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A Wyrd LIttle Butterfly - Battlefield Hobbies - 12th August 2023 [SOLD OUT - Reserves]

Oz - Rampage Games

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Rulespack: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xMhl1odU3XfEisl58HJs5Da2AsAoQ2mjd5dbv5NkCLk/edit?usp=sharing

Increased Capacity to 36, may be able to  take 40 if people are happy with a bit sardines. 

12th August, Battlefield Hobbies

Paid will be indicated with (P) after name.

Player List:

1. James Whitbread (P)

2. David Brown (P)

3. Michael Farr (P)

4. Grant D (P)

5. Finch (P)

6. Roo (P)

7. Panzer (P)

8. Jack B (P)

9. Reice (P)

10. Liam Stubbs 

11. Luke W (P)

12. Karl McConnell (P)

13. Matt Ledgerwood (P)

14. Greg Packman (P)

15. Richard Matthews (P)

16. Craig Woods (P)

17. Matthew Denton (P)

18. Troy (P)

19. Bert Diamond (P)

20. Sean W (P)

21. Ollie Hedges

22. Robin Sparks (P)

23. John Donaldson (P)

24. Chris Donaldson (P)

25. Rich Bream (P)

26. Jon Curtis (P)

27. Matt Lewin (P)

28. Tom Thorpe (P)

29. Richard Walters (P)

30. Alex Skiductions (P)

31. Callum Smith (P)

32. Alex Gray (P)

33. Nick Gray (P)

34.  Shaun Jeggo (P)

35. Kieran R (P)

36. Chris Draper (P)

37. Sam Cooke (P)

38. Sam Jones (P)

39. Steve Easton (P)

40. Alistair (P)



Reserve List:














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  • Oz - Rampage Games changed the title to A Wyrd LIttle Butterfly - Battlefield Hobbies - 12th August 2023 [SOLD OUT - Reserves]

I believe Paid list is updated, if it isnt and i have missed it. Let me know.

The initial arwork has been designed for the event by @Gloomy....absolute legend bringing my vision to life. 



Also will be some gag raffle parts of the original concept......




Looking at keyrings/fridge magnets for entry......mugs or mats for Best in Faction. Podium is undecided......Best Painted defo a paint mug. 

Spoon.....well we shall see!

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2 days to go. 

As a reminder:

- Best Painted is not from your declared faction

- Raffle tickets are for meeting set criteria (win/loss, round 5, no more than 1 versatile)

- Top 5 are prized, best in faction is 1st and 2nd....consolation prizes for bottom 3.

- Bonus Raffle tickets for arriving early and helping setting up tables (circa 8.45/9ish)

If you cannot make it, please let me know so i can allocate to backups.



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