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  1. I am glad to see that feedback from participants is taken. In a bit sensitive manner -but it is still good for iron painter. hope to see improved transparent and just judgement without mathematical improbabilities. ))
  2. deepest congratulations to Rhaba and all other participants! It was interesting to see old buddies from previous year and many new talented artists! indeed, great level of works ! Thanks to Shane and Terry for judging. I hope that organizers will avoid mistakes with future IP and use limited resources for this competition wise. Mostly by keeping judging process transparent and professional. I hope winners will get IP winner badge :-P
  3. fantastic entries for the most tiring round! theme was really difficult this year
  4. I love brutality of this work. Great skill, work with web is marvelous
  5. Decoy


    good luck! great idea, hope judges like it
  6. I noticed that it is a rule for round 4 for you that your protagonist should carry some food and be in trouble!
  7. fanstastic bust! you always do them for 4th round!
  8. I think sewers is a great place to start the theme
  9. great idea but room really needs details, looks very empry
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