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  1. Nathillien

    Smoke in the Mirror

    Yes, she is mimic and can look like anyone else.
  2. Nathillien

    Smoke in the Mirror

    I decided to play around the meaning of something intended to make you believe, that it's true, when it is actually not. Some trick, disguise, illusion. Doppelganger from Malifaux hit it perfectly. Then I had to find Malifaux model, which have almost the same pose, swap it hands ect. The hardest thing was to copy Doppel box art by freehand, and make realistic web around the room.
  3. Nathillien

    Scooby Doo Where Are You?

  4. Nathillien

    Smoke in the Mirror

    Sometimes, only smoke in the magical mirror can reveal the true nature of things... Here is my work for the last round. Malifaux "hero" shows her true nature in front of the magical mirror. Who knows, how many people were tricked by this doppelganger?
  5. Nathillien

    Dirty Tricks

    Sadly, I had 2 evenings to do from 0:(
  6. Nathillien

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round Four Announcement

    Had only 2 nights to assemble and paint my work, and got some technical error while uploading, so added my pic 15 mins after the timer ended. Hopefully it still counts in?
  7. Nathillien

    Dirty Tricks

    Those guys have some "Jokers" in their hands, when the game goes dirty
  8. Nathillien

    Playing Dirty with Pigs

    Wow, how you made this poker chips?
  9. Nathillien

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round Three Announcement

    New timer started, but no results yet:(
  10. Nathillien

    Potato...Monster Mash!

    What happens, when a mindless flesh construct decides to cook some potato? Ohhh, you never know
  11. Nathillien

    You've got the best

    Keep it simple stupid - KISS. At the round 2, Gene Simmons, the co-founder of the KISS band decided to set on his final tour to Malifaux. He manifested in Sloth of the Crossroads 7, and soon we will see, who is the real God of Thunder. ---------------------------------------------------------- I made this conversion from the Sloth model, sculpted hair of the famous musician, as well as the Axe-shape of his bass guitar. Added a Bat-wing cloak, and so here he is!
  12. Nathillien

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round One

    Managed to load a lower size image. Delete my non actual pictures please
  13. One night, Seamus decided to visit Colette's Star Theatre. He thought, it would be fun to Burn it All, using his new girl's performance talents...
  14. Nathillien

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round One

    what size did you set? Mine is about 4500x3000 pixels, should be fine
  15. Nathillien

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round One

    Somewhy I get an error when trying to upload the image :S