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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all, finished up another of my crew writeups focusing on Tara and her Obliteration keyword. Not as in-depth with specific combos as some others but I feel like it goes into enough about what they do to get a fairly good grasp on the crew and act as a diving board for anyone looking to play Tara! I've also got this hosted on my blog with pictures of my own Tara crew spread throughout here! Keyword abilities/actions- From Nothing- The crew's main ability, this lets them unbury at the start of their activation by removing Fast from any model (although you'll want it on en
  2. Hello, time to talk about Tara the Time lord? The void queen? Neither? Again. A quick thing, the reason why this is so huge is because I'm a game designer and a person who can see and recognise systems fairly well, as well as trying to cover as many bases as possible. Sorry for the incredibly long post. I will also excuse the amount of salt that seep into these words. I know Tara isn't especially popular, but she is (was) my main and I will under the beta try to argue why I think she's very boring and one of the greatest dolphins around (yes, I'm talking about jumping through hoo
  3. I'm opening this post so we can share our thoughts on Tara and the Obliteration keyword. To begin, is one of the most limited crews, since there are only 2 minion models: Void Wretches: Those guys just don't deserve the investment of 4ss for the only thing they can do kind or properly, being scheme runners. Specially if you can summon them with an 8 and 1ss. They are so "plain" that his big tarot card is gonna be almost empty in the back. Void Hunter: Reliable minion. I try to summon 1 per turn, unless I don't have the cards. After the change to the Dashel's Barker summon
  4. Deployment Standard deployment strategy: Reckoning Schemes: Detonate charges Dig their Graves Power Ritual Deliver a message Vendetta Crew Tara Blake Karina Aionus 10ss Mad Dog Bracket 10ss The Nothing Beast 9ss Scion of the Void 6ss Talos 8ss 7ss in cache Schemes selected: Vendetta: Scion against Carlos. Deliver a message: Colette Thoughts about my crew selection I picked Tara for testing purposes and because I dislike my life. I picked
  5. So I see almost no talk of Tara in the Rezzer forums. Since she is one of my new favorite Ladies, I'm curious how she plays on the other side of the fence. Seems like Belle's would be super useful to pull a chosen model in for the AoE Fast, but what else have ya got?
  6. Alrighty, since my Quarantine Zone board is nearly complete I have started planning my next board. Thanks to popular demand on the poll I put up a few weeks back the board is going to be Obliteration and/or death themed. The basic thought is "What if two crews went through portals to pull off some scheme **in** Obliteration?"...what would that look like? Well, Obliteration being Obliteration the obvious answer is "nothing"...but nothing makes for a boring table. My first instinct is to go mono-chromatic black, with a few highly contrasting, spots of color. Most everything will be black, h
  7. So, the preface. Tara isn't a world killer and likely won't be getting the job done on her own, but is highly versatile and, most importantly (for me, at least), has a cool theme. She's pretty well-rounded and has no exceptional characteristics apart from her high volume of actions. Her main strength is having a lot of tricks, and interestingly it isn't crushing if you lose her, since she's more often assisting than doing the heavy lifting herself. Her crew tends towards a very high action count, which makes it able to switch between a focus on objectives and straight fighting, though
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