 1st round pairings pre-announced 7 days prior to the event with all pre-reg players There will be a painting competition, please have a minimum of 3 models completely painted for this event to display. They must be models you used the day of the event and they must be Wyrd models. You can include more than 3 models in the painting competition just note that for painting you will be rated based on model composition as well as painting quality and color choices Proxies are allowed for models not released or hard to find. Basically this is a fun event, so if you can't get your hands on a model cause it is in metal and no longer able to find (i.e. looking at you Widow Weaver) and you have a proxy that is representative it is ok. Also if it is a model that has not yet been released obviously an acceptable representative proxy is allowed too. However, you MUST show it to the TO before the event.
  5. EVENT DEBRIEF CLICK HERE FOR 2015 EVENT CLICK HERE Pre-registration: $10 (paypal [AT] thehelblings.com) (ENDs 11:59PM 5/9/2014) Registration: $15 Date: May 10th, 2014 Time: 11am, registration 10am - 11am Format: 50ss Fixed faction Gaining Grounds 2014 Address: 123 Nashua Rd Londonderry, NH 03053 NOTE: Food will be provided as part of your registration fee (If you have dietary restrictions or don't want pizza let me know during (pre- or dayof-)registration and you can deduct $5 from fee; FYI there is only a 30min lunch break) The first ranked Malifaux Event in New England will take place on May 10th, 2014 at The Game Castle, Londonderry, NH. We will be taking very little breaks in between so we finish at a reasonable time. In order to facilitate this, a portion of your registration will go towards a pizza order which will be ready between round 1 and round 2. Tournament Organizer (TO) will be myself, any questions should be asked here or day of event. We will be using the Gaining Grounds document with a few modifications: Painting requirement is to have models assembled and on bases (you may earn brownie points for a fully painted crew) No Avatars Proxies allowed as long as approved DURING registration (not at start of a round) 1st, 2nd place prizes (3rd place if enough attendees) Results will be entered into MalifauxRankings.com Prizes: Limited Edition "Impossible to find" Malifools Adepticon Deck Store Credit Wyrd goodies Swag: Every attendee will get a special 'item' for attending Raffle Reminder of Strategies for May (players should confirm with latest version of Gaining Grounds found in the Download area on Wyrd website): Round 1 - Reconnoiter (Flank Deployment) Round 2 - Stake a Claim (Standard Deployment) Round 3 - Reckoning (Corner Deployment) Schemes will be randomly chosen day-of before registration closes. Pre-registered: Manny A. - MJUNGLEDOG Matt P. - ZOMBIE1701 Alex F. - AFEINMAN Marc M. - MICHAUD Matt L. - SilasCordell Ian N. - Drool_Bucket
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