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  1. I think he's trying to say that this uses both a normal AP and the Bonus Action AP. Copying a normal action however does not use up the Bonus Action AP, which makes copying Bonus Actions a negative thing to do. If I understand his argument correctly at least.
  2. Still pending due to real-life stuff that happened last minute. The other player also left on vacation for a month now, so hopefully we can finally play this out in August
  3. It seems like nog all cards on there yet. I can't seem to find anything for my Cat crew Why do they hate cute little kitties?
  4. I would say no. Page 22: Push this model up to its Mv in inches. It may then take a Action that does not count against its Action limit. The melee action is part of the Charge action. Your Charge is not fully resolved until the melee action is over.
  5. Well fml. Guess I want my beta back now Any other remarks? I've spent the last couple of days rereading the rules, but it seems I can't keep it all in my head. Any suggestions regarding crew and game plan? Seems legit or do you think it's a big fail?
  6. I've got a couple of games lined up and my Catelyn box is painted so it's time to bust out the cats. Our group generates schemes and then declares faction + master, so we are building a crew without looking at the terrain in general. We do try to keep it fair when actually building the map. So I declared Outcasts - Hamelin and my opponent went for Guild - Lady "let me blend that" J. We've got Plant Explosives on Corner Deployment. The schemes are Detonate Charges, Breakthrough, Harness The Ley Line, Search The Ruins and Take Prisoner. My plan was to go for a combination of Breakthrough, Harness The Ley Line and Search The Ruins. The crew I had in mind: 6 stones left Hamelin 3x Stolen Nix Benny Emissary Obedient Wretch 2x Malifaux Rat The Midnight Stalker with Soldier For Hire Upgrade Game plan: The Stalker can easily do either of those 3 singlehandedly thanks to not dying, Leap, Demise(Eternal) and free Fast from Turn 2 onwards. He'll probably be doing Breakthrough as he makes that rather trivial, so that leaves me with Harness and Search The Ruins. Depending on the eventual board, I will probably go for Harness as I have the Emissary. He can give 1 model "Don't Mind Me" and he can also drop a Scheme Marker for a Free Action. If the Terrain setup favors Search The Ruins, I will take that. I will also try and fake out the one I didn't choose so it doesn't become immediately apparant which one I took. Turn 1 I will do the trick with Benny to create 4 Rats and use Hamelin to give them all Focus so I have one very strong Rat King (Focus +4). This will leave me with 2 Rats left who will probably Turn into a King when the game goes on Turn 3. I feel like this list has a decent chance against Lady J as the models are decently durable and won't get one-rounded right away. If they can survive for a couple of Turns, the Blight Tokens will have stacked, allowing my Bleeding Disease a fighting chance. Any suggestions?
  7. Rules-wise speaking you aren't allowed to add thesame Manifested Upgrade,. Page 6: No matter what, however, a model cannot Attach or more copies of the same Upgrade; if it attempts do so, the second copy is discarded without effect. RAW you are actually doubling the Upgrade on a model, but just discarding it right away without effect.
  8. A situation I've recently encountered featured some confusion about Asami's Summoning Trigger "From Me". There does not seem to be a model or range limitation on the Trigger itself. Could I Summon a model and take damage to take Flicker off of a previously summoned model? Situation:: Turn 2: Summon Jorogumo and make sure he stays alive. He charged and is out of 6" of Asami. Turn 3 Summone whatever and hit the Trigger. Take damage and remove Flicker Tokens of the Jorogumo. The exact wording: From Me: This model may suffer any amount of irreducible damage.For each damage this model suffered, discard a Flicker Token from a Summoned model. Reasoning as to why there is confusion: there is no "within range" clause specified and a generic Summoned model requirement allows you to take tokens off of previously symmoned models. I personally think this is the correct interpretation, but my opponent called it bull----- and I ended up not doing to or he would have conceeded right there and then (Jorogumo was kicking his ass pretty hard).
