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  1. whodares

    First feelings M3E

    I'm personally hoping that the growing up and full summoner sections hint towards being able to summon in Chompy. He's one of my fav models in the game because he just looks intimidating, the kind of "I don't want to mess with this guy" intimidating. Unfortunately I can barely use him now as I mostly play summoning Dreamer.
  2. whodares

    Undying 10T models.

    Anyone tried Minako already? I really tried to use her in a crew, but Toshiro is just so much better than her in a Mei Feng crew. I just can't justify bringing her in any crew, but I actually want to find a justification -.- And yes, I know she costs less stones. The difference in stones just doesn't weigh up to everything Toshiro brings imo.
  3. whodares

    charge and manipulative

    I barely ever see Manipulative, so this seems like a good idea to ask here. When Charging, do you also need to take a Manipulative flip for the charge action itself? Because that would mean you need to do 2 Manipulative checks before you actually get to land a hit.
  4. whodares

    Kirai crew

    You could place the marker, force the duels, summon a zombie and then let the zombie walk closer to Kirai. The zombie can be used for multiple things: blocking/engaging model to keep other, more important models safe debuffing with Asura's attack it's a moving summoning anchor Asura also guarantees the summoning every turn, while other models such as Flesh Constructs can be targetted more easily.
  5. whodares

    Kirai crew

    You also forgot Asura's markers can give a ton of TN 14 (or something like that) duels which is a great hand drain.
  6. whodares

    Kirai crew

    Is there still any point in bringing summoning anchors when you can just plop in Asura Rotten and get a free Mindless Zombie per Turn? Seishin are also pretty free to summon if you bring in a Goryo, so that option also exists.
  7. I'll probably call it out when I'll be using the Conflux Ability then. I can already imagine something like Tiger Claw => Rolling Ground Trigger for JackHammer Kick => discard for another Tiger Claw giving people headaches.
  8. Alright, thanks for the answers. Wasn't completely sure due to the way that the Yokai work. They can charge, but their Triggered attack action doesn't get the + to attack due to being generated by the Trigger and not the Charge. I thought this could also be one of those cases, but it was a bit of a toss-up due to me not being 100% familiar with those rules as you pretty much never get into these types of situations.
  9. I'll be playing Mei Feng tonight together with the Emissary and I'll obviously be bringing in his Conflux. It allows a master, Mei Feng in this case, to discard a card after damaging to take thesame action after completing the current action. Normally this is easy to resolve as generally models don't have an extra attack Trigger. Mei's Seismic Claws on the other hand DO have extra attack Triggers. Hwo do I need to play this? Trigger attack is another Action, so resolve the Conflux Ability first Trigger gets priority due to being Step 4 of the Opposed Duel process, while damage is calculated on step 5. The Triggers do have "After damaging" as requirement which probably puts them on thesame timing as the Emissary Ability Trigger gets priority due to being on the attacking model, while the Conflux is on a "third" model Choose whatever you want in which order due to the timings both being after damaging I think it's going to be option 4, but it never hurts to check it and avoid conflict.
  10. whodares

    Trying New Models

    I'm not going to argue that there are advantages to not taking Yu. The extra stones can do quite a lot when building crews. I mainly use Yu as a pushbot, but people also tend to forget he's actually quite capable in melee combat as well. Ml6 with 2/3/4 damage track is nothing to write home about, but the guaranteed free focus afterwards AND a choice of Burning, Poison or Slow make him awesome to tarpit certain models. If you manage to target thesame model with you attacks, you can pretty much guarantee 1 of them hitting due to the focus being after resolving, not after succeeding or damaging. You can fail the attack, still get the focus and do a focussed attack, which then grants you another free guaranteed focus for the Ability which grants him an interact for a focus. My problem with the Sensei is that he's just so good as so many different things, especially with Shenlong, that I just can't argue against taking him. Sure, his damage output isn't Izamu or Yasunori level, but he slows the other guy pretty much guaranteed. Model tieing up board space/your models? Better push them away. Have the right Style? Pushed model gets Slow/Fast. Wanna tarpit? Get Low River Style and your focussed attack will pretty much guarantee a free Defensive. There's plenty more to talk about, but I'm always amazed people don't take him in Shenlong. He pretty much becomes a second Shenlong in those cases. The things in a Shenlong crew that I would look to change are probably the LRM + Emissary combo. It's really hard, because that combo brings so much to the table for 14 stones. 3 cards extra in hand, 2 if you take off the Emissary Ability for Focus +2. Then that Emissary can pretty much hit anyone for 6 damage thanks to double focus. a push + fast without duel/TN to get. Anyways, I hope to see some refreshing playstyles in this thread. I've grown a bit hardstuck on my current expensive Shenlong core. So my request would be to amaze me with these crazy, silly, refreshing plays
  11. whodares

    Trying New Models

    Meanwhile you have me who pretty much always runs Shenlong with the full support package of Yu, Emissary and LRM. Yu and Emissary can give so many pushes there should a rule against it
  12. whodares

    Undying 10T models.

    It's hard getting answers to the actual question. Feel free to make a list with all the options you see fit, but the restrictions on my list are there for a reason.
  13. whodares

    Undying 10T models.

    I don't think you understand what I mean with an in-faction list. I'm looking for all Ten Thunders models which help with generating scrap. I made a specific mention for Mei Feng as her totem is included in her box and the conflux is part of the Emissary, yet both those options only work with her. Porkchop on the other hand is actually Gremlin and in a completely seperate box. This means you need to make an additional out-of-faction purchase if you want to use Porkchop and those are the models I would like to avoid.
  14. whodares

    Undying 10T models.

    Porkchop is out of faction, so I'm not including him in an in-faction list. With M3E on the horizon I doubt many people will do cross-factions buys right now.
  15. whodares

    Undying 10T models.

    Currently trying to figure out what all our in-faction scrap generating options are. It's always nice to have a list of options available for Ten Thunders. With Mei Feng Emberling Emissary Conflux General Obsidian Oni with a Trigger Obsidian Statue after taking damage from an enemy model Can't really think of any others at the top of my head right now.