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  1. I love playing Daw so here's my advice from the Jack Daw side, assuming you're playing Z: Z herself will do well against Jack Daw's Terrifying. You can hit him with Poisoned Fate to make him rethink cheating during his turns (he won't cheat to Defend), and then Hex him a couple of times, stoning to get the Coordinated Strike. You can just Obey a Ruthless model, too. I think Hooded Rider or Carver OOK are your only real options. Don't use Threads of Fate unless you want Daw to heal back to full. So go for it if you haven't attacked Daw, yet. You can't ignore Daw; he'll make your life ver
  2. Anybody try taking Eva? Her Coordinated Strike would let Nexus take an attack 13" away from the target for an easy Parasite Marker, can use Web Markers as big ol' "nope" bubbles, and obviously Secret Passage is good.
  3. If you want to fix Red Chapel you need to start with Lure not being affected by Concealing. Sybelle obviously needs work, too. I like the ideas but I'm not sure fixing Sybelle is going to make the keyword work.
  4. Von Schtook and Asura is very good. Getting a zombie into enemy deployment on T1 so Anna can blast them is a really fun trick, and Anna and VS and the undergrads can use them for placing Scheme Markers (and getting cards) in weird places.
  5. Don't miss the new Nekima art on the 13. Edit: am dumb
  6. I forgot about this thread! You might try Druidstone: Secret of Menhir Forest. The game is just a series of re-playable levels, each a different combat. Feels almost puzzle-y. Is mostly objectives that go beyond board clearance. The more objectives you complete, the more upgrades you unlock. You need to kit out your characters in specific ways to better tackle particular levels, so you might find yourself wracking your brain trying to figure out how to complete that tricky objective to get that upgrade so you can more easily beat the next fight. It's very satisfying. Wildermyth might be
  7. I bet you could use a Nothing Beast's head/arm/legs and attach them to an Insidious Madness or something from Euripede's crew for a pretty gross-looking void emissary with minimal sculpting.
  8. Speak of the devil! Because of Ressers' low stats, and Transmortis's pretty low damage output, using Fears Given Form is going to be a better use of Pandora's AP, and stripping Fast from the Transmortis beaters, and the Focused VS hands out, will be pretty good, too. Keeping cards out of Transmortis's hand is pretty tough, but if you can make it happen, it's easier to cheat in for Df flips, which will keep your models alive and prevents summons. Watch out for Injury coming from Von Schtook, and expect to see either the Carrion Emissary or Asura Roten. Tie down Von Schtook to limit his op
  9. Each model usually only gets 10 Actions, or 15 if they're a Master/Leader. Don't squander them. Inversely, know what it means for an opponent to lose their actions. Turn 2/3 specifically, if that model has already activated they're only going to get 6/4 more actions. Think about if their action economy is really worth spending multiple activations and actions from your own models to remove 4 of their actions. Lets say each turn that Murder Bot is going to kill 1 model. Lets say it does so at the start of Turn 3. You assess the situation and figure that you'll lose a model on Turn 4 and Turn 5.
  10. Skip the attack flip and just make it a challenging skill check (like a 13 or a 14). Doesn't cause damage, like you say. I wouldn't allow it to be a regular thing, but if there's a specific effect they're trying to offset and it's reasonable and makes for a cool moment then I'd always allow it. Whenever something outside the rules comes up, you should always just find a relevant skill, set a TN, and make them flip. The rules aren't supposed to be shackles, and in my mind telling a player they can't do something reasonable and within the theme/tone of the game is going to discourage creat
  11. I would say no, because saying ignoring "Line of Sight" for some reason doesn't ignore rules requiring the player to draw "Sight Lines" (for example, with terrain), seems like we're hedging our definitions overmuch. I would agree with Adran that there's going to be no solid answer until a FAQ is released.
  12. What? With Molly's card draw if you can't find a high crow you're doing something wrong. And Night Terror + Rabble Riser is 12SS; he's almost half that.
  13. Into the Breach is indeed very good, but still not Malifaux. ...but that's as good as it gets. Malifaux is in a league of its own. Most developers haven't discovered that objectives are far more compelling and offer a wider design space than simply clearing a board. They're also a lot harder to design around.
  14. Pg 13. "Measurement is almost always done horizontally from the closest point on the base of the object in question. If a player is measuring to an object, they measure to the closest point on the base of the target. If there is a vertical element, that distance is added to the distance, minus the lower object’s Size or Height (to a minimum of 0)."
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