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  1. I have 3 that came with a set from M2e but I haven't gotten that many out in a game in m3e.
  2. Rider makes it in to most of my lists with Titania, being able to hire models that don't ignore severe terrain and have the rider deliver them has worked out very well for me.
  3. That is a good point. Most of Dreamer's models don't have characteristics to drop corpses so they either drop nothing or scrap. I hadn't thought about that aspect but I made it hard for my opponent to score the second point of Dig because I left no corpse markers.
  4. Oh weird I could have sworn it needed to be on a minion. Good to know!
  5. Outside of generating corpses for Nekima/Growth tokens I find Wicked Dolls to be better and more reliable to get where they need to go without being one shot off the table by pretty much anything in the game. That said I've only seen Nekima once so far and they went the hyper alpha strike with dual Matures, dual young, heyreddin and the pig so getting across the table to drop markers isn't tough for the crew.
  6. Serena is an Enforcer and the upgrade can only be put on minions. I don't think there is a minion in Neverborn with Demise(Eternal)
  7. I felt that way until I started to really lean in to stacking Injured on a target I needed to die. Hitting models near underbrush on a stat 6 with a built in crow make that a 3/3/4 with blasts and each hit stacks Injured. Throw that at a a damage sponge and getting them down to df3-4 before moving Titania or another model in for the kill has been pretty key. Not to mention Titania keeps stacking Injured. At worst she has been a marker generator and marker eater. She went from a maybe to an always for me.
  8. Thanks for the quick response! I just wanted to make sure I was understanding it correctly before trying to dig further in with upgrades.
  9. I've been looking at schemes like Vendetta where the cost of the model matters. When calculating if a model is more or less expensive, do upgrades count towards total cost of a model or just OOK tax? Say for example I attach Inferiority Complex to a Wrastler to gain Bully. Is that model in an Infamous crew 5ss or 7ss when considering using it in Vendetta or even the Bully ability itself? The rule book says total cost changes for OOK hires but doesn't for upgrades that I've found yet. Sorry if this has been asked, I couldn't find this exact question asked in the rules forum.
  10. Outside of Aeslin, Gorar and a Knight I pretty much go to versatile models for Fae. Her crew is full of expensive tool boxes that don't always fill the role when a more precise tool needed. Often my lists have the Rider and/or Hinamatsu for beaters as Rougaru pretty much always die before delivery and I don't like Killjoy when there are flat out better versatile models +-1ss The Emissary is pretty solid, I haven't gotten a ton of work out of it but extra terrain markers is always good For scheming, I lean towards Wicked Dolls for stealth and creep along because Bultungin die to a stiff breeze and Waldgiest are just too slow for really anything in m3e. I take a Knight or two for holding upgrades like Pact since they are pretty sturdy and throw out more markers unlike Rougaru or Bultungin. I do take Bultungin against crews with a lot of conditions because Toss in the Mud is worth it over a Doll
  11. That is primarily what I used Titania for in M2E. If she wasn't causing scheme marker pinatas, she was flying around interacting with schemes and strats. I had other models killing things and making sure the Queen could do as she pleased. For example a summoned Changeling from the Mysterious Emissary killed Levi after copying his melee weapon red jokering the damage. The Queen didn't have time to deal with that sort of riff raff. I'm glad that sort of gameplay is still viable with Nekima now that Titania is more focused on generating terrain.
  12. For those curious. Since the Wyrd website was built on Squarespace, it has rss built in. There are 2 other instances of rss including the broken rss feed above and a feedburner link for the news on the main page. Current RSS through squarespace: https://www.wyrd-games.net/news?format=rss
  13. I know it's not advertised on the interface but there was a feedburner rss feed that I used on my RSS reader to keep up with the news. https://www.wyrd-games.net/welcome?format=RSS Feedburner is throwing up a 404 and I assume it just lapsed as RSS isn't very popular these days in favor of social media. It would be nice to get a response on this to see if I should remove it from my reader or if it's just temporary. Thanks!
  14. I would probably lean summoner since you have Tannen making Teddy drops possible. You don't have a card engine which is your main missing link. Bloodwretches and Serena are pretty common for that. You might want to look into Beckoners to help get Dreamer in place if you wanted to go with the bat.
  15. I've been Theory-fauxing a summoner list with Dreamer to help replenish cards after summoning or setting up summoning the next turn. Bringing Otherworldly on Dreamer and giving her playthings to beat on Serena or an actual enemy model after activating her 0 to cheat face down and draw a card even on misses will generate up to 4 cards. Tie that in with Thorn's challenge to draw them in and get some smacks with more card draw gets you up to 6 cards a turn. I know there is a card engine with Bloodwretches but, with the starter box being out of stock in many places limits that list from being viable. I haven't tried it on the table yet but having Hina and a beater like the Rider out there while also summoning in stitched, Lilitu, etc should bear some teeth?
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