  9. There are actually more models than you might think that can do this. Any model with Leap or something like it is a decent contender. Deploy the model in the corner so the marker can be placed within 3". A marker is a bit over 1" big, so say 4" deep already. Turn 1 drop a marker, walk and Leap. Take Silurid (Mv 5), which gives you 5" move and 6" place, so you get around 12" movement from that. 16" deep already Turn 2 double walk + Leap => you're close enough to the other corner now. You have some movement to spare, so place yourself accordingly for the power play next turn Turn 3 drop a marker, leap and place the second marker => score first VP here Turn 4 double walk + Leap => 10" walk + 6" leap + 1" model base => 21" to the third corner Turn 5 Walk + Leap brings you in range of the corner, so drop your third marker Mv 5 is not really that extraordinary on these types of models. You have First Mate who has 6" for example. Widow Weaver on the other hand actually can't do this solo. Her Place is a bit further, but at the start of the activation. She loses her Place on Turn 1 as there are no web markers yet. I generally run her for this though as she is decently proficient in combar and can protect the markers you drop. Whether your opponent will allow you to do that is another thing I disagree. Plenty of ranged attacks that don't have a gun symbol and your crew is rather good at killing stuff. I feel like Titania's crew can come out ahead when it becomes a brawl. Titania can also place the leader closer by if she hits her Trigger, which might speed up the process and eliminate the need to fight the entire crew for this. If the enemy master is a melee master, then there certainly isn't a problem. If your opponent spreads out, you can win the fight in middle easier than he can. You can also try to only have dying models on the opposing side of the board, meaning deaths don't trigger the negation. If they try to go after your marker, you can send any semi-mobile model after them as they will be moving onto your part of the board which grants you an automatic advantage in actions required. Depends on the board to be honest. If the centerline is clear, you have no problems getting a model to a marker. Spreading out makes it easier to do, but it is not required. What if all markers drop in the center due to RNG being RNG. Sucks to be losing the middle then Depends on how you look at it. If your opponent spreads out with 2 models to run schemes and you build a killcrew to steamroll the rest of his crew, you will have killed almost everything he has in the middle by the end of Turn 3. This still leaves you plenty of time and models to run the schemes you need. I'm from Belgium, which means UTC +1/+2 depending on Daylight Saving Time. Never used vassal though and I prefer to play miniature game on an actual table. I'm very attached to the miniature part of miniature game
  10. Let's actually check which schemes really need you to not bunch up. Detonate Charges: requires enemy interaction, so allows you bunch up Breakthrough: probably needs you to spread out, but can also be done by bunching up and pushing through at thesame spot Harness The Ley Line: You can still keep all models in range of Cruel Disappointment for this Search The Ruins: probably, but really depends on the board. Can go both ways, but in general this will require spreading out Dig Their Graves: enemy interaction and requires scrap/corpse markers. Hold Up Their Forces: enemy interaction Take Prisoner: enemy interaction Power Ritual: can be done by a single mobile scheme runner (think Widow Weaver, Silurids and the like) => main part of your crew can still bunch up Outflank: requires spreading out Assassinate: it's in the name Deliver a Message: enemy interaction Claim Jump: specifically requires you to be near the center Vendetta: Assassinate no a non-leader So out of the 13 schemes, you really only have 2 that always require it (Power Ritual and Outflank) and 2 that might need it (Breakthrough and Search The Ruins) . Chances are therefore decently high that you are actually allowed to stick your entire crew together. Have 1 model on each side of Cruel Disappointment to go interference in case your opponent has 1 of these 4 schemes. The strategies are not really that much of a differentiator in this case. You can easily protect Turf War even from staying in the middle and Plant Explosives can also be done. Corrupted Idols is dependant of how easily you can go to the points. A forest setting for example makes it rather easy and bringing a single model with Leap allows you to cover a massive amount of ground.
