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  1. Decoy

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round Three Results

    unfortunately it is not the weather and will not clear by itself Those who organize should take care of things even when situation only harms one or few people. Should show openness and empathy to person effort, as we are also the Iron painter, not only prizes or place. he is right, although it was not declared as an option in the beginning. Shane gave me a very good and detailed feedback, which helped me to improve my next black orc significantly. i am very grateful to him and Terry.
  2. Decoy

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round Three Results

    how long iron painter exists?
  3. Decoy

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round Three Results

    You trying to rationalize too much imho. I do not think it is strictness or harshness. Because it fails generalization - if you look at my work at round two , which scored 4 (or 7) by Giraldez you will not find any mold lines What is a bit sad that on direct question Giraldez just refused to explain, said that he forgot all scores. I agree with those who concerned about if this judge is aware of criteria. Or other judges. Because other judge confessed that he was not aware that black unpainted base was a requirement in round 2 and thought about it as probably my laziness. I think about it as at least unprofessional. But this is my problem -I perhaps should not think about IP as honorable competition. It is a recreation, hobby, fan, And as recreation it serves its purpose very well.
  4. Decoy

    monster mash.jpg

    looks like fan party! Love metal painting on tube
  5. Decoy

    The Monster Within - Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

    my favorite work of the round. Minimalistic, but deeply meaningful!
  6. @Darklord it is not about my number, there are still no full disclosure of information, from each judge , each subcategory. I was already reassured twice before that -1.67 was real it took them 24(!) hours to recalculate new mean, then, probably after Whirler post, change it 🙂 i could not imagine that it will be so sad 🙂
  7. I asked to recover trust, not only mine, but so far it failed badly. Whirler and others pointed very well about score. It would be such a simple thing - just post Guraldes scores, in each category, you have it. What I see is manipulation with average to keep things unchanged Moreover you could not even keep it straight. In private message you wrote that my new average is 12 . I got one point as present?)
  8. I think it is a bit late for personal reparations. Trust and transparency is what Iron Painter needs now. Judges may not have time for detailed feedback but each participant deserves to know score from each judge and in each subcategory, starting from round 2. With opportunity to inquire and clarify. After all you already have all scores in your hands.
  9. Dear friends We do not have released feedback this year, but I would like to share some information about it, related to round 2, but could be important for further rounds My story is that i lost, which is totaly fine, but score was puzzling for me, was too low (I painted black orc in the silver galery). It was 10.11 only Initially I wrote Kai to verify it and was reassured that it was no mistake. So, quite intrigued i found and wrote to all judges. Actually i received answers from all of them. Interestingly they all were quite confused. Details see in attached, but long story short - they checked what they gave to me and sent me scores: Terry Cowell: 7+7+4 =18 Shane Rozzell: 7+4+3 = 14 Angel did not sent me any scores, although complemented my work highly The problem here that to knowing average and two judges scores to reach 10.11 Angel Giraldez should give me overall "- 1.67" (minus ! ). It is mathematicaly only works this way and i do not remeber that judges can give negative scores CLearly thinking that it could be mistake of sort of communication I wrote to Kai again, thinking that any organisation may do mistake, but reaction to mistake is what most critical. I wrote about importnace of trust to judging and also that two weeks of hard work cannot be dismissed by paper error. Unfortunately Kai´s response was quick and fast: I will abstain from any negative emotions or conclusions here, after all I love IP as you all do. But you may find this important next time scores are given and loser/winner definined. I myself feel much better now With respect, Evgeny Ps: proof screens: https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/800x600q90/921/LtWTZI.png https://imageshack.com/a/img924/9774/5DViwE.png https://imageshack.com/a/img924/9812/tNMS5H.png https://imageshack.com/a/img923/9817/qhbIjv.png https://imageshack.com/a/img924/4720/LoWhRe.png
  10. Decoy

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round Two Results

    still no much logic) theme was single miniature on unpainted base. Very complex and no simple works won as well. 10 points looks like punishment ) I am biased, of course, but))
  11. Decoy

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round Two Results

    I would not, of course, agree with such low score received by my work and I just simply do not understand judging 😛 I congratulate my opponent Gos and wish him further victories See you my friend, generalbear, in two weeks, will make it mash duel!)
  12. Decoy

    Round One Results & Round Two Begins

    here is my: a bit of lava to explain reflections
  13. Decoy


    looks monochromatic and stylish )
  14. Decoy


    love brightness of dress
  15. Decoy

    An Arrow to KISS

    love color choice. great work!