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  1. just recieved my minis and hey @icatsai it contained Unicorns!! thanks Wyrd, awesome as always
  2. Dolls? Would it sit nice with my barbies?
  3. Congratulations to Rzaba. Happy to have lost it to the champion by only 0.3 of a point! Both finalists were worthy to be there. Really happy to have made it to silver winner, ashamed I had too make a friend lose but making the friend was the real prize. It's been a tough old slog but good to get me back into painting again after so long out. Now though it still be nice to paint Some things without deadlines!! Everyone in all tiers has done donned inspiring work and is great to be part of it. Big thanks to everyone at Wyrd for their amazing support of this great contest. Big thanks to Matt for stepping into the fold and to our judges for their efforts. Now a few days rest then I'll launch my own contest . I never learn! 😂
  4. Your problem is you started painting too early 🤣😂🤣
  5. Due to Matt being eaten by chinchillas Wyrd asked me to announce the results. And the winner Is....... Me! Thanks everyone for entering and the judges for awarding me 50 points each. See you all next year. 😁
  6. Been sat here waiting for results and just realised its tomorrow not today they are announced 😂
  7. I don't think the tier matters really to how much effort you put in.
  8. Tick tick tick tock, What's the next theme ? 😂
  9. Fantastic work madame. It's been a pleasure to see it coming together and I have no shame in losing to this and I love the little homage 😁
  10. Iron Painter is great but it's so nice to have spare time again. Off to spend time with the family who've forgotten what I look like!!
  11. Well Im in. Photos dont really do it justice unfortunately but the video is a little better!
  12. Theres no greater exponent of Smoke and Mirrors than Mystery Inc! This was my version of Peppers Ghost, a centuries old stage illusion that create a floating ghost to appear. Using a reflective glass and Led to light the hidden ghost to make him appear, floating in the scene. Its hard to grasp from the photos but theres a link to a video of it: The switch is just visible as a small brick square on the box front.
  13. im ok with normal ones but obviously this is a bit different to usual ones!
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