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  1. I only meant to show agreement with Kolath in providing an additional issue with the wording. We're all in agreement that this is an ambiguous statement.
  2. If we're going to get technical, the current wording as written says that the damage has to come from an attached upgrade. Which isn't possible; no model is capable of causing an upgrade to cause damage during its activation. Better to word it: At the end of this model's Activation, it may draw a card if an enemy model with an Attached Upgrade was damaged. Which is the same words just arranged to make more sense grammatically. I've been thinking this for ages and keep forgetting to fuss about it.
  3. I'd love to see an Alt Kentauroi that's a horse head on a human body. Auroikent. An alt Philip + Nanny that's just a bag and a head that's rolled out of it. I'll let my brain percolate a bit on other bad ideas.
  4. This is encouraging. I'm not able to playtest any longer (wife is almost done brewin' a human, due any day now), but it's good to see Molly's finally shifting to something fun.
  5. ...he can, now. Pretty sure that was the intent.
  6. If a trigger, it should just say something along the lines of: "This model may ignore the italicized restrictions of a single other Action it takes during this Activation," since the trigger as written would allow for Seamus to get essentially 4 actions.
  7. Not sure how Scrap and Corpses can have alignment. I'm not a fan of this, it is a needless complication to a 3E that's already feeling bloated. I think there's value in simplicity, and making the game more complicated without adding depth to the gameplay for a single model is a misstep. In general, the thought behind the action is a good one, but there needs to be another cost to pulling it off other than making the game suffer as a whole.
  8. It isn't control. If the opponent spends their cards I'm out of a bonus, and they control me. If the opponent plays even modestly well, Lethe's Caress is ineffectual. I still have to referee the game to make sure they're doing everything above-board. It isn't fun for either player. Edit: I'm going to clarify that it's fine to have control effects that are strong that people dislike. It's not fine to have game-effects that force players to maintain excessive vigilance for minor (or even inferior) mechanical benefits.
  9. I mean, that's what needs to change for me. I haaaate needing to ask my opponent for things that aren't immediately obvious. It makes the game a slog. And I really hate that Molly's got a bunch of card-draw abilities but her crew wants to NOT HAVE CARDS. Lethe's Caress does nothing but generate arguments. I feel bad taking it, not because it's strong but because people feel strongly about it. I play games to enjoy myself, not so I can constantly defend my decisions and nanny other players.
  10. Past updates have. I found it difficult to keep up, so I'd just print out a new slew of cards every week. Exhausting but w/e.
  11. It's a "Rabble Rouser," not a "Rabble Riser."
  12. 3x3 makes the cards Standard size. I sleeve them afterwards for easy mark-ups. And it's less paper.
  13. If you've got a functioning Lynch crew it won't matter what faction he is.
  14. 3x3 actually makes them standard card size.
  15. We all understand you, you're just wrong. No diagram necessary. In all cases, what's on the card supersedes what's in the rules, anyway. So if a card says you can move it "up to 5" ", moving it 3" is up to 5" and it doesn't matter if the rules really say that you must move it the full distance. In the same way, if the card says "Move the model its Mv," then you have to move it the full Mv value. This hasn't changed.
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