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  1. Awesome insights, thank you all! Ah, good to know! I identified a lot of obvious movement shenanigans, but still had the "Viks are mobile beaters" mindset, I guess. Good to know that they are possibly not a great pick for an "easy" crew to pilot. Thing is, I'll be learning the game at the same time too, so while I'll not be at my A game (for obvious reasons) I wanted to tone down the accidental "bad matchup". I'll give the Henchman Hardcore format a look, though, thank you for mentioning it. Seems like I'll be picking up the Parker crew for the guys to try and pilot, and try to run around with Viks Thank you for steering me in the right direction, I really appreciate it! TBH I kind of really like the crazy Gremlins, and I'm fairly positive these crazy greenskins will be the second faction I'll collect. Love the rednecky-doppelgangery-flying piggy craziness of the models But first to assemble, paint and play with what I have!
  2. Hi gang! I'm returning to Malifaux since 1st Edition (was a Henchman back then, funny enough), and I'd like to start a small gaming outpost in the local area. Since the people here play mostly boardgames and/or AoS/40k, I decided to just buy in, and borrow the crew(s) to the others. Had Viks from way-back when, and impulsively bought Levi since I loved the lore from the beginning, but I've heard (from the 3rd Floor podcast about Viks) that Levi is somewhat of a unreasonable matchup for them, and since I considered using the Viks as the "borrow this crew, they are not so difficult to understand, while having some interesting tech and depth", I'd rather not roflstomp my mates with Levi at the crew selection step (yes, I know it's not so one-dimensional, but still). Since I'd rather focus on expanding one faction, instead of randomly buying into second one (yes, I know I will, but in the meantime, I'd like to have a spread of crews to attend organized play with, and these tend to be dead set on single faction per player...), I started looking into the rest of Outcasts. I really can't do Hamelin or Jack Daw (hate the theme/models), and Tara seems overcomplicated (and I hear she got hit by the GG1 quite a lot), that leaves me with Von Shill, Parker and Zipp to chose from. What would you suggest would be a good choice, when my intent is to be able to provide a reasonable match-up for Viks/Levi? Or am I just too cautious, and the "Levi is a non-favourable match-up for Viks" feeling only starts to show on a higher-level play? Thank you for all your wisdom!
  3. I absolutely missed the Levi box info, where have you seen it? My google-fu is weak today Thanks!
  4. Yup Elevation is pretty self explanatory, but thanks! I just wanted to be sure, I'm not misreading the rules. Thanks for confirming what I thought!
  5. Hey all, I'm getting back to Malifaux, and I am having a discussion about the Climbable terrain interactions with regards to Walk action and "any other" Move effect (e.g. Lure, Butterfly Jump). It might be important to say that I'm coming to Malifaux from Warmachine, so I tend to really strive to read the rules as written, and I'm trying to make sure how the Malifaux rules are to be read in general too. tl;dr - can models climb up/down climbable terrain during movement generated by "Move model X inches" actions other than Walk? If so, what specific rules allow it? The IMO significant rules: * Climbable: Models may not move through Climbable Terrain, but they may move across its top (often a roof) and may move vertically up and down along its sides. Other than its top, all other portions of Climbable terrain are treated as Impassable. * Walk - This model moves up to its Movement (Mv) in inches. This move cannot be used to leave an enemy model’s engagement range. * All movement is in a straight line * To move, measure the distance from the point on an object’s base closest to the direction it will move. * If a model is ever without any of its base supported by terrain or the table, that model falls and suffers falling damage * When resolving a Walk Action (see pg. 22), a model may move vertically along Climbable Terrain ... If a model moves in this way, it does not fall during this movement so long as it remains in base contact with the terrain ... If the model’s base is not supported by terrain or the table at the end of this movement, it falls as normal. Based on this (especially the bold part in the last list item), it reads to me like this: * As a general rule, any time a model is not supported by terrain, it falls * When performing a Walk action, and at the same time moving vertically along Climbable terrain, you check for 'supported by terrain' at the end of the move, instead of 'at any time'. Ergo, any non-Walk-action caused Move will either cause the model to stop at contact with the bottom of the climbable wall - because you move it up 'a bit', and then effectively fall an infinitesimal distance, or falls if it was on top of it, just as it moves away from the 'roof'. Because only the Walk action caused move goes around the general role of "If a model is ever without any of its base supported by terrain or the table, that model falls". I might be, of course, either missing some rules, or just reading them wrong (with a wrong predicament about general/specific rules etc). In that case, would you please be so kind and explain why the rules allow a model under Lure to climb the terrain up/down? Big thanks!
