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  1. I decided to remove all of my crews and games just to see if that's what it was and it all works correctly again. The only models I had in my crews that were touched were Stitched and Order Initiates if that helps narrow down a fix.
  2. As the title says. If I clear the cache in Chrome or Firefox I can load the site and get to the cards, make crews, etc. If I log in with my Google ID, the page stays at the loading initial graphic and throws a bunch of errors in the console. I'm wondering if I have an illegal character in a crew, or a model that was changed in the errata causing issues. Here is the log output after Auth user post check which has my hashed user id logger.ts:89 [2020-04-16T15:17:45.936Z] @firebase/firestore: Firestore (6.4.0): The timestampsInSnapshots setting now defaults to true and you no longer need to explicitly set it. In a future release, the setting will be removed entirely and so it is recommended that you remove it from your firestore.settings() call now. e @ firebase-firestore.js:1 2async_patch.dart:694 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'fx' of null at c2.slT (crew_model.dart:126) at c2.C5 (crew_model.dart:207) at Object.un (crew_model.dart:187) at Object.aBR (crew_model.g.dart:10) at Object.E5 (crew_model.dart:374) at a8q.$2 (player_crew.g.dart:63) at MO.ey (maps.dart:165) at Object.bM (main.dart.js:3228) at Object.aC1 (player_crew.g.dart:58) at a8c.$2 (player_crew.dart:255) js_primitives.dart:49 Error NoSuchMethodError: method not found: 'fx' on null stacktrace: TypeError: Cannot read property 'fx' of null js_primitives.dart:49 at c2.slT (https://malifauxcrewbuilder.com/main.dart.js:37178:31) js_primitives.dart:49 at c2.C5 (https://malifauxcrewbuilder.com/main.dart.js:37194:3) js_primitives.dart:49 at Object.un (https://malifauxcrewbuilder.com/main.dart.js:6827:3) js_primitives.dart:49 at Object.aBR (https://malifauxcrewbuilder.com/main.dart.js:6866:10) js_primitives.dart:49 at Object.E5 (https://malifauxcrewbuilder.com/main.dart.js:6829:24) js_primitives.dart:49 at a8q.$2 (https://malifauxcrewbuilder.com/main.dart.js:37877:5) js_primitives.dart:49 at MO.ey (https://malifauxcrewbuilder.com/main.dart.js:28648:5) js_primitives.dart:49 at Object.bM (https://malifauxcrewbuilder.com/main.dart.js:3228:37) js_primitives.dart:49 at Object.aC1 (https://malifauxcrewbuilder.com/main.dart.js:20294:18) js_primitives.dart:49 at a8c.$2 (https://malifauxcrewbuilder.com/main.dart.js:37863:5) DevTools failed to load SourceMap: Could not load content for chrome-extension://hdokiejnpimakedhajhdlcegeplioahd/sourcemaps/onloadwff.js.map: HTTP error: status code 404, net::ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME
  3. Runic Binding is a dead scheme in my eyes for Neverborn outside of Zoraida and Lucius obeys. We just don't have the ease of dropping markers that other factions do with ranged scheme dropping outside of Aeslin's trigger.
  4. melkore


