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  1. Nathillien

    Iron Painter - 2018 Rules & Sign Ups

    I’m in!
  2. Nathillien

    Third Edition is Coming!!

    @Mason I have a question about beta testing, a quick one. If I already have a signed NDA, as a henchman, should I print a new one, or I can attach my old one? Thanks
  3. Hello there! I wish to buy 1ed metal Perdita, enslaved nephilim and Zoraida Avatar. Pref in mint condition, but accept any offers.
  4. Nathillien

    Nathillien's Cemetary - Painting Blog

    Here is my first and favorite master, painted it for FT18, but missed the deadline by mistake
  5. Nathillien

    July 2018 Errata

    Nico nerf went too far, in my ophinion. Nerfing undertaker and wounds would be enough. But summoning in 1 hp - ruined him as summoning master. Pretty sure, noone will play him now. Is that your lore-connection with his death from Lady J?
  6. Nathillien

    Creature Feature Begins

    When I enter Gallery I dont see my uploaded image anymore. Is that ok and some preparation for votinng? @Kai ?
  7. Nathillien

    Creature Feature Begins

  8. Nathillien

    Creature Feature Begins

    Genbu - alt Izamu? He is surely a monster, but want to be sure
  9. Nathillien

    50 SS Tournament - Moscow 04/03/18

    Event finished! Thanks all, who attended and spent nice hours playing Malifaux. We had 3 complete 2.5h games using GG 2018. 1st place - Ivan Kopilov (used 4 horseman roster for all his 3 wins! strooong) 2nd place - Zolotov Denis (mastered Nellie) Random Prize box went to Ilya Udovenko Congragulations! !
  10. Nathillien

    50 SS Tournament - Moscow 04/03/18

    Hello there! I would like to invite you to visit upcoming tournament in GeekWars club, Moscow. It will take place on Geek Wars Pavaleckaya, on 04/03/2018 https://vk.com/geekwars 3 Rounds, GG 18 schemes. Registration starts on 11.00 PM Will be happy to see you all there!
  11. Nathillien

    Iron Painter - Final Results & Prizes

    Wohoo! It’s been hell of a trip, glad its over, was great experience and seems I did catch a luck’s tail with a raffle win! @TheArtofWargaming- see you on IP18, next time you wont win Thanks all, we had a lot of awesome works and paints to share:)
  12. Nathillien

    06/01/18 Moscow Tournament 50SS

    Event succeed on 06/01/18 at Geek Wars Mendeleevskaya club. 1st place: Kopilov Ivan (Outcasts) 2nd place: Cutie (Arcanists) 3rd place: Chinariev Dmitry (Guild) We had total of 10 players (3 guild, 2 ten thunders, 3 outcasts, 1 arcanists, 1 ressurectionists) Hope to see you (and all others) next time! TERRIFYING LADY J
  13. Nathillien

    Iron Painter 2017 - Round Five Announcement

    Well done everyone! When voting begins?
  14. Nathillien

    Mystery of the Icy Cave by Nathillien

    Aerography and vallejo glaze medium:)
  15. In the mighty snowstorm, wondering mage founds a cave, and mysterious blue light takes his attention... What lies within?