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  1. nomoredroids


    Are you sure? Because as written, the maximum you can reinforce is X, which in this case is 3. It says you add an additional number of models up to the Reserves value. 5 is beyond the Reserves value. They mean you're adding additional models to the squad, not the number of models you reinforce with.
  2. nomoredroids

    New Art for Malifaux - Your opinion

    I don't think you have anything to worry about.
  3. nomoredroids

    New Art for Malifaux - Your opinion

    When they switched to M2E, they went from pewter to plastic, and the material change allowed them to design the sculpts in poses that were varied and interesting. This lead to needing a great number of tiny pieces that were difficult for a lot of potential players to deal with. With the new sculpts (you can see this in Wave 5 and the new encounter boxes), they're clearly attempting to keep the number of tiny pieces down while still maintaining interesting sculpts, but one of the limitations of making easier-to-build models is that the poses can't be as varied as they were in M2E.
  4. nomoredroids

    First Game vs the Viks

    Shen Long can be a nightmare for the Viks (assuming they don't murder him haha). You playing with Wave 5 Upgrades and the errata?
  5. nomoredroids

    Alternative ways to play masters?

    I use Seamus as a tank/debuffer. It works pretty well if you can keep focused on him staying alive. Molly. Asura + Carrion with her Tears of the Gorgon, Forgotten Life, and Maniacal Laughter upgrades. I take Little Gassers and sometimes Sebastion. Otherwise, Kentauroi. The Carrion Emissary makes every undead thing within 10" a Horror. So Molly gives everything around her Black Blood, making a field full of irritating zombies that deal damage every time they take damage. It's really obnoxious, and actually kind of hard to deal with.
  6. nomoredroids

    Schemes & Stones Peek-A-Boo Seamus Spotlight

    I haven't! I mostly ignore the Crossroads 7, though, to be fair. I'll look into Lust, then.
  7. nomoredroids

    Campaign in Madison, WI

    Hey all, we're starting a Campaign using the somewhat venerable campaign rules found in Twisting Fates. Starts on Monday, May 21st. We play every monday at 6:30 at Pegasus Games, campaign or not. 6640 Odana Rd, Madison, WI 53719
  8. nomoredroids

    The New Seamus

    Reva actually doesn't stand much of a chance to kill off Seamus in one turn unless she's very lucky or you drop Seamus into a ton of corpses. Impossible to Wound isn't prevented by Decaying Aura or Litany, so she's probably doing 3 wounds a hit. For 9, total. It's likely she'll use her (0) for damage, but isn't that a Wp duel (can't remember)? And if Yin goes after that, she's insuring Seamus is healing 6. Even a Belle can reliably heal him 4. So unless Seamus is around some beefy models, there's a very high likelihood that Reva isn't going to kill him in a single activation. Or even bring him low enough to be killed the activation after. And more to the point, Seamus (+CCK) is then close enough to make Reva hurt.
  9. nomoredroids

    The New Seamus

    Actually I've found Seamus to be quite survivable if your crew is built to take advantage of his -2 WP aura and his healing (that was the whole point of this thread). Don't forget that models that pass his Boo ability also get pushed, and you should have a Doxie and/or Belles around to capitalize on that.
  10. nomoredroids

    Showgirl Seamus

    Performers are very strong in a Seamus list, too, due to their Manipulative. Ice Dancers make great scheme runners, but other than being just all-around good models, they don't synergize particularly well with Seamus. There's a longer write-up on Seamus I did a couple weeks ago a few posts down in the forum.
  11. nomoredroids

    The New Seamus

    Yeah I usually do the following: (0) Gnawing Fear (1) Fear Behind the Eyes, taking the built-in "No Escape" trigger. Stuck Nekima. Or I can charge her with Yin and she'll need to get rid of Yin first. That's usually a Focus + Attack and then an Attack on a . Assuming she passes the Terrifying duel at a ; I'm all-too happy to soak up your stones to hit Yin; she's only 8 stones.
  12. nomoredroids

    The New Seamus

    I've not tried it, but the problem I've found with Seamus is that he already needs a lot of cards. Another 9 is a lot to expect. Other than that, yes, it's a high duel with a lot of damage potential. I wouldn't do it with Boo, since it requires the (0).
  13. nomoredroids

    The New Seamus

    Seamus has to be careful against Nekima. Against any model that can kill him in one activation, really, and especially against chain activations. But this crew has the most trouble against Nekima. I've had the most luck with Nekima by putting Yin's Gnawing Fear on her and then using Take the Lead to get her outside of 3" of Seamus. This means you have to be certain not to allow her to get close enough to Seamus to activate and take 3 swings. Even just forcing her to walk once will reduce her potential to murder Seamus.
  14. nomoredroids

    Does archie need synergies to work

    Aside from the model we're talking about.
  15. nomoredroids

    The New Seamus

    If the scheme pool doesn't support the models I can bring in from AKA, then my upgrade is usually Decaying Aura. So I just overlooked it, really. It's a pretty solid option.