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  1. Don't see this comes to life in our community. Forgive me if but this sounds stupid and most of your pluses work only on paper. Even after reading your post personally don't see any pluses while minuses are - - U need huge model pool which most players don't have, and those who are smart enough are buying only strong models so basically nothing changes... - Skilled player will beat novice no matter what Master he takes - Your other points are very personal and comes from your experience. No words here...
  2. In your place i would ignore those whining posts cause when u read them u find out that mostly it's all about - *My opponent won against me, lets nerf him!* / *It's defenetly not mine mistakes or weak play it's his fault i'm loosing! Nerf him !* Sometimes it makes me curious how far tolerant moderators are.... Those themes could be easy answered and closed or even better deleted, but no, most of them keep being alive and by now have nothing to do with theme it started.
  3. I'm playing Guild and have tie match every single time i face Factions u mentioned... Secret is when it's very close skill level one who mistakes first looses game. Try to figure out what u doing wrong...
  4. No point of talking.... Different players, different results... U should more pay attention on : - Player skill - Player experience - Opposing player skill - Opposing player experience - Player model pool - Opposing player model pool - Player luck - Opposing player luck Those factors change everything. For example Necodem/Sandeep/Collodi are dominant on the battlefield so why they are not 1st in every single tournament ? Once u find out what your opponent does and u know how to play against, it's not so hard to get prepared to incoming things and there most often wont be any surprises... Prepared warrior = good warrior. Imho but Resseres are OK. It's all based on who the player is. Models u mentioned are strong but it all depends...
  5. Yes it counts as flipped card. Difference in cheating comes from You cheat from hand or flip random card from Fate deck. To cheat from top deck u need to flip a card. Once u flip RJ your opponent can't cheat.
  6. U mean creating new factions or under factions? New might help to lower model pool but I'm still pretty much sure this won't change fact that some are stronger than others. If we talk about under factions then literally nothing changes... I don't know how far u are in M3E discussion guys, but changing factions is a risky way and might end up with even bigger Malifaux lore problem not even talking about balance. For example Arcanist are united cause they are united, but if u read lore u might find it completely garbage since they are not United at all and only thing that prevents them to kill each other are Malifaux game creators. Same goes almost for every Faction. Another problem that lore has nothing to do with things happening on the table and most masters are not even explained what they do while things happen. Here I would advise to look how GW does with lore. If we talk about balance I would suggest not to create new models, but focus on stopping and reworking non-projectile models since models with Projectile Attack are in big disadvantage.
  7. It's all based on how much u are going to invest in game. Reva is best choice overall, McMourning is not even close in options Reva is good at. If i would choose from others masters after Nico i would pick Reva and probably Kirai.
  8. What pushes u to buy if u can print them? Game allows players to use printed copies. Also any typography can print them to u...
  9. U still randomize but when u find out randomized target has Dark Protection it's action fail since u shoot out of 3'' buble
  10. How adorable! It's like I hear it from here - Arar! Let me hug u....
  11. Based on rulebook once u pass u get immunity against every Horror Duel Actions/Abilities model has, but u don't get immunity against others models that can push u in Horror Duel. Example - > Seamus declared Boo! Action, u passed it and got immunity against Horror Duels with Seamus, but nearby Anna Lovelace can shoot u and push to check for her Horror Duel. (trigger)
  12. Community has nothing to do with it. Like or not but it's Wyrd forum and it is as it is with their own rules. Yes i would like not to see any trash talking posts, whining/trolling/off topic themes and conversations cause it's pretty easy to make forum full of garbage and useless information. Personally think Wyrd Moderators are very polite to things happening here and they do their job very good.
  13. I think u underestimate her. While without any upgrades she is not best model in the game but if u give her Bleeding Tongue upgrade she becomes damage magnite and scary beater with ability to one-shot anyone and if opponents discards cards to save model from Sibelle he is out to fight Seamus.
  14. I vote Lady Justice to tier 2. After book 5 i mostly play Justice and with new upgrades she is incredible! Once your opponent made a mistake he is dead and Justice has damn good Wd 14 so she is kinda forgivable.
  15. Sorry im not in the mood and might misunderstand u but -> Order in resolving actions: - Attacker declared action and amount of SS and abilities he will benefit from - Defender declared his abilities and SS he will use while defending If Attacker hit - Defender's trigger goes first (unless trigger mechanics) - Attacker declares his trigger (unless trigger mechanics) If attack resolved - Attacker declares his abilities first - Defender declares his abilities In example Justice hit Sommer Justice hit Sommer and declares Onslaught trigger (after damaging make another Attack Action against target) and Sommer declares but since Justice 2nd attack comes from trigger and goes *after damaging* she can hit Sommer 2nd time before his trigger will work. Hope i managed to help u.
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