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    Bayou Two Card Red Joker

    If I am cheating fate using Bayou Two Card and the Red Joker comes out, does this count as having flipped the red joker for the purposes of blocking my opponent from cheating?
  2. Rastanor

    Score multiple schemes

    Ohhh interesting. I’m gonna have to look up that document now (I didn’t even know it existed, just getting into malifaux)
  3. Rastanor

    Score multiple schemes

    So this came up in a game recently and I’ve been looking around for it but can’t be sure, so I’m gonna ask to try and get confirmation. My friend and I were playing a game where 2 schemes were Punish the Weak and Dig Their Graves, and my friend chose both. The question that came up is, if a kill qualifies for both schemes (a Minion killed within 4” of my friend’s scheme marker by a master or henchman) are points scored for both schemes off that one kill? The only restriction I saw on scheme scoring in the books is scheme markers can only count for one scheme at a time, so we decided it would score both since only one scheme marker was used anyway, was this the right call?