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  1. Francis has been an MVP in the games I've played against Kirai. Kirai summons a Goryo and he removes Slow and gives Fast. A first and second Turn 3 AP Goryo is very scary. He'll be in range to attack whatever he wants with at least 2 AP on Turn 1. 3 AP is possible if you are within 10" of the Goryo and he can get his Free Action Trigger for the palce off. Using Francis solely for topping up Kirai is a major waste of his potential as he's meant to make the crew even more attrition-heavy due to heals and condition removal.
  2. How did Taelor manage to solokill The Midnight Stalker? He shouldn't be able to die, unless he allows Taelor to get 2 hits on him and the second hit is a moderate damage flip.
  3. Zoraida's Obey has a "Once per Activation" Trigger to let you take a second Action. All she needs are a high card and a stone if the high card isn't a mask. If she's holding 13 of masks, you can kiss your model goodbye after it charges with + and attacks again with + on your own crew.
  4. Look at it numerically. If you discard your entire Control Hand, you have 0 cards in hand. Even if you don't have cards in your Control Hand, you still have a Control Hand. All this Action requires is for you to go to 0 cards in your hand and then redraw 6. If there was a requirement for at least 1 card discard, it would be written like this: Because there is no italic requirement written, I would assume you can use this Action, even without cards.
  5. It's rather poorly conveyed in the text, but I've always played these types of uncertainties as that the target has to be within the specified range, in this case 5". The text AS WRITTEN however lets you select any model with the Voodoo Curse Upgrade without specifying it has to be within range. My guess it that the model has to be within the range, but the text needs to be fixed. EDIT: I checked the rulebook just now and found the following interesting section on page 25: If we follow this as a guideline, you can only select Voodoo Cursed models within the range of the Action, 5" in this case.
  6. Don't worry, no offense taken. I also agree it looks rather wierd Are you going to play the "new" version of Zoraida which just got released? She got a rather big buff in it by getting her old Ability back. I for one still think a 25-26" Obey is way too strong, especially when she can cover pretty much any part of the map if she moves out of her deployment zone. How do I get to 26"? 12" Ability range + 2" Bad Juju/Grootslang (or any other 50mm Cursed target) + 12" Obey Range.
  7. I'm not a mod. My post got edited by a mod, who used a Modhat. My post itself actually didn't get modified, aside from the added Modhat. I agree the first part was not polite, but you should be allowed to call people out when they're not being helpful in a discussion. I've provided example as to why I think Zoraida is a good Master and Leader. It gets countered by a non-substantial "I played 2 games and she's crap", followed by a jab towards me for defending the current iteration. No actual example or follow-up on why she's bad, just a general "she's bad". But to stress it again: I am not a mod. I don't know which mod edited in the modhat, but I assure you it wasn't me. It would have been better, had the mod in question made a seperate post, but I can also understand why he edited it in my post. EDIT: I forgot to mention you can verify who has authority on these forums when they are in certain groups. Example: Adran is part of the Moderators group.
  8. Nice tool, thanks for building it. I did notice a bug with the Viktoria's: you can't hire a second one. Probably because she's the only non-unique master?
  9. I see you mentioning that Hamelin didn't have any Armor-ignoring. Did you take out the Obedient Wretch early in the game? She has an Action that lowers Shielded AND Armor by 2 until the End Phase. @FlipOwl You barely had any soulstones. Considering they speed up your Blight generation a lot via Triggers, did you not feel that you needed some more instead of a model? Why did you bring 2 Rat Catchers? I like bringing in a single one for the Hamelin 4 Focus Fast Rat King Turn 1 if I want to do an alpha strike, but I just don't see the value in bringing in 2.
  10. I'm also following the logic that this is not supposed to be a duel. It's supposed to be a gamble after all. There's also a clear distinction between a duel and a damage flip for example. Since a damage flip is also "just" flipping a card and not a duel, I would say this should work thesame.
  11. He hasn't given a single actual example of anything. I can do thesame thing. Zoraida OP, I played her twice. Believe me. Proof? NAAAAAHHHHHH, just believe me man. She'll remain confined to be OP as long as she remains. Why? Because she's just better at everything man. No other master comes close. I've at least provided examples of why I think she's fine and it's mostly a L2P issue. People don't like to hear that though. <MOD HAT> Personal insults are not welcome. People can have different opinions, but you still need to remain polite </Modhat> Added by ADRAN -Moderator. Sorry I didn't realise my edit wasn't publically visable
  12. Shielded reduces damage by 1, no matter howmuch you have it stacked. Every time you reduce damage via Shielded, lower the amount of stacks by 1. Shielded +4 can block damage 4 times in a Turn. Some Triggers have different damage Timings, which means Shielded could work on both the Trigger and the Attack. In general, Shielded will reduce 1 damage per attack. Per your example of Shielded 2 and taking 3 damage: you take 2 damage as only 1 is blocked by Shielded. You then reduce the Shielded condition by 1. NOTE: Shielded has gone through several iterations already. Reducing Shielded+X damage in one go has already been tried, but proved to be too powerful. Focus is spent before flipping. The text states you can lower the value by 1 to gain a +. It does not say one or more, hence you can only get a single +. Distracted is thesame, you can only get a single - from that Condition in an opposed duel. Do note that Distracted specifies "opposed duel that target enemy models". This means that the Distracted model has to do the targetting and you can't get a negative from it when another model is targetting the Distracted model.
  13. That's actually incorrect and the entire reason it got an entry in the FAQ. The rulebook actually stated (in the end phase section) that you calculate it seperately. Asami's Feigned Weakness sort-of bypassed this by mentioning all VP are scored at thesame time, but Yan Lo's Follow Their Footsteps did not. This sparked a discussion on what the "actual" correct way of doing things is. Wyrd chimed in and added it into the FAQ as having a FAQ entry on a single card is not done. Considering this history and the fact that the Asami crew get changed around a couple of time, I would honestly say it's an oversight and should read as "one or more".
  14. While I agree with you on the wording and how it could work, I clarified saying I highly doubt Wyrd would want to give him a 12-13" summon range. If you remember the Feigned Weakness debate on how VP are scored, they also wrote a line in the FAQ stating VP scoring is all at thesame time to prevent abuse of that one. So yes, right now he can place himself twice, but I highly doubt this is intentional. Most likely this is an oversight, but we can't be sure on that one. Perhaps @Kyle could answer this one for us? I want to know if I've been gimping myself or not
  15. I agree with your reasoning. It's basicly just following the text as written. First summon and only then after the summon do you attach the upgrade. I would place the Yokai from his Ephemeral Warriors just a single 3". He gets both at thesame time and I highly doubt Wyrd would want to give him a 12-13" summon range.
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