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  1. Darklord

    Devil's Night

    In a world where monsters roam anything is possible 😉
  2. Darklord

    Devil's Night

    I like this a lot though the streetlight shouldn't cast that shadow from its post 😉
  3. Darklord

    Monster Mash. Literaly.

    Great minds think alike!
  4. Darklord

    The Rotters

    Good work sir!
  5. Darklord

    Jamie Trolliver's Pukka Monster Mash

    thanks Ayvran. Im glad you like it. I felt pretty disheartened after the first round, put so much into that so its nice to have this one appreciated! I didnt want to go down the obvious choice of the song. Thanks Gos, yours is great too, its going to be close I think!
  6. I've already started 15 new dioramas of various themes ready for Monday 😂
  7. Part of Iron painter is the constant intensity. Breaks would change that. In the past we got less than a weeks break
  8. well mine is in. Not happy with it at all but considering I had MTB training, cracked ribs and illness to deal with I'm just happy to have got something complete. As usual I have added a couple of tributes to my opponnent. I just hope I am right in thinking they are Latvian otherwise it means little!! good luck with everyone to get finished
  9. No one knew exactly what he put in his famous Mashed Potato but they knew they loved it! I added a couple of tributes to my opponent Gos. The captive victim is wearing the Latvian flag and the barrel contains Kvass, a Latvian beer.
  10. time to begin the usual, cram 20 hours worth of work into 4
  11. im scrabbling around for time yet still managing to add more work by doing impromptu OSL!
  12. well my MTB Marathon was cancelled this weekend due to severe flooding which is annoying but means I can get a couple of hours extra tonight to work. Still going to be a long tomorrow though! only used 43 different colours so far!
  13. well im really struggling. Had to take 2 days off work for illness and painted a it during that time but I still have most of the base to do as well as several elements still to paint and as I am away on my MTB Marathon this weekend I cant paint again until a few hours before the deadline. Trying to get seomthing finished but its not where I wanted it to be
  14. Thanks for this. Having run many contests over the years I know first hand how difficult and time consuming they are to organise and it is inevtibale that mistakes can happen no matter how vigilant we are. Its good to know the highlighted issue has been resolved and that counter measures are now in place. I think we all appreciate this was just a genuine error and have full trust in Kai, the judges and the rest of Wyrd to continue to run this great (and brutal) contest. So thanks guys for all your efforrts in putting on Iron Painter