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  1. And finally I received my prize, russian post is very slow) It`s nightmare Reva and hikome, just as I wanted
  2. Thank you all, I tried my best) I`m happy that all of you liked it too
  3. Main idea: Doppelganger in her bathroom, without skin, drying off after taking bath. Meanwhile somebody is looking at her at the little window of bathroom, now he knows her secret. It should be a moment, when she looks in his eyes and he understands, that he will die soon for his spying. My english is quite bad, but I tried to explain as simple, as I can) In russian it sounds better
  4. Thanks a lot. I had problems this round too. First I decided to paint doppelganger, worked out the detailes, then came to shop, and what I saw? There was no even a single doppleganger mini in whole city I had to think about something else and do it quick(
  5. He thinks, he`s prince. She thinks, he`s not. It`s totaly KISS, a little Simple and very Stupid He thinks he`s a prince From the other side.Horrible or sweet?Let the kiss decide
  6. Fem-version of Carlos Vasquez
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