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    I'd actually read it as the stacking one. You have 2 conditions for activating this: being within a 6" Aura Cheating Fate. Since there is no limit defined, you would take it at the "after resolving" step as many times as it happened. If it was only allowed once per Action, it would be mentioned there as Wyrd should know from experience that most opposed duels allow for multiple Cheats.
  2. Any idea on how you would play Hamelin against a summoner? I'm always getting whooped against any summoner because they render Blight-stacking rather ... ineffective.
  3. whodares


    Was thinking of using it in combination with his Rig The Deck to discard more weak cards, but then I realised that Handshake only reveals and doesn't actually discard the top card of the Fate Deck. Oops
  4. side-note on the 1-1 no cheat flip to see who loses in your scenario: you don't first flip the card to see whether you win or not. You have to decide before ANY flips happen whether or not you're going to use that Ability or not as you're replacing your own flip with that card.
  5. whodares


    Regarding "A Friendly Handshae": if you target your own model, how does it work then? Since the revealing of the top card is at thesame timing, do you only reveal a single card? It would mean you could never damage friendly models, which I see as how it was probably intended. Had an argument over it after I've been playing it like that ever since it got introduced, so I thought I'd be safe and see here on how it's meant to be played.
  6. The way I see it, it makes sense that Goryo is about thesame as Young Nephilim. Goryo is attainable a lot easier thanks to the summoning mechanic of Kirai. Goryo already is the best summon of Kirai by far and he already got nerfed in closed beta for good reason. There are not many models that can survive 9 damage in a single activation. This doesn't highlight a weakness problem of Goryo. Your opponent just got lucky on hitting those high numbers. Most of the time, if your opponent doesn't Focus, he will be hitting min damage and your Goryo would be around a lot longer. Generally people Focus + 1 Attack against Kirai's crew, unless they already have built-in + on damage. Your opponent just got massively lucky and you can't blame a model dying against that. I will reiterate this, your opponent did 9 damage in a single Activation and that is A LOT of damage. Why does he need a Seishin near him to survive? He's probably going to be standing near Kirai, which is one of the safest places to be. Kirai is your Commander and the rest of the Crew is the expendable army to fullfil her objectives. I also disagree that the crew is doomed without healing. Kirai is a master in attrition warfare thanks to Vengeance. You gain health advantages just by getting attacked. If your opponent can't kill more than 1 model per Turn, they will lose hard. Other summoners have this sort of way as well, but Kirai has this maxed out as she has automatic damage back even when attacked. Healing is just the cherry on top in order to maximize that effect. These questions were not directed at me, but I'll shed some light on these. This would serve to give some more insight as to why I think the way I do about Kirai. Both Black Blood and Vengeance have their strong and weak points. Black Blood has a higher damage potential as it will always Trigger. It also splashes in 1" around, so any model in the thick of things will be soaking enemies in Black Blood splashes. It's a potential double-edged sword though, because it will also hurt all your own non-Black Blood models within 1". It deals no damage on enemies outside of that 1" range, which can make it outplayable. Vengeance has a lower damage potential due to only hitting the model that targetted it. It only triggers if your model was specifically targetted by an Attack Action, which means shockwaves, blasts and the like will go right past it. However the range is unlimited, so you can't outplay it via outranging it. I personally find Vengeance to be stronger than Black Blood as only specific types of Actions and Abilites can outplay Vengeance, while range is rather available to all crews without extra soulstone costs. Regarding Ikiryo: my opponents mainly use her to tie up as many models as possible. If she dies, she just gets resummoned and Charges right back into the thick of things. If she can't reach there with a single AP, she can just do a Projected Voice of 10" range with a potential blast. Ikiryo is not there to do damage, but just to keep as many models engaged as possible. She's a tarpit trap with her low Defense as your opponent wastes precious AP on a model you can summon back anyway. Ikiryo also has some very good Triggers. Puncture for +, Onslaught for the extra attack and Feast of Vengeance built-in so you can heal Kirai if you manage to kill with that Attack. Her damage is also irreducable, which could put some oomph in the attack. Hit Izamu with a moderate twice and he WILL focus on taking down that damaging model asap as he can't afford to have that happen again. But then you will steal an entire beater's Activation while it only costs 1 AP and a high card to just do that again ... and again ... and again. I do realise severe cards are very limited to have in hand. You'll have to make some choices on where you spend them. It's thesame for all crews, but Kirai's choices are rather easy.
