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  1. Bozydar

    Creature Feature - Results

    Congratulation All! Many beautiful paint jobs were done! @helldrad That was a pleasure to compete with you! Great fight till the end And very, very good paint job with your spider, one of the best spider webb effects I ever saw!
  2. Bozydar

    Creature Feature Begins

    @bedjy yes, You are correction, to vote we need to pick the work from the lists You adres. @Mistaken Miniature the top topic Kai added contains the links to voting page
  3. Bozydar

    Creature Feature Voting Begins

    @Kai we share the link on FB? I think about a wyrd place group. Maybe more people will give their votes. I also have a feeling that by one person = one vote some butiful works are loosing their votes. Maybe for the next one You will think about sth simlar we had on IP. That we can give some points for each work and this will give better overview which work is the beat. Just the idea
  4. Bozydar


    Very vibrant colors but all together makes nice comics piece of work
  5. Bozydar


    I enjoy wathcih this slobber efect Nice work!
  6. Bozydar


    I very like the idea with this cut, simple but very very nice and well done!
  7. Bozydar


    Very nice model, love the purpule shades Very good slaver effect!!!
  8. Bozydar

    Creature Feature Begins

    Voting will begin on April 23rd and end on April 25th - with that info we need to remember that it's USA base time so Kai has not even start his day yet
  9. Bozydar

    Creature Feature Clarification

    Does anyone knows if Gamins count for this competition?
  10. Bozydar

    Iron Painter - Final Results & Prizes

    Congratulation to every person who made it till the end! That was thought challenge! I learned a lot of new stuff and I saw huge bunch of beautiful works! Definitely I will try my self next time! And the most important thanks for organizers and judges! Without you such nice event will not happen:)
  11. Heavy metal challenge, that would be good!
  12. Congratz @helldrad That was a tough fight till the last minute!
  13. Bozydar

    Murphy's law

    Great model! It will be Tough competition:) Good Luck!
  14. Just On time, I had only 2 days to complete my project but I made it and I learned new staff as True metalic:) I hope you can see it as pictures are the worst thing I do When you think you already won but bad thing happens... My idea was to present IP subject on original base size model. I wanted to show that the man inside Talos want to catch a rat who has the key. Rat want a cheese and Talos want to crush a rat but he didn't noticed that rat stays right next to TNT Detonator.