  11. I completely agree that it's harder to block different avenues of attack and that each of those separate actions is stronger than the single one of Titania. However there is a lot of strength in simplicity as well. Stopping Titania's attack is already hard enough as is as the only thing stopping it will be standing out of LoS or out of range. Anything else she can just go through and both those options are also not really a viable solution as well. I personally believe it would be better to remove the Injured from Titania and place it in a separate action so she would actually be getting a choice in what she wants to do. I do not fully agree Titania has a harder time getting her Undergrowth markers where she needs them. Within 5" of a model is already good enough if you decide to stone of your first attack for the suit. Else it's 3" within a model's range and that is a pretty large area. Her crew also starts by placing a variable number of markers at the start of the game, which gives a great deal of zone control right from the get-go. Up We Go also has the funny restriction to not work on Flying models and it will only work once per Turn unless you did not use your Charge already. This does assume you are using the Trigger to push away 2" in order to maximize the Burning and Injured in a single attack. If not, then yo can do that 3 times. Getting + by removing her own Burning does combine rather well with the Pyre markers and the timing allows for some fun moments. It will probably cost you a lot more cards to pull this off though as you're not using the Injured you're getting. Your opponents gets a much better chance at defending than against what Titania does as well. In general Titania can also do those things in her Turn, but Kaeris does have the marker positioning a bit easier. Kaeris still has the Burning ticking down, but it's a lot harder for her to actually win the duels to start stacking up those things. This brings us back to the discussion about Fan The Flames. Do you want near-guaranteed damage and lower conditions or do you want guaranteed conditions with probably no damage. For Titania this is easy as she has no choice and actually benefits from spending at least 1 card to get the initial Injured rolling. Kaeris unfortunately does not have this option, meaning every duel will retain thesame difficulty. I agree partially here with you. You can't compare a crew solely on their master's power level and have to take into account the entire crew. This is where Injured is making this harder imo as Injured is pretty much a crew-wide buff for the opponent. Fighting Titania's crew means you have to get close to them, or use Focus or use a ranged attack with a + to attack as everything else will probably fail. Having Concealing Terrain and ignoring the downsides yourself is very powerful. Most of her crew also has a stat 6 attack, which is certainly nothing to scoff at and then they also have Injured, making it extremely hard to resist those stat 6 attacks. Then you realise her crew is also decently resilient via HtW and Cruel Disappointment which starts bringing the question on what the weaknesses are of the crew. I find that the crew has too few weaknesses for what they can do. There are other crews, which are even more ridiculous than Fae right now (cough Swampfiends cough), but that does not stop me from looking at these things. But if you were to compare Kaeris' crew to Titania's crew, you can clearly see the difference in versatility and power level. Titania can do a lot of things at moderate or easy difficulty, while Kaeris has a lot of difficulty on something that isn't just straight-up killing models. Being able to bring a crew into any pool and expect to be at least proficiƫnt at everything, while other crews are not is something I find problematic. We had this situation in M2E and this is also one of the things they tried to fix in M3E. Perhaps Titania is actually at the power level they want ALL crews to be at and I'm looking at it from a wrong angle. Perhaps Titania won't get nerfed, but other crews will get buffed up to her level.
  12. Wanted to reply to this last night, but real like kind of got in the way. Anyways ... I agree with you that Kaeris can give out the Injured and Burning at a lower cost, but it's very easy and a lot cheaper for the opponent to also block the damage from the duel. For 3 6-7 cards he can complete the Mv duels, which means you probably won't be hitting any of them. The strong part of this action is the fact that you can hit multiple models with it, which gives you a much higher chance to deal the damage. The range of the Action is 8" btw, but I'm guessing you meant 10" as in 8" + 2-ish inch from the 50mm marker. But here's the thing, this is a completely separate action. Her main attack, Conflagration, does not stack the Injured itself. Kaeris is pretty much what Titania should have been: 1 main, damaging + other effects action and 1 action which gives out negative effects. In order to max her damage, she uses Conflagration which has very defined downside to using. If you want cheaper usage or more reliability you will use Fan The Flames. Titania on the other hand has both these actions rolled in a single one. There is no reason to use any action besides Awakened Hunger and her Free Action. Kaeris has a choice between several action with clear, defined advantages and weaknesses. Titania has all rolled into 1 Action. What do you mean with charge and Grab? Is that her melee action with the trigger on it? You are correct that it doesn't scale with Injured (Sz duel), but it also has the very clear disadvantage that you can only do this once per Turn, unless the Terrain is in your favor. Then you are also likely to expose Kaeris herself to danger by bringing her to the frontline and she isn't really that tanky considering she only has stones and Armor +1 keeping her alive.
  13. I'll be showing this to the people in my group. They are probably mixing this rule up a bit and applying it to all terrain.
  14. Just to be clear: there is no additional rule or anything preventing me from placing a model inside the terrain? I could not find it, but certain sources around me are rather ... adamant that this is the case. When I ask for actual rulebook text, they do not answer or tell me to learn to read.
  15. When an Action indicates a model has to be placed into base contact with a marker, what exactly is "base contact"? The reason why I ask this is because I've been receiving mixed signals. Some people say it's the edge of the base, others say it's all ok as long as the bases are physically touching. An example where it would make a massive difference would be Titania's Awakened Hunger. Until recently I thought base-to-base with a terrain marker counted as being "in" that Terrain. Apparantly this was outdated information from a version of the beta and this is no longer the case. Enter Titania, who gets a + to her Awakened Hunger if the target is in Severe Terrain. This attack has a Trigger, Into Thorns, which allows Titania to place the targetted model into base contact with an Underbrush marker. I've looked in the rulebook, but I can't seem to find anything supporting the "edge of base" claim. Page 15, which mentions the rules for place effects also does not have any relevant information regarding this. What exactly are all the rules regarding these place effects? When answering, please provide rulebook page numbers and rulebook text.
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