    Poltergeist with Telekinesis removes all markers within 4"
  5. Add Doppelganger to the Lucius list and you have quite the gun line to wear down models coming in to you. That takes out Hold Up out of your choices and probably Power Ritual since that crew isn't super mobile unless you table them. Taking the gun line and using doppel as the friendly model you could easily score vendetta then move her up for Harness, or have Agent/Serena be the Claim Jump target Collodi I would expect Power ritual because model count and WW then maybe claim jump with Hina. Maybe harness since the dolls have stealth making them easier to deliver
  6. A good way to try to break down a keyword is to look at the strategies and figure out what you need to accomplish them. My core Dreamer list starts with Dreamer Ancient Pact Lord Chompy Bits Inhuman Reflexes Serena Daydream 1 Daydream 2 From there I build according to schemes and strategies with the remaining 32 stones. I like to keep at least 5 stones so in reality 27 stones to build the rest of the crew. Plant Explosives - You need to hire models that can get across the center line and drop a marker. Models like Coppelius and Widow Weaver are great at that since you can't attach bombs from summons, but they can take them from models they kill so a Stitched or Alp popping up next to a minion with a bomb might be an easy bomb to grab then drop on the opponent's side. Reckoning - My least favorite for Dreamer. You have to score more points by killing opponents, so you have to be careful what you throw in to your opponent to make sure you aren't giving up points. Summoning Daydreams are good as a distraction but they don't have an engagement range to keep models in place. They are insignificant so they don't count towards the strategy if they die. The Carver can get up to 4/4/6 with a in the duel with a stat 7 attach or abuse it's execute trigger to drain their resources or kill models for free Reckoning Points. Breath of Fire adds burning and blasts to wear down more models. Bonus action to hand out stunned and misery triggers to wear down armored opponents with multiple forms of damage. Serena to keep models alive but she's a staple in all my Dreamer lists. Turf War - Flipping markers and holding territories can be tough for squishier Nightmare models, you may need to hire out of keyword, dipping in to the awesome Versatile models we have. Hinamatsu for example slices up models nicely to flip markers to neutral and has surprising range with Rush. Not to mention Armor is uncommon in Neverborn so is unlikely to be teched against. They can use soulstones to keep them alive as well. Cursed Idols - Nightmare is pretty good here staying in keyword Dreamer is pretty good here. Summoning models where your opponent goes. You'll have Pact on Dreamer anyhow giving you +1 to initiative helping you dictate where idol markers go, Serena can top off models that push markers. Schemey models like Coppelius and Widow Weaver also shine getting across the board easily and push markers. WW can also summon off of dead constructs so hiring some Wicked Dolls to turn in to Stitched can be a good plan to get cheap stealth models to idol markers and punt them as far as possible, then convert them to stronger models.
  7. With Lucius you get a pretty fun combo with bringing Thoon in to Lucius and abusing the Frozen Trophy trigger to bury models in ice pillars. With Agent 46 and Doppelganger you can attempt to create a trophy 3 times due to how once per turn is worded. Yes, it's tome intensive and shouldn't be the only thing you should be trying to do but burying a key model can be devastating. Burying 3 could be a NPE.
  8. Same here Ezuma. I have no table experience with Lucius, Marcus, Eurpides or Nekima so it's hard to rank them outside of "on-paper they should be good here"
  9. I use Wrath for that. Same cost, Terrifying 11, Bring It! giving Dora and Candy Mv7 and since neither of them have actual attacks, no unneeded damage to Wrath. Adding in Sin tokens you can change the target of attacks or put out irresistible damage against models with sin tokens feels thematic to Dora
  10. melkore


    Any focused Long Carbine ignores concealment and gets around hard to wound. That makes Titania crews unhappy in general. Clockwork Rifles + Advanced Sights (Hans, Katanaka Snipers, Freikorps Scouts, and Rami Lacroix) can focus on a stat 5 against a df 4 model and freely hit. Probably cheating in a ram for crit strike for up to 6 damage. From their deployment zone. My opponents tend to be Outcast or crews that have access to at least a long carbine which has skewed my experience for sure. 5 factions have access to models that outright turn off Fae's defensive tech and some can do it from 21" away. This just reinforces the need to stick closer to Wyrd's suggestion of 40-50% terrain. Once we started playing on more filled out tables, I could take Rougaru and deliver them to where I needed them to go without getting plinked by snipers on the way in.
  11. melkore


    That's a 10SS minion at that point. You could hire Killjoy for 10, Hinamatsu for cheaper and can use SS, or for 1 more a Hooded Rider. This might just be my own hang up but putting that much in to a model with abysmal defense and no way to reduce damage outside of HtW, smart opponents with guns won't let a Rougaru get close to their scheme runners. It could be my meta, but if I declare Fae my opponent is bringing guns that ignore concealment and anything that ignores HtW. It doesn't help that I usually play against Outcast so I see Hans a lot. Nearly every faction have guns that ignore concealment and/or cover.
  12. I haven't looked in to Savage all that much, how does that work? Or is it just aggressive beat stick that can fly across the table in a turn?
  13. What dual master lists are people playing with that aren't X + Zoraida? Off hand here are some ideas: Pandora (Leader) + Dreamer looks potentially good. Hire in The Carver for an additional Nightmare model to give shielded and push around, all the WP duels should make getting summons out pretty easy. Titania (Leader) + Nekima - Things need dead on the other side of the board. Those that survive have Underbrush to keep them on their side Lucius (Leader) + Dreamer - Poor mans Zoraida but you get Arcane Reservoir, and Elite models like Alan Reid with Boring Conversation for pulse WP duels and card draw
  14. Very true, if Sparks eats it early, having another healer would be useful. It's also good for denying the second Dig Their Graves point
  15. If we start eating scrap markers we remove extra healing for mech porkchop and hazardous terrain with Sparks being on the table. This is probably not a crew to take when Dig Their Graves is in the pool.
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