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  1. " ...all human beings, as we meet them, are commingled out of good and evil: and Edward Hyde, alone in the ranks of mankind, was pure evil." Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde busts by Infamy Miniatures.
  2. Doing some work on the lathe again... not very monstrous looking yet, I guess...
  3. Initially, the post said 12. It has been changed to 13 now.
  4. Were the numbers he got from the two judges correct? (18 and 14) because that would mean he got a 4 from the 3rd judge. While that is technically possible, it sounds awfully low...
  5. Cool theme. I got my figures picked out, and now I am re-reading a certain classic Victorian horror novel for some inspiration...
  6. Whirler

    Iron Painter 2018 - Round Two Results

    Sounds like a deflection to me. Your first round entry still has the high-score Thank you! I guess you were just one round too early with your monster-themed entry
  7. Whirler

    Round One Results & Round Two Begins

    I think there is usually an official separate gallery set up for Elim entries, so they can be submitted alongside with everyone else.
  8. Whirler

    kiss kiss bam bam f.jpg

    Ooo, this looks very nice! Awesome job on the metal and all the details.
  9. Whirler

    A Simple Life

    Nicely done. Great details - especially the pattern on the shirt
  10. Whirler

    You've got the best

    Great conversion! Beautiful painting, especially on all the black bits!
  11. Whirler

    Keep It Simple Stupid - The KeyKeeper

    Thank you all! I had fun painting this one. It's a great little figure with lots of details. And the pose with the candle does lend itself for some more creative lighting
  12. Whirler

    Fi Fi Fo Dumb

    The composition and the fact that you were able to get this balanced is impressive in itself. But I am even more impressed by the painting - especially the highlight on the pants and all the metal bits
  13. Whirler


    One of the top entries this round in my book. The colors, freehand patterns and details all look awesome. Well done!
  14. Whirler


    very nice freehand on the kimono
  15. Whirler

    How I met your mother

    The expression the frog's face is priceless The colors and details are very nicely done