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  1. Yep looks like they flipped it over. Nice work!
  2. Browsers are getting more and more strict in checking for insecure connections. Firefox just stopped me from logging in because I was going to submit my credentials over an insecure connection. Even after manually changing to https when logging in, the redirect sent me back to http. Please look in to redirecting http traffic to https on your sites. It shouldn't take much to correct and would bring peace of mind to many of your users. Thanks!
  3. melkore

    Mysterious Effigy, what a fitting name.

    I like the Effigy with Titania so she can go in somewhere, make models have to hit her and then run when it gets hot.
  4. I assume everyone played Burn Out as the errata now states, but if not, does this do anything for Lynch? Bringing more Depleted is always nice.
  5. I have a summoning Pandora list I have been kicking around in my head bringing Beckoners and Illuminated. Maybe Candy for healing or Weaver to make Lures easier for the Ca6. Bring the models you want to summon off of towards a beckoner, give them brilliance that can't be removed when near the beckoners, summon what you need, kill with Illuminated, rinse and repeat. I haven't tried it yet but the theory behind it sounds alright.
  6. melkore

    January 2018 Errata

    Arcanists say hello
  7. melkore

    How to play against Arcanists ?

    Give something Retribution's Eye and hit them repeatedly until they die laughing at all the armor you ignore. Their willpower is average or below for a lot of their models so wp duels drain hands. Incite/Melancholy can be killer against someone like Ramos who activates in a particular order. Getting around hard to kill with poison or burning if you don't need the kill for points is good. Misery if you play Pandora. Avoid incorporeal models.
  8. melkore

    July 2017 Errata

    How is this any different from Nihilism models not being able to be targets in certain strats and schemes? Many models bury on death in other factions but aren't being targeted either. It just strikes me as a little odd that Arcanists were the emergency fix case when so many other models need cuddles.
  9. melkore

    July 2017 Errata

    Were some of these really that big of a deal? This is going to sound like I'm complaining as it's my faction getting all the hugs but there were bigger fish to fry than Mech Rider. As an Arcanist player in an arcanist heavy meta, Wind Gamin were never really an issue and Mech Rider was rarely seen. Three buried Wind Gamin can push something 15". So can Zoraida and her Wisps, every turn. No one is up in arms about that. Wind Gamin have a bad leap compared to Gupps for the same cost and meh combat skills. Even with cyclone, ml 4 isn't making it through much. 4ss and cannot be summoned by Mech Rider seemed pretty fair. Practiced Production did need some attention for sure. It made some schemes very predictable to the extent I was taking it to fake leave your mark and use it to make Claim Jump or Dig Their Graves easier while keeping them holding models back to kill raptors. Mech will continue to be too expensive to bring in many lists even more so now with the increase in resources to make her go. I'm more concerned other models didn't get anything adjusted like: No changes for Nihilism and scheme/strat based conditions? An Outcast has little incentive to play anything but Hamelin in status heavy pools to dictate what the opponent can play. Nothing on Yasonori being a touch too good? Just a slight stat change to slow him down and not allow a model with that much damage output access to 1ap 10" charges with flight. How did that make it though testing? Nothing on Ulix or Som'er summoning crews being very difficult to deal with and low resource intensity to set up? Nothing on Phillip and the Nanny being a low risk card farm?
  10. melkore

    Starting with Mah, where to go?

    Awesome ideas everyone! So far it looks like it is boiling down to Rooster Riders for sure Don't discount the models we already have (Namely Whiskey Golem) Slop Haulers are a staple in a lot of lists I've come up against so also higher on the list Take a look at Old Cranky Survivors look interesting with Sparks Emissary is also good with her (I still haven't seen it on the table) After that the other classic gremlin models like Bert, Lenny, etc.
  11. melkore

    Starting with Mah, where to go?

    I've convinced my significant other to get into the game and she took a shine to Mah Tucket. She'll be getting Mah's box for Christmas and has picked up some single boxes on her own that she thought looked cool. Being an Archanist player, I'm not familiar enough with Gremlins to really know how to use her models very well or where to go from here. What she'll have come x-mas: The Bushwhackers box Merris LaCroix Sparks (I picked him up for Mei Fang) Gluttony (my Crossroads 7 box) Whiskey Golem (clearance at lgs) Moon Shinobi box (clearance at lgs) My initial thoughts are to pick up singles of the rest of the Brewmaster box and she can use my Performers for that list but I feel she should stick to a single master for a bit. Thoughts?
  12. A friend of mine picked up the Performers and Mannequins box to hire the Performers outside of the faction. He gave me the spare Mannequins since he doesn't play Arcaninst. I now have 4 Mannequins, outside of summoning them with Mech Rider or taking them to make sure every Showgirl has a Mannequin, what are some cool things I can do with them? I haven't played anything out of the Colette box yet and it all seems much more finesse focused than the rest of the faction.
  13. melkore

    Ironsides: Hero or Zero?

    I'm a newer player and just played my first game with her against Molly. It was a lot of fun punching through her army to get to Molly with a stack of 8 adrenaline. I like the idea of sling-shotting her with the Captain (and Mouse) into a group of models to tie them up and let her start punching through the front line. With the push, lasso and her 0 action she can fly across the board if you need her to. With the Mages supporting her in the back she can be pretty safe face tanking. I also used the Captain to keep her safe behind the wind wall until I was ready to wade into battle. Taking plant explosives with her was a pretty easy way to get 3 pts since I want to be up close and personal with multiple models. I am looking forward to checking out the buring side of Toni with her molotovs, gunsmith and Rail Golem. I also want to build a super fast scheme running list and use Toni to hold enemies in place while arachnids or other models run around causing havoc.