  7. You are underestimating the effect on Vengeance significantly. Black Blood is completely useless against ranged models, while Vengeance doesn't care about that at all. Certain model's melee range also outrange Black Blood, but nothing can outrange Vengeance. Datsue Ba does NOT need more damage. She is very durable with Incorporeal, Terrifying AND Soulstone usage. She should not be able to die and be a constant thorn in your opponent's plan. Hell, Datsue Ba can even kill models from range if she gets the Tome Trigger for Adversery on her first attack. It pretty much guarantees a straight flip, and thus severe damage if you are willing to throw a severe card on it, on said model. 2/3/5 in a crew that has a lot of access to Adversery is already a very good track and there is no need to buff that even further. And yes, Adversary is easy to get on this crew: Keep a high tome in hand or spend a stone with Datsue Ba an Urami model dies and splashes 2" with Adversary Once it's on a model, Kirai can make sure it stays on there A Bushwhacker can't kill a Goryo with the damage you described, unless he got his Critical Strike off once OR flipped RJ on the severe dmage flip you mentioned. Bushwhacker has a 2/3/5 damage track, which translates to 1/2/4 against the Incorporeal Goryo, hence only 6 damage max. Even in such a scenario, he would still take 2 damage back. I'm still slightly amazed he managed to get a moderate AND a severe off in a single activation when both his attack and your defense have thesame stat. In general, that will not happen. There are plenty of models that would drop to such damage output, yet that does not make them weak at all. Francis should be in the back, where he can't be targetted, unless you're going for offensive condition removal and/or handing out Adversary. The rest of the time he should be in the back safely healing models. This is made a lot easier in M3E as you can't Walk through engagement ranges anymore. From what I can tell, you've been misplaying/forgetting the Incorporeal, making the models a lot squishier than they actually are. You also don't have a solid grasp on what the victory conditions are for certain crews and therefore can't play around said victory conditions. Kirai EXCELS when she can go blow-for-blow with opposing models thanks to Incorporeal and Vengeance. In those scenario's, Kirai should reign supreme. Yet somehow you are managing to lose in the perfect scenario's for Kirai? Other summoners have the weakness of their models getting removed before being able to do anything, while Kirai's summons will at least deal damage back AND possible splash Adversary in such scenario's. I'd say that's plenty of value.
  8. Complaining that an Incorporeal crew has no staying power seems rather ... counter-intuitive. Especially when they have Datsue Ba, an Incorporeal, Terrifying and Vengeance model with decent stats that can use Soulstones in a crew that has several Heals available. Kirai's entire theme is punishing your opponent for every single move he makes and I find her to be one of the most broken masters in the game right now. Vengeance is one of the, if not the, strongest passive Ability in the game. Attacking her means you take Vengeance damage. Not attacking her means she, as a Summoner, can get her summons our safely. You will have a very bad time if you allow her to have 2 Goryo out as those things have an insane amount of damage. Also don't forget how easy it is for her crew to bring out the Adversary condition as it significantly ups the damage you do. My main gripe with Kirai is that she has very little counter-play to her core mechanics and heavily punishes any mistake you make. She's a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" type of master and I dislike all-round masters that are strong on ALL sides of the spectrum. Kirai's weakness are high damage indirect attacks such as Shockwaves, Pulses, Aura's, ... but the reality is that such mechanics are not as available as Kirai has access to screwing you over. On a side-note, I don't understand the hate Datsue Ba gets. She is durable, deals a decent amount of damage, has a good ranged damage Attack and can allow other Urami to take a Walk Action. Francis is also fine as he is right now, he already got buffed and I still think that wasn't necessary. He's a 6 stone support model, which can both heal and dispell Conditions. He also has the option of going semi-offensive by putting Adversary on an enemy model, which means that model is not long for this world anymore. I seriously don't understand all this complaining about Kirai's crew being weak. She's one of the most well-rounded, NPE, strongest crews in the game right now and you're still calling her weak? I've said it time and time again: there is a massive L2P issue going on right now. Even in M2E people were defending the most broken picks just so their precious instawin master didn't get nerfed and I'd like to avoid getting to the instawin point in the first place. Comparing Kirai to other summoners already shows how strong she is right now and how far ahead of the curve she is. Are you seriously asking to buff the strongest Summoner in the game even more?