  6. Ausplosions: I'm not at all concerned with models not in melee gotten hit, and I believe that nobody else is.. My only concern is the corner-case scenario I described in my first post - i.e. hitting models that even if they wanted to could not be engaged, since they are well separated by the huge wall I'm fine with the rules being written as they are, since I'm all in for streamlined play. I just wanted to make sure, that I'm not missing something in the rules (which I'm most probably not), so I can teach the rules in a proper way. To be honest, I was quite surprised to come to 24 posts of thread today
  7. Mike, I absolutely agree, that this is not in the M2E spirit, and I really hope that the FAQs will address this. I'm the first one to not like how this is (or it seems to be according to the rules), hence the rules question I just wanted to make sure, that I understand the rules in a proper way, since I'm explaining the rules to new (or re-newed) players in our city, and there was quite long flame on this subject on our national forums.
  8. sure, but they can still give their informed personal opinion based on the rules...
  9. Sure, I can imagine, that the intended wording is The attacker flips a card for each engaged model within 2" of the target model..., but as far as I can tell, it is not the situation RAW. The paragraph mentioning an engagement is IMO just a pre-requisity just for randomizing i.e. 'Are you shooting a model that is engaged with at least one model in 2"? Then randomize as described next in the rules', and the rules for "how to randomize" quite clearly say that you take all the models in 2" from the temporary target (no requirement for being engaged). Then the Ht5 Blocking wall is negated by "...it is possible to hit models that aren't technically in LoS or Range...". So I hope that some of the Wyrd Sanctioned Rules Masters will show up and tell us what should it be like..
  10. Hi gang! With the M2E I'm back to Malifaux (love the new rules!), and I have just one (probably dumb) question. Take this situation: - All models are Ht 2 - Blue models are friendly to each other (as are the red ones). - The distance between any two of (B, D, E, F) is less than 2". - The distance between A and any of (B, D, E, F) is more than 2". - Model A is in shooting range of (B, D), which are engaged in Melee. - The thick black line is a Ht 5, Blocking, Hard Cover terrain Model A is declaring a Shooting Attack against the model D. As per the Shooting into Engagements rules, since D is engaged with B (and they are less than 2" apart), the D is becoming the temporary target. Model A now checks LoS and Range between itself and D (since D is the temporary target), and finds out that LoS and Range are OK. Now A flips a card for each model within 2" of the temporary target (and the target itself), and the lowest card is flipped for model E. To this step, all is pretty clear, and I have no issues. What happens next? Variant 1 (which I belive is correct): Model A now attacks model E (as "it is possible to hit targets that aren't technically within LoS or Range"), and since the terrain is providing Hard Cover, the model E gets that benefit. Variant 2 (which some people in my group think is correct): Model A now fails to attack the model E, as it has no LoS to it, because of the Ht 5 Blocking terrain, and the attack fails. So, which one is right? And if it is the Variant 2, why is it so? Thank you, Joza
  11. Most of my colours are Vallejo Model Colour, but I have some "bright" colour from the Game range too. Other than that, I _love_ GW metalics and washes, Tamiya Clear Red for blood effects, and the old Rackham paints range for skin tones, "fluorescent" colours and some of the most beautiful greens and blues I've ever seen.
  12. P-wars, achievement league, terrain building, beers and maybe even pretzles! Type: Puppet wars workshop (make your own board!), Malifaux demos and terrain building (this time, we make forests!) Date: Sat, 27.8.2011, 16.00 -> ??? (at least 22.00) Location: Hunter's Dungeon, Boreticka, Brno. Not a store, but club, so if you need fast contact use 720 563 453
  13. ...drumrolls... the story-driven campaign is starting! Type: Demo & Friendly games night; Introduction to the campaign system. Date : Sat, 20.8.2011, 16.00 -> ??? (at least 22.00) Location : Hunter's Dungeon, Vinohrady, Brno. Not a store, but club, so if you need fast contact use 720 563 453 (SMS only please).
  14. Pre-gencon madness & throwing terrain on Lady J. night! Type: Demo & Friendly games night; Terrain building workshop Date : Sat, 30.7.2011, 16.00 -> ??? (at least 22.00) Location : Hunter's Dungeon, Vinohrady, Brno. Not a store, but club, so if you need fast contact use 720 563 453 (SMS only please).
  15. Puppet-Wars are up! Let us give it a try, shall we? Type: Demo & Friendly games night; Date : Sun, 24.7.2011, 18.00 -> ??? (at least 22.00) Location : Hunter's Dungeon, Vinohrady, Brno. Not a store, but club, so if you need fast contact use 720 563 453 (SMS only please).
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