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  1. melkore

    Getting in to the Dreamer.

    I would probably lean summoner since you have Tannen making Teddy drops possible. You don't have a card engine which is your main missing link. Bloodwretches and Serena are pretty common for that. You might want to look into Beckoners to help get Dreamer in place if you wanted to go with the bat.
  2. melkore

    Hinamatsu: Can anyone share play experience?

    I've been Theory-fauxing a summoner list with Dreamer to help replenish cards after summoning or setting up summoning the next turn. Bringing Otherworldly on Dreamer and giving her playthings to beat on Serena or an actual enemy model after activating her 0 to cheat face down and draw a card even on misses will generate up to 4 cards. Tie that in with Thorn's challenge to draw them in and get some smacks with more card draw gets you up to 6 cards a turn. I know there is a card engine with Bloodwretches but, with the starter box being out of stock in many places limits that list from being viable. I haven't tried it on the table yet but having Hina and a beater like the Rider out there while also summoning in stitched, Lilitu, etc should bear some teeth?
  3. melkore

    Simplest master in NB?

    So out of the remaining "safe for M3E" I would suggest in order: Titania - Her playstyle allows for making some mistakes (she flies, she's pretty tanky, easily drops markers). The minions in the box are mostly great. Thorn and Tooth make it in to a lot of my lists. Skip The Gorar and pick up a Primordial Magic. Pandora - I've only played Pandora twice and if the game goes your way it is oppressive. Melee, ranged or summoning so she has options to grow in to Dreamer - Using Growing up it should limit how much you have to buy with less/no summoning? Lucius - I don't have experience with Lucius to say but he would rely on more guild models to get the most out of him when I've built lists Zoraida - Is pretty complicated and not a good way to start the game
  4. melkore

    Help wanted...

    I have a fully painted Lynch crew I haven't tried and won't get much use once M3E drops as I'm not a 10T player. I also just painted up a Collodi crew and really like the playstyle. I get the pain, but the models are not unusable currently or in the future. They aren't removing them from anything but competitive play in M3E. I can still play Collodi casually day 1 when M3E hits with the Dead Man's Hand cards. Our TO's are open to run Dead Man's Hand tournaments to make sure everyone can still play their favorites during the transition. As the OP seems to be a new player, diving right into the competitive scene more than likely isn't a priority over learning the mechanics. Collodi isn't a master you bring to every scenario anyway, so additional masters will eventually be desirable as the OP digs further into the game. Now that they know that Collodi, Lilith and Lynch aren't viable for NB competitive, they can make better purchasing choices coming up to M3E. Many of the models he picked up are used in other crews within current Neverborn so not all purchases were wasted. The only box I would be worried about is the Colette box if they aren't dipping into Arcanists and only would have bought them for the mannequin which could have been purchased in the Performers and Mannequin's box for cheaper. There isn't a release date for M3E so enjoy your models in M2E. M3E could be 2 years out from official release for all we know. That's plenty of time the get use out of these purchases.
  5. You get Lucius, the future master Dashel, Lawyers and Guild Guards which both will be making great use of in M3E. I'm a Neverborn/Arcanist player but picking this box and C.Hoffman will give me 3 Guild masters to play with if I wanted to make the jump. That's a pretty low barrier of entry into Guild!
  6. melkore

    Help wanted...

    Doppelganger, Changelings, Widow Weaver and Mysterious Effigy are going to stay in the faction so you are good there as you continue to get in to the faction. Doppel is very commonly used and I bring Changelings in almost every list one way or another. I really like the Effigy in other lists. 4SS hard to kill mobile minion is not common in the faction. Bunraku, Stitched and Beckoners are more of a maybe since they are dual faction while being more Lynch and Collodi models so they could drift over to 10T. Getting into Colette with M3E might be a nice option as well if you don't dip too far into Neverborn. Her new design sounds interesting. There's no ETA on M3E so enjoy your models.
  7. melkore

    m3e faction announce

    Gremlins were never a faction. Confirmed by Wyrd 😀
  8. Yep looks like they flipped it over. Nice work!
  9. Browsers are getting more and more strict in checking for insecure connections. Firefox just stopped me from logging in because I was going to submit my credentials over an insecure connection. Even after manually changing to https when logging in, the redirect sent me back to http. Please look in to redirecting http traffic to https on your sites. It shouldn't take much to correct and would bring peace of mind to many of your users. Thanks!
  10. melkore

    Mysterious Effigy, what a fitting name.

    I like the Effigy with Titania so she can go in somewhere, make models have to hit her and then run when it gets hot.
  11. I assume everyone played Burn Out as the errata now states, but if not, does this do anything for Lynch? Bringing more Depleted is always nice.
  12. I have a summoning Pandora list I have been kicking around in my head bringing Beckoners and Illuminated. Maybe Candy for healing or Weaver to make Lures easier for the Ca6. Bring the models you want to summon off of towards a beckoner, give them brilliance that can't be removed when near the beckoners, summon what you need, kill with Illuminated, rinse and repeat. I haven't tried it yet but the theory behind it sounds alright.
  13. melkore

    January 2018 Errata

    Arcanists say hello
  14. melkore

    How to play against Arcanists ?

    Give something Retribution's Eye and hit them repeatedly until they die laughing at all the armor you ignore. Their willpower is average or below for a lot of their models so wp duels drain hands. Incite/Melancholy can be killer against someone like Ramos who activates in a particular order. Getting around hard to kill with poison or burning if you don't need the kill for points is good. Misery if you play Pandora. Avoid incorporeal models.
  15. melkore

    July 2017 Errata

    How is this any different from Nihilism models not being able to be targets in certain strats and schemes? Many models bury on death in other factions but aren't being targeted either. It just strikes me as a little odd that Arcanists were the emergency fix case when so many other models need cuddles.