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  1. Decoy

    Iron Painter - Final Results & Prizes

    i am back to knitting and baking
  2. Decoy

    Iron Painter - Final Results & Prizes

    Thank you @Whirler it was a challenging fight It was a big pleasure to do something along with all of you, dear participants! See how one theme can be discovered through so many interesting ways! Many thanks to organizers and judges, especially Sean, Maartje, for feedback! P.S. Can I still participate in Iron Painter 2018?
  3. I like your work. Technical part is fantastic -like snow , how steps made. For elves -my favorite is crouched one -she really look like scout on the mission
  4. Thank you. I will try: 1) round 3 and last one 2) Water from @Whirler, Boatmen in the cup from @Dirty, eggs of @glamage , scared boy in the forest from @Monomatana 3)Air, I hoped to build an airship ) Loved WAter and OSL, hardest to think about was Murphy's law 4)Came with even better idea for Snow apocalypse but too late 5) Yes, had two trips abroad and first one, just did not realize how hard to get some usual resources in the unfamiliar place
  5. Ok , small quiz while time gets killed: 1)You strongest work along all five rounds -your opinion (if you participated) 2)Most memorable entries of other participants : name 2-3 3)Which themes you hoped for but never happened? which theme was you favorite? 4)One regret during all competition? 5)Any real life limitations which were challenging during these months?
  6. Decoy

    Round Five Voting - Information

    my first too what did I learn? -how to plan ahead -resin water needs time to cure, some elements are very important to be done ahead of others. Time is limited and planning is critical -how to wake up before work starts -as it will give me time to sculpt something with greenstuff and then greenstuff will cure and I will sculpt or paint something else -how to use resources in hands and do not rely on online stores -how to accommodate Iron Pinter to things in life -trips, work etc
  7. we are getting our portion tomorrow ) I assume your caster was quite afraid of my Cthulhu Christmas spirit ))
  8. I totally loved it. Gloving of the cave and snow around -really create atmosphere
  9. Decoy

    Snow Angel (of Death!)

    i love work on skin tones and clothes
  10. no cup of Russian tea -already packed to send it to a friend as a gift
  11. Decoy

    Day After Tomorrow

    I love it -it has very post apocalyptic atmosphere!
  12. Decoy

    Frozen Stiff

    poor Wanderer! His adventures, part 2, during Nuclear Winter...
  13. Decoy

    Conjuring the Storm

    with more precise loking -scene looks darker and more grotesque! Bravo, fantastic job!
  14. Decoy

    You need two pieces of wood!

    love it. It has very dynamic scene!