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  1. I tried to tally up the totals, just for fun. It's a little tricky to compare since only contestants who made it to the end in gold or silver has a score in all five rounds. But in either case, these are the numbers I got. These are the 32 that started in gold or silver after the first round. Rzaba 98.44 Whirler 95.45 ConqueringWyrm 93.62 Darklord 91.6 Colour Charge 88.29 Icatsai 86.34 LadyDraco 79.05 Nathillien 77.72 Guslado 73.07 Radamset 70.27 Sleepwalker 68.87 Boyzdar 64.61 helldrad 57.74 Zanna 57.5 Ayvran 50.09 Glamage 47.44 Corrgon 47.28 Dirty 46.78 Gos 46.44 SallyFN 45.93 Darthslider 45.4 ArD 43.03 Ynysley 42.89 Nikita 40.02 Dirty 35.08 Oscrix 33.48 Gypsy 30.59 Arclight 30.27 Decoy 29.8 conykchameleon 29.07 Reagan_Helms 28.52 Terry 27.24 Annanas 25.62 Here's my raw data. This was just a fast copy and paste, so I might have gotten some of the numbers wrong! http://www.kraftsy.com/ironpainter2018_total.xlsx
  2. Congratulations @rzaba! And to @ConqueringWyrm, all other winners and participants. And thank you to Wyrd and the Judges. I think we all did great I had fun as always. Iron Painter is always a good motivator for me to actually get projects started and finished. Those themes tho... Like I've said before, I always a few ideas lined up that I would like to get a chance to work on, and it pretty much never happens. This time, the only one of those that I panned out was to paint something from the Blacksmith Miniature kickstarter, which I did in the second round. I think that one was my favorite this time, along with the flat I did in the last round. But I enjoyed working on all of them. But I guess that's also the beauty of the contest -- that the theme forces you to do projects that you never would have done otherwise. The Iron Painter really is like a box of chocolate...
  3. Whirler


    Love the setting! The light on the walls, the runes, and the steps all look awesome! Great idea, and beautiful painting on the figures. Great job!
  4. The shading and highlights on the wall and furniture look great. I'd love to see a whole room in this style Great idea and top-notch painting. Well done
  5. Funny! Nice overall atmosphere in the schene, and beautifully painted too
  6. Very nice job on the reflection in the mirror. Cool setting too. Well done
  7. Clever idea The groundwork and water looks great, and very nicely painted too.
  8. Very cool effect, and expertly executed too. Top notch stuff!
  9. Beautiful! The frame and 'mirror' is a piece of artwork in and of itself. Great job!
  10. Very creative! I agree with Ayvran - the different color tones in the two areas is a nice effect. Good details on the painting too
  11. This is awesome Great job on both the conversion and painting. Good luck in the Anonymous contest also I've got the bust as well, but so far I haven't had any good ideas for what to do with it.
  12. Finished and uploaded with 4 minutes to spare (at least according to the count-down). I really need to get things done a bit earlier I tried something different this time, panting a set of tin flats instead of 3D figures. It definitely was a bit different, but I had fun working on it Looks there will be a lot of great entries this round!
  13. “Alice in Wonderland” Tin Flats. Designed by Mike Taylor. Western Miniatures.
  14. Great idea! That will end up looking awesome, I'm sure Is that Olfo from Andrea? Great figure. I used it for an entry in the 2015 Iron Painter.
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