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  1. Have you heard any reason? I’m curious
  2. Congrats to all the winners! As it was my first time doing this competition I really had no clue what to expect. Thanks to my competitors I really had to push myself and I learned from each of them.
  3. How’d you do your cards? I need to make some for another project (not Iron Painter related). Yours turned out better than mine and I was wondering if you made them from something other than green stuff that helped with the look.
  4. I rolled out a tiny snake from green stuff. Let it dry and then cut it with an exacto. My desk is still covered in tiny circles lol
  5. I absolutely love this piece! Soo many details too!
  6. Lol! You’re right. My bad! I was initially thinking about the moon casting that shadow but it’s still not correct.
  7. Thanks! I used some grass I picked up from the sales after Christmas at Walmart. The brightest areas under the lamp are the actual color. The rest I did some shading with paint mixed with water, starting with blue and adding in more and more black until that’s all there was.
  8. That was one interesting round! Great job @sleepwalker! Do the judges give feedback? I'd be super happy to get some!
  9. Are these supposed to be one mini only or multiple?
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