  9. Francis has been an MVP in the games I've played against Kirai. Kirai summons a Goryo and he removes Slow and gives Fast. A first and second Turn 3 AP Goryo is very scary. He'll be in range to attack whatever he wants with at least 2 AP on Turn 1. 3 AP is possible if you are within 10" of the Goryo and he can get his Free Action Trigger for the palce off. Using Francis solely for topping up Kirai is a major waste of his potential as he's meant to make the crew even more attrition-heavy due to heals and condition removal.
  10. How did Taelor manage to solokill The Midnight Stalker? He shouldn't be able to die, unless he allows Taelor to get 2 hits on him and the second hit is a moderate damage flip.
  11. Zoraida's Obey has a "Once per Activation" Trigger to let you take a second Action. All she needs are a high card and a stone if the high card isn't a mask. If she's holding 13 of masks, you can kiss your model goodbye after it charges with + and attacks again with + on your own crew.
  12. Look at it numerically. If you discard your entire Control Hand, you have 0 cards in hand. Even if you don't have cards in your Control Hand, you still have a Control Hand. All this Action requires is for you to go to 0 cards in your hand and then redraw 6. If there was a requirement for at least 1 card discard, it would be written like this: Because there is no italic requirement written, I would assume you can use this Action, even without cards.
  13. It's rather poorly conveyed in the text, but I've always played these types of uncertainties as that the target has to be within the specified range, in this case 5". The text AS WRITTEN however lets you select any model with the Voodoo Curse Upgrade without specifying it has to be within range. My guess it that the model has to be within the range, but the text needs to be fixed. EDIT: I checked the rulebook just now and found the following interesting section on page 25: If we follow this as a guideline, you can only select Voodoo Cursed models within the range of the Action, 5" in this case.
  14. Don't worry, no offense taken. I also agree it looks rather wierd Are you going to play the "new" version of Zoraida which just got released? She got a rather big buff in it by getting her old Ability back. I for one still think a 25-26" Obey is way too strong, especially when she can cover pretty much any part of the map if she moves out of her deployment zone. How do I get to 26"? 12" Ability range + 2" Bad Juju/Grootslang (or any other 50mm Cursed target) + 12" Obey Range.
  15. I'm not a mod. My post got edited by a mod, who used a Modhat. My post itself actually didn't get modified, aside from the added Modhat. I agree the first part was not polite, but you should be allowed to call people out when they're not being helpful in a discussion. I've provided example as to why I think Zoraida is a good Master and Leader. It gets countered by a non-substantial "I played 2 games and she's crap", followed by a jab towards me for defending the current iteration. No actual example or follow-up on why she's bad, just a general "she's bad". But to stress it again: I am not a mod. I don't know which mod edited in the modhat, but I assure you it wasn't me. It would have been better, had the mod in question made a seperate post, but I can also understand why he edited it in my post. EDIT: I forgot to mention you can verify who has authority on these forums when they are in certain groups. Example: Adran is part of the Moderators group.
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