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  1. whodares

    How to be a better Opponent?

    Losing the model could be my fault indeed, or you can just have bad luck on flips (hello black joker) and certain models such as Hanged punish you extremely hard for missing that single flip. I personally have problems with Hanged being summonable as they are now and should have gotten the Dreamer - Teddy treatment where Dreamer needs Tannen and the suited 13 OR RJ. Hanged just has too much power for my liking with that ranged non-randomizing half Wounds no Healing attack which is good against pretty much any model. I'd say the 30 stones are correct as that's the deficit you're playing on for the rest of the game. You'll have 40 stones and your opponent has close to 70 stones worth of models. Bring that into perspective that people were complaining that Lynch and the Viks had a 10 stone advantage on Ours due to 0 cost henchman. In general our restarting of the game goes rather fast as we'll be playing thesame crews. All it takes is going on the app, generate new schemes and deploy. Takes us about 15 minutes to do. Sure, we have less time to go to 5 rounds and we generally don't make it there, but we both have a more enjoyable and competitive game than the walk-over the previous game would have been. FYI I actually just brought that Kirai game up because I had it happen to me a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to stop, but decided to continue to see if I could come back. We were trying our for tourneys with a fixed 2 hour time limit, so a come-back there could have happened. It didn't, because I couldn't score anymore after Turn 2 due to the massive disadvantage in crew size. Score was 6-2 when we called the game and 2 was the max I could have scored. Can't deny VP if you don't have models *taps forehead* But it's something I've been seeing more often lately. People can't seem to put themselves in their opponent's shoes and see the game from his perspective. For tourney, no problem, you play those to win. Casual play is what you do to have fun. Landslide losing without having even a slight chance on comeback and having everything blocked just isn't fun to play. Most people just focus on their own fun and don't watch at their opponent, which could give you a dead giveaway on how fun this game is for him. I have several people in my own group against who I just won't play against for this reason and I'm not the only one who shares that sentiment. I pretty much told him: You have fun playing YOUR game, I have fun playing OUR game. He was pretty mad at me for that though
  2. whodares

    How to be a better Opponent?

    There's a big difference between summoning 2 Hanged and summoning them + killing a 10 stone model in a 50 stone crew. That's pretty close to a 30 point swing in 50 stone games on Turn 1. If you manage to come back from that and win, your opponent's skill level is way below your own playing level. I'd much rather remake the game and hope for less bull---- when it comes to luck because way too many things in Malifaux just boil down to who has the most luck Turn 1-2. I've won games vs others on Turn 1 when my 2 Katanaka Snipers with Sensei Yu + Shenlong special do 4 focused attacks and they kill the Master + Henchman of my opponent. All because I flip severe damage twice and a red Joker. I activate my 2 peasant and shoot and I kill the 2 most important models in his crew 4 activations into the game. Sure, you can try and come back from that, but sometimes you have to be realistic and just remake. I've had luck in my favor and luck extremely in favor of my opponent. I've seen pre-nerf Nicodem summon 3 Kentauroi Turn 1 of which 2 were topdecked. I then proceeded to get hit by a triple alpha strike of Kentauroi, which killed several of my models and gave him close to a 2-1 activation advantage (on Turn 1). Yeah, no point in continuing that since they can just block whatever scheme you have on you. Sometimes you just have to be realistic. Not every game is fair and balanced and I'm not gonna spend 3+ hours of my free time watching some other guy have fun while I can't even play the game. If you find playing a losing game fun, go ahead. I don't find that fun at all and I have better things to do, which can include a remake so we can still play a new game.
  3. whodares

    How to be a better Opponent?

    I'm going to be honest here. From what you've sketched here the problem is not with you. Forgetting stuff happens. When he targetted The First Mate he could have asked for any modifiers/abilities, but he didn't. It's not your job to tell your opponent all your abilities and all possibilities. Some people do, some people don't. This guy was just extremely salty that he made another mistake. The first was flipping the extra card, that's also not your fault. Him giving a remark about "nicer" opponents makes me think he's a teen that only plays people worse than him or somebody that needs way too much handholding. I would dare say you were a much better opponent than he was this game, yet his saltiness ruined it. I'm also a rather slow player. I've never had games end within 2.5 hours and it's never been a problem for either player. On tournaments we play with a 2 hour rule and nobody here has finished their games. I've been the only one managing that and that was because I killed 35+ stones (Izamu, Yasunori and Sensei Yu) by the end of Turn 2 in my NPE Lynch crew. Opponent gave up giving me the 10-1 win. All the rest of my games I've reached Turn 4 max at the 2 hours mark and that was also against a very competitive player. I can't really comment on the lack of communication as I don't play online. I am a planning type of player too and have analysis paralysis sometimes too, especially when playing a new crew. Sometimes it takes me 2 hours to reach Turn 2! All you can do to improve there is to play more often and/or play crews you know. Learning a new crew should be done against people you know to have a very good patience or don't mind this sort of thing. Eventually it will get better, but you'll have to play to fix this. Measuring out moves beforehand should be common sense in my opinion and I too hate it when people just move "in the general area" of what they can do. If they take a couple of extra mm too many a couple of times too many, suddenly they'll have moved an extra inch they shouldn't have! You just want to play correct and there's nothing wrong with that. Some people can't handle that and it's their good right, but they shouldn't take out their frustration on you. You are, after all, playing by the rules of the game and would like a "correct" game. I've also quit games even on Turn 1 because the power of bullshit was too strong. Opponent summons 2 Hanged with Kirai on Turn 1 and still kills Kang due to shitty flips? No point in continuing. Opponent Alpha's you with 2 Kentauroi on pre-nerf Nicodem on Turn 1? No point in continuing. It's something I don't like about this game and that's how swingy and OP top resser masters can be if they get the lucky hand Turn 1. There's pretty much nothing you can do if they start with 2 13's in their hand and stay back to stop your alpha strike from hitting them. It's why I'm happy we're going to a new edition and I hope the balance will be better there. For me being a good opponent is the following DO NOT INSULT casual play: made a small mistake? Take back your move if no cards were flipped. Do not try to hide information on purpose. You can forget something, but that's completely different. Answer questions, even if it's just a yes/no Be graceful in either victory or defeat If I would take the time to learn Vassal, I would certainly play against you. You seem like a nice guy and have pretty much thesame disorders (minor exaggeration) as me. The only advice that I can give you is to warn your opponents in advance. Ask them if they don't mind playing against a slow player. Warn them you sometimes don't respond and they have to do something to get your attention. These things are not a big deal. If people refuse to play against you for this, you are better off not having started the game either way. I hope your next opponents are better than this entitled whiny saltbag and wish you good luck in battle!
  4. whodares

