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  1. @Darklord Congratulation and good luck! It's nice to have 6th result of the round, not a winner but still My thought after this year is that the most dificult is to understand what excaly topics mean. If you arenot native speakers this is very dificult to match the rounds topics. It is to much of story behind and there is no clear verdicts. It is always nice to learn something new and this is why I like this competition and I hope next year we will have better jages as I still don't get the points for some works
  2. Very good work. Great conversion, shadows and idea!
  3. I really enjoy looking at this piece of work:) I really like the idea
  4. Nice work In my opinion your scratch built is very good and should get some benefit
  5. Bozydar


    I see the darkness in your work I really like the base you done!
  6. Nice and Funny Great idea
  7. The Goblin who could cheat Death When you need to use all your tricks and play dirty to win. Nothing is forbidden, even Christmas, gifts.... and TNT
  8. Becouse of my work I had no time before so I started painting today as well my firend:) Good luck !
  9. The story of the monster living in the toilet of some random kid living in Malifaux When the nightmare becomes a true!
  10. @Ayvran There was no other option:) Wyrd make it dificult for me with the flowers but what could I do if you choose to copy/paste
  11. The metal is outstanding ! Show us step-by-step
  12. I know your pain assemling her (done 3 grannies) Very nice work!
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