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  1. I'm from Belgium, so that's Europe. Thanks for the offer, but we're not gonna pay customs and shipping from the US just for a couple of card packs. The extra costs will outstrip the pack cost While I agree with you on this, even something as small as the card packs have been sold out. It's not just for a month or 2, it's already 4 months (and counting). There doesn't seem to be any sign of actual product, besides the announced new releases per month, that's being delivered. A niche game like this might have problems, but not getting the actual playing cards is rather ... special.
  2. Has there been any news regarding the Faction Card Packs? I still haven't gotten my hands on any packs whatsoever, just like most of the people in my group. It seems our country only got a couple of packs in total, which effectively killed the entire scene here. At first we played with self-printed cards, but it's just not thesame ... I've been trying to get the packs for Ten Thunders and Neverborn from several shops here and in the UK, but none of them can provide any sort of timings on actually getting them. I've even gotten orders refunded because they timed out on delivery time.
  3. The search function does not support alt cards. If i want to use the alt Hamelin, Catelyn, I would have to search for Rat King, Hamelin, Nix, ... instead of their alt counterpart. When you have a lot of alt models, sometimes you forget the original name and it becomes rather tedious to find all the correct models. Perhaps the search function could search the alt cards as well?
  4. Does it actually work like that? I thought Chi was added at Step D of the process, while Cheat Fate is Step C. I mean, it makes sense, but right now the Duel Total is calculated AFTER cheating Fate and Harness Chi only takes place when calculating the Duel Total. EDIT: Nevermind, for some reason I thought the Monk's Ability said Final Duel Total. Disregard the above.
  5. Thanks for the insight. My personal favorite with Hamelin is actually The Midnight Stalker as he is extremely mobile, difficult to kill and still packs a decent punch thanks to free Fast. He also opens up the scheme pool to schemes like Breakthrough. Ever thought about adding him to the mix?
  6. Thanks. I used a very bad example, but at least it was good enough to get the point across
  7. Say I'm playing Hamelin. I decide to call a Malifaux Rat as friendly target and low cost minion as enemy target for Vendetta. I then melt a couple of rats, including the designated one, into a Rat King. Rat King now has more points than the designated enemy model. What happens? Rat King is now the new friendly model and can complete the scheme Not allowed I think it would be allowed as the models are designated at the start of the game. Replace also has the following wording: If the new and original models belong to the same Crew the new model becomes the target of any effects that targeted or chose the original model such as Schemes Leader designation or lasting game effects The new model is always considered a legal target for those effects I'm asking this in advance as I know I'll be having a discussion over it and I'd like to have a fall-back to shorten the time spent on it.
  8. No, because the Aspiring student uses the following wording: This model cannot take the Interact Action ... The wording "cannot" means that the model simply can't take those actions under any circumstances. It just doesn't know what an Interact is. It therefore can't take that Action.
  9. I've been thinking a bit. Do you think it might be worth it to hire a Rat King and give him the Swagger upgrade? Combining this with Hamelin's Free Action, this could be pretty strong. Hamelin uses his Free and let's the Rat King move 3" AND take a Walk Action. King gains Focus +1 from this Walk. then you can activate the King and let him focus again or do a Walk + Charge and pretty much guarantee that 4 damage moderate. The problem is that it does become rather expensive to do as I also like taking The Midnight Stalker and give him Hard To Kill.
  10. Any post or something that confirms this? I was planning on holding off until they released a new card pack, but this could speed things up.
  11. Thanks. Forgot about that as I saw Youko's card in Ten Thunders. Completely forgot she was already released.
  12. I'm having a match on Sunday and my opponent would like to declare Albus Von Schtook as his master. The card however seems te be missing from the Dropbox folder. Are we overlooking something?
  13. We've been playing that it stacks, like a lot of people on the forum here I guess. If it doesn't stack, I would probably transfer some Focus from the HRM to the Swordsman so he could still get ++ on all his attacks. Side-question for anyone who owns the physical cards. Is the HRM fixed on there or is it still the faulty non-Free Action on there?
  14. I have done this with Lone Swordsman. 3 attacks of +, ++ and +++ on attack and damage make short work of any model when you declare the Critical Strike suite for your Adaptive. Damage track of 2/4/5 becomes 3/5/6 and can go up to 4/6/7 if you flip/cheat another Ram inthere. My opponent did not like seeing that
  15. In the few games I've played Shenlong I've used the students more offensively actually. Thanks to the Chi, they are actually a very credible threat. I didn't use any setup tricks, so they always had at least their 1 Chi from when they activate. I then would Concentrate-Charge them into a beater with a stat 6-7 attack depending on whether I'm using the Staff or a Shenlong Style Attack. Let me tell you that they don't deal damage a lot of damage, but near-guaranteed Distracted on an opposing beater from a Totem feels dirty. It has backfired though, when my opponent blasted them to pieces
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