    Thoughts about M3E

    Welp, there goes my wallet. When's the next sale of the cat boxes? Black Friday? Gonna be a black day for my wallet indeed then
  5. whodares

    Sensei Yu and Yan Lo

    Spark of Enlightenment: This model may take the Lightning Dance Action as a (0) Action instead of a (1) Action. This does not add a (0) Lightning Dance to the card, it allows you to spend 0 AP for it instead of 1. Because it remains to be a (1) on the card itself, Sensei Yu can't copy it.
  6. whodares

    Thoughts about M3E

    I'm wondering how drastic the change to Hamelin is going to be. As you said there has been no mention of rats, but they do serve a decent part of the Blight engine, so not all hope is lost there. I'm thinking of getting the entire cat set to play him in a cat theme, but I'm stalling it due to this uncertainty. I'm also hoping they keep them because it made him rather unique. If they change him to being a full Blight master, he's not that much different in concept from Expunge McMourning imo.
  7. whodares

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    @Mason Do you have any information which you can share regarding the Cat boxes of Hamelin? I've been thinking of getting them, but the current investment is quite big. To play Hamelin, you need the crew ($90), Cat Princess box x2 (50) and Cat Herders (30) whichs brings it to a total of $170. I live in Europe, so I'll also have to add in a decent amount of shipping cost and tariffs, which will probably raise the total to €200+ That's quite a lot of money, so I'm holding off on buying until I know whether or not Hamelin will still work with those boxes in M3E. It would really rub the wrong foot if I bought it and He stops using the Rat Kings/ Rat Catchers/Rats in general. It's already been shown with different masters that Nightmare boxes don't stop any drastic changes. Could you answer this question or is that already too much into the NDA/uncertain territory?
  8. whodares

    First feelings M3E

    I'm personally hoping that the growing up and full summoner sections hint towards being able to summon in Chompy. He's one of my fav models in the game because he just looks intimidating, the kind of "I don't want to mess with this guy" intimidating. Unfortunately I can barely use him now as I mostly play summoning Dreamer.
  9. whodares

    Undying 10T models.

    Anyone tried Minako already? I really tried to use her in a crew, but Toshiro is just so much better than her in a Mei Feng crew. I just can't justify bringing her in any crew, but I actually want to find a justification -.- And yes, I know she costs less stones. The difference in stones just doesn't weigh up to everything Toshiro brings imo.
  10. whodares

    charge and manipulative

    I barely ever see Manipulative, so this seems like a good idea to ask here. When Charging, do you also need to take a Manipulative flip for the charge action itself? Because that would mean you need to do 2 Manipulative checks before you actually get to land a hit.
  11. whodares

    Kirai crew

    You could place the marker, force the duels, summon a zombie and then let the zombie walk closer to Kirai. The zombie can be used for multiple things: blocking/engaging model to keep other, more important models safe debuffing with Asura's attack it's a moving summoning anchor Asura also guarantees the summoning every turn, while other models such as Flesh Constructs can be targetted more easily.
  12. whodares

    Kirai crew

    You also forgot Asura's markers can give a ton of TN 14 (or something like that) duels which is a great hand drain.
  13. whodares

    Kirai crew

    Is there still any point in bringing summoning anchors when you can just plop in Asura Rotten and get a free Mindless Zombie per Turn? Seishin are also pretty free to summon if you bring in a Goryo, so that option also exists.
  14. I'll probably call it out when I'll be using the Conflux Ability then. I can already imagine something like Tiger Claw => Rolling Ground Trigger for JackHammer Kick => discard for another Tiger Claw giving people headaches.
  15. Alright, thanks for the answers. Wasn't completely sure due to the way that the Yokai work. They can charge, but their Triggered attack action doesn't get the + to attack due to being generated by the Trigger and not the Charge. I thought this could also be one of those cases, but it was a bit of a toss-up due to me not being 100% familiar with those rules as you pretty much never get into